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First Age - Continued: The Will wakes up

And here I am... bound to this society, bound to fail at regular, simple-minded jobs, yet bound to find the true calling in my heart, my abilities, my very escence. Character designer... to be able to create feelings through my hands and my mind. To be able to let my hand flow through the oceans of ideas that wellspring from the endless perceptions my eyes has seen, my body has touched, my sensibility has sensed, my instinct has perceived.

I want to be a character designer, art coordinator. To be able to set standards, inspire people's minds, hearts, into something larger than life, that ironically, IS life itself, the real one, that is just hidden from the common-average daily exercise they're all used to live. When will I fulfill my destiny? I do not know, yet I am ready to wake up and show the world that special magic they all seem to have forgotten, that it's always out there, always waiting to be touched, like an eager young man, waiting to complete his destiny.