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Completing Games

So i have been completing games a lot this year, i have a huge backlog, but i take pride in finishing games i have bought. Now i hope to finish all games i have in my backlog before the next gen comes. Now i only buy games i think i can finish. I think buying games only for multiplayer or co-op even though it has an amazing singleplayer story is a shame. Most of the time i play singleplayer for games that i have bought. I might try out the multiplayer if i enjoy it. Mostly though i stick to singleplayer to excperience something unique with great gameplay combined with good story. I think buying something just for one part of the game is silly and in my opinion you are wasting money.

Now there is also another part of completing games i want to talk about. I like finishing games to the point that i can get achievments where it is fun. But 100% games is sometimes too time consuming for me. Now i can get a lot of achievments just because i like the game and i like getting the achievments for tricky tasks or stuff i usually wouldn't do. I completely respect gamers that do 100% on games. All credit to them, but i like completing them and getting most out of them and then moving on. Now i will always revisit old games i felt were great just to play the story and experience the gameplay again. But there are a lot of games to experience and when i feel a game has given me what i think it can i move on and try something new. 

Anyone else feel the same about this?