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Nope, there isnt. 

The only audience now are the nerds who make the game.


I used to play DOA and DOA 2 hardcore, and I even played a lot of DOA online, but those games are deader than dead now.


Play Mortal Kombat Komplete for PC, you'll love it.

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Where is it? cant find it on steam, except on gamestop and amazon.


What a bust...

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Huh... Not really... Mortal Kombat's TRUE origin was the good ol' arcade machines... But yeah. I'm happy that we can play it on our PCs now...Eraldus
The original Mortal Kombat arcade game was programmed with PCs, that is what I meant.


Oh and @ that other dude, you can buy it at, its there, also at gamestop

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They finally came back to their TRUE origins, our beloved PC!!

Even the very 1st Mortal Kombat arcade prototype was programmed and made with the PC in mind.


They took their damn time, but its finally coming!! Cant wait to play it in HD!

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Beta is not out yet, we will just have to wait

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I havent seen this game yet, has it been released for PC??

If not, anyone know when?


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Happens the same thing to me, no videos will play when I try to stream them. I use the latest google chrome.