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The_Inferno_Man Blog

Need Ideas....BADLY!!!

Well Yondiame is getting old so i need ideas for a new theme, i'm trying to do another anime but i can't think of anything. Anything you guys thing would work just post them here and i'll come up with something:P

On another note I'M OUT OF SCHOOL, i've been suprisingly busy though but i'm pretty free for the most part now and can at least get on here in the evening :D I've been trying to do another AMV but i keep restarting so that i'll be done in about a year :lol: I really haven't bought anything new so my life is pretty much the same except my brother moved the XBox into his room -_-. I've been thinking of buying my own and this will probably make me do it :lol: Well until next time guys.

See you around the boards :)

Hey Peoples!

Well i'm back from my mini vaction. It was pretty fun i had a good time, but i'm sick...again:P I got RE5, which is amazing!:D:D I'm on chaper 4. I recomend it to any 360 owner. I'm on spring break and i plan on doing nothing at all.:P I can't believe the school year is going by so fast:o Well i'm off

See you around the boards:)

Made Changes

i finally decided to redo my profile. I really like the banner and the sig. I really don't have any updates on me. So i guess thats it:P

Where I've Been

Well I haven't been active at all the past couple of days. Well I've been pretty sick. But i'm better now(just in time for school:P ) So Collie and gr33n I hope you unerstand be being gone:( I'll have the COTM up in about 30 mins;) Well thats about it, i'm going to go comment on my unions(can't wait to see all the comments in the Naruto Union OT-Thread) :lol:

See you around the boards!:D

2 Years+ on GameSpot!

I just relized i've been on GS for over 2 years!:o I've had a lot of things happen with in those years! I actually started to watch ahead in anime, i'm also glad i started watching subs too i like them better:P. I've been really into Denno Coil latley. It's really funny and pretty cool! I've only see about 6 or 7 episode but it's awsome, i made a sig. fo it i'll post that below. I made a new MAL sig. but i don't really like it so i'll probably made another one:P I'm also working on an AMV right now so look out for that;)

See you around the boards!

Couple New Things.

Since my last blog I've made 2 new sigs. which I'll post below. I like the Ichigo one a lot!:D The Ichigo one took me quite a while to get just right, the border looks kind of weird and didn't come out the way i wanted it to:?. Since i got a computer I've really only been active in 3 of my unions: Anime Cafe(great union), Naruto Union(great union), and Destiny Island(great union). Do you see a patteren with the anime unions?:P And also Collie your Hauned amv was really good!!!:o It makes me just want to go make an awsome video:P Well thats about it.

See you around the boards

Not Another Christmas Blog!!

Well I'm sure by now you all know what I wanted and guess what i got it!!:D:D:D Thats right I got a brand new computer and it's amazing!! I love it so much*hugs monitor*:P I also got Broken Bond(i'll get on that later), COD World at War, WoW and WoW BC. Well i'm having some issues with WoW so i'm trying to work that out right now. Well i hope all of you had a merry christmas well I got to go work on my new computer....still have to put GIMP on it:lol:

Merry Christmas!!!!!:D:)

I'm Free!!!

Yes i'm finally done with the winter semester! I'm so excited to be free and my sister has school tomorrow so i'll be here by myself tomorrow. I can't wait for chirstmas!!! I can't believe it's only a week away. this year has gone be so fast!! And just to let eveybody know i'm still taking requests i say this cause i havn't gotten hardly any in the past few months. Well Merry Christmas!!


For me i havn't blogged in a while. I hope that I'll blog a bit more when I get a new computer. I've joined Destiny Island. It's a pretty cool uinon. I made a new Itachi sig. I think it looks pretty cool but I kind of want a Christmas one.... I can't wait for Christmas. There are so many games coming out that I want!!! Well thats about it. Heres my sig.

Cross Your Fingers!!

As you can see I have made a new blog header. I made it after playing Super Smash Bros Brawl for about 3 hours with my friends. I might make a SSBB baner too:P

Well the the cross your fingers thing is for you to cross your fingers that my paents to buy me a gaming computer. I hope they don't spend too much money thought cause I already fell guilty asking for a new computer but I'm on my dads comp. all the time so maybe that will be a plus for them. I really hope I get a new computer because I want to start watching naruto again!!:cry:

I have constructed my Christmas list and I'll put it in a spoiler.

[spoiler] 1. Gaming computer 2. Naruto broken bonds 3. Wall E I know it's a kid movie but the movie is great:P 4. Eleventh Season of Simpsons [/spoiler]

Thats it see you around the boards:)