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Annual Franchises

I feel annual franchises aren't the right thing for the industry and they aren't as creative as games that have longer development times. Now i get games in the sports genre getting annual releases, it actually makes sense even though the changes aren't that big. But with any other franchise it waters down the game itself and doesn't offer anything new. It is looking that this is what we are going to have to expect in the future when it comes to games. The creativity gets lost and games become generic.

Now there might be games like Tomb Raider, Ni No Kuni, Bioschock, GTA and Last Of Us in the future. But i am afraid they will be fewer. It looks like development cycles are just getting shorter. I think the industry should be careful with doing this with a lot of franchises.

Fortunately there are the core games that are seeing this and don't like this trend. I hope i am not the only one that doesn't like how this might become our future