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Sticky Hammer

Recently I got a 3-day suspension for "ignoring" a sticky. Thats the way the system sees it. But my perspective was I got caught up in the Bioshock hype while waiting for the European release and decided to go post about something I came across. Now unfortunatly for me after posting one of the stickys hit me. "Offical Bioshock discussion thread. 3-Day ban for ignore". Just my luck with no way to close or delete the thread by the time I could get a mod to lock it I would have already have gotten the ban.

Now before you commentators just say I deserved it I already know I did and I have no complaint or grudge against the mods for it. It's the way the mods and Gamespot handled my requests afterwards. This seems to be the part nobody understands or just plain ignores. I got my friend to sign into their account username "Crionna" you can visit their account here.

Unforunatly not anymore You see I got them to ask a few questions regarding my suspension, Such as what exactly is taken away from my capibilities. But the mod completly ignored the question. Instead the reply was "Right your friend" banned thier account and did me for ban dodging.

Ban Dodging??? Why the hell would I want to ban dodge. I've been a member of the site for some time, subscribing for almost 2 years. Why would I want to waste money getting a subscriber account banned for something stupid. What about my friend "Crionna".
If the mod had looked at their sign-up date they would have seen they were a member for well over a year. Come on now I was hardly contemplating to dodge a ban despite the fact I have so much to lose for over a year. I think the mod was just following routine and banning the low level account. I can understand that but my friend keeps pissing me off because it ended up my fault their account got hit by the ban hammer.

So getting someone to ask the mods a question was incredibly successful so lets contact Gamespot's customer support and see what they can tell me. Finally a use for one of the total access perks "Priority Customer Support". I'd have my answer within 72 hours, just before my ban was up. Oh yeah I "ban-dodged" so that was a further 3 days. So I asked the same question Crionna asked the mods but added my friends account got banned for something they didn't do. So all I can do now is wait.

That support ticket was sent Monday afternoon I didn't get my response within 72 hours I got t today Saturday. So the further 3-day ban was apparently cancelled because of the circumstances. A bit late as I only had ne more day to go. I had said in the support "I know I deserved the original ban but...." The reply: This is an accurate moderation. Please make sure you read the sticky threads in the future to avoid being moderated in the same manner in the future.

What about the rest of the question, what are the limitations of a suspended user? What about the unfair perma-ban of Crionna?

Which is why after my experience of just glancing over a sticky I'm proposing stickys become colour coded regarding their importance in this thread.
Please comment on that idea there.

Anyhoo all comments on this blog post are welcome.

The wonderfull world of work.

As part of the L.C.V.P course for my Leaving Certificate, I have to do at least a weeks worth of work experience. As I type this blog I'm working. I was lucky because of people I know I got into an Internet café. "Enter and Escape" . It's quite an easy job and I would love to get in here for the summer. Currently I am sitting behind the counter looking up every so often to make sure nobody is looking suspicious, (you know why). When their done charge for the time they have used it. Help people get prints, faxes and voip calls.
Also this place does hardware repairs so I'm picking up tips for my own computer. The only trouble I've had so far is with people who don't have English as their first language. I know it's their fault but if thats the only trouble it's not that bad. Anyway I suppose I better get back to work.

(C&C 3 Irish release Friday pre-order successfull. Can't wait.)

Getting active.

I realised that I have been sharing blogs with some amazing people. Thought provoking, nostaligic or just plain out there. Mine on the other hand dosen't deserve any recognition what so ever. So I feel it's time I took some personal action. I'm getting rid of these 3 line "ooo look what I got aren't I so awesome" posts. Instead effort will be put into them. It may not be much but even if just one user enjoyed theirselves or got something out of it I'd be happy. I've been a user for quite sometime and feel its time I gave something back to the site.
To the future of this user.
-The Daw-

Amstel Adverts

Amstel New World
Amstel Troy


Went to Croke park again today to see Carlow plaing. Leinster minor hurling final. Unfortunatly they were slaughtered. It may sound lame but at least they got there, the last time they got to that final was 1944.

Another 360 title.

My sister came home from Dublin today and she brought me another 360 game, Oblivion. I haven't even owned it 48ours and I already have 6 games.

Xbox 360!

I got my xbox 360 at last yesterday. I got the premium pack with 6 games. The games are:
Fight Night Round 3
Fifa World Cup
I got Project Gotham and Fifa for Free.


I finished the last of my Junior Cert. exams today. I'm officially a 5th year.

Gaelic football


Well the gaelic season is starting up again so to get me in the mood I decided to go play this game again. It's not very good but it's the first of it's kind.