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The_Knight2000 Blog

Got an XBOX 360!

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I won myself an ebay bid for a 4GB 360 a few days ago and I just recieved it in the mail! I also got myself a 320GB HD to go with it but that hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait to get to play all the 360 exclusives! :D I also just realised that I haven't posted a blog in 2 years. It's been a long time!

My first Blu-ray movie.

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Tonight, I watched my first Blu-ray movie ever, Predator. It's weird considering that I had my PS3 for around 3 years now. I really loved the quality especially when using my HDMI cable. That cable made all the difference imo.

Finished FFXIII

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So, I finally beat the main storyline like 10 minutes ago. It took me 50:15:08 to beat it. I know....I took my time. :D

I really enjoyed the game and loved the battle system. I loved the characters especially Snow and Fang. In fact, I found their action figures being sold at and I'm thinking I might buy them even though they're a bit pricey. I can't wait for more Fabula Nova Crystallis. FF versus XIII, here I come!

Just got FFXIII...

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So, I just got my FFXIII copy with a game guide, and I even reserved an MGS Peace Walker copy. I already played a part of the first chapter and I'm loving the game so far. Now, I need to go to sleep as I have a Def. Eq. exam tomorrow.

PS: I think I'm in love with Lightining.


FFXIII Pre-Order pick up from Gamestop.

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I'm going to my local Gamestop in around 3 hours to pick up my pre-ordered copy of FFXIII. I'm still torn on whether or not I should buy the walkthrough guide. I already got a small version with my pre-order which contains the first 3 chapters or so from the full version, so even if I don't get it at elast I have something to start off with.

WoW, LOTRO and Tabula Rasa.

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Here is an update on what I've been doing the last few weeks. I've been playing the two new expansions for WoW and LOTRO at the same time and I must say I have a lot on my plate.

I must say that WotLK is an easy expansion when compared with TBC. Many of the quests are far easier (and in many cases more fun to do) such as the new mount quests where you mount a Mammoth or horse and do something. Also the grinding has been reduced a lot.The art design and new zones are simply beautiful and I'm enjoying my time a lot questing there. The one thing that I'm not used to yet is the new Death Knight class. I tried rolling one and got bored so fast. Every time I try to play that toon I end up logging out within minutes.My toon is still level 58 and it's almost three weeks since release and I'm in no mood to play him.Not to mention they're ridiculously overpowered.

I've also started playing Lord of the Rings online but at a slower more casual pace when compared to WoW. It's a really good MMO and I'm liking it a lot.

As for Tabula Rasa, I finally recieved my copy in the mail after paying $2.25 for it on ebay! I wanna try it out before it shuts down. The game goes free on the 10th of January and since I get one month free with the game. So, If I subscribe on the 10th of december then I don't pay anything at all. :D

Oh and My main WoW carachter is currently at lvl 77 while my LOTRO main is at lvl 16.