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Such A Slow Writer....

I honestly can't believe how much of a slow writer I am. I'm writing a full length Pokemon fanfic, journey fic that focuses mostly on my characters ADORABLE little Oshawott, Oliver. The sad thing is...It takes me almost a month and a half just to write a single chapter and it'd take far less time if I just wouldn't get so distracted! Ugh! I hate being distracted!!!

Favorite Pokemon Starters?

What are your personal favorite Pokemon starters?

Personally my favorites have gotta be Oshawott(cause he's so adorable) and Cyndaquil(also adorable). Both happen to be great choices as well and I love their second stage which both tie as my favorite Pokemon.

Check Out My Youtube Channel And Let's Plays

Hey everyone this is TheYoshster! I've begun a Let's Play of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door recently and I would definatley appreciate it if others would show their support, check out my other videos, and help spread the word.

Youtube Channel:

Paper Mario TTYD Playlist:

New Pokemon Fanfic!!

Hey everyone, I started a new Pokemon fanfic! It's a journey fic, in Unova featuring my fan character Justin Gaines, his Quilava Ty, and most importantly his Oshawott Oliver! The story is mostly about this Oshawott lol, cause I love that adorable little sea otter! I've posted the first 2 chapters on and I got another chapter coming soon which includes an epic argument and double battle with Ghetsis.

My Suggestions For GTA V

Well since there's rumors about GTA V starting to emerge such as the lead being voiced by Gilbert Gotfried, GTA V taking place in San Andreas, and the playable character. I play GTA IV frequently and I've been thinking of the things I'd like to see return and be changed in GTA V

Bring Back From GTA IV

1. The cell phone holding cheats and such.

2. The cover system.

3. Open world without loading screens and such.

4. Stuff such as strip clubs, internet cafes, comedy clubs, cabernet clubs, bowling alleys, bars you can actually drink in and get drunk.

6. Activites such as billiards, bowling, and darts.

5. Realisim, minus being able to die from jumping 10 feet off a building and police being able to kill you with 1 shot from a shot gun. Plus realistic NPC behavior

6. XBOX Live Multiplayer!

7. The wanted level radius.

8. The GPS device


Bring Back From San Andreas

1. RPG stat building

2. Airplanes and such.

3. Weapons such as the flamethrower, minigun, chainsaw, and katana.

4. Casinos, gyms, nightclubs(you can dance and drink in), barber shops, and the multiple clothing shops.

5. The car mod feature!

6. The military at 6 stars.

7. Most of the fun cheats from San Andreas such as unlimited health and super punches

8. Gang wars, and the gang recruiting system

9. Parachutes

10. Multiple homes you can buy as well as car storage

11. Side missions such as pimping

Improve, Remove, and New!

1. Wanted level down...That'll stay down so you can go to other areas early. It's annoying how you can use the wanted level down cheat, but a second later you'll have another wanted level.

2. Don't let cops have shotguns since they can kill you in like one hit.

3. More areas you can enter! I see several buildings in GTA IV that have interiors but you can't go inside of them. These areas provide great hold out spots for riots.

4. Character customization should be improved a little.

5. Only attain wanted levels if cops are actually present or see the crime.

6. More destruction!

7. Redesigning San Andreas is a must, keeping the core areas such as Los Santo, Las Venturas, and San Fiero. Plus less space with nothing.

8. A more current soundtrack, plus I'd really love to see alternative and independent rock!

10. Improving combat with stuff such as being able to grab people, throw them, snap their neck, bang their heads against tables and stuff.

11. Much more side missions and activities such as drug dealing, extortion, racing, darts, basketball, bowling, bounty hunting, shopping, more gambling, prostitution, billiards, fire fighting, ect.

12. Being able to bring home random women from clubs and bars. Gotta watch out for those grenades though! Plus put a couple of hotels you can bring her to, which you can enter at any time and save at, and even work out and eat at(and it should be large enough to explore.)

13. Ways to slow down the police, fbi, swat, and military and stay alive longer.

My Idea For A Koopa Bros Rematch!

As some of you know, there is a new Paper Mario coming out. One of my biggest hopes is that the Koopa Bros make a comeback, especially since how Jr. Troopa had to ruin the rematch with them. If I ran the game, here is how I would've done the rematch with the Koopa Bros!

-Red: 40 HP, 6 ATK, 3 DEF
-Black: 35 HP, 5 ATK, 2 DEF
-Yellow: 35 HP, 5 ATK, 2 DEF
-Green: 35 HP, 5 ATK, 2 DEF

-Spinning Tower: 2 damage for each Koopa Bro
-Shell Toss: 5 damage
-Ninja Star Throw: 5 damage
-Ninja Star Barrage: 3 damage for each star hit. 5 stars will be thrown.

Other Abilities
-Can increase attack or defense by 2
-Outta Sight for a turn. The Ninja Koopa that used the attack uses up a turn to turn visible again.
-Red is able to do a Fire Shell which deals 8 damage.
-The Koopa Bros can also, but rarely steal your items when low on HP.

-Bombette's Bomb still knocks down the tower, however it doesn't knock them onto the back of their shells.
-Jumping on them can still knock them onto their backs, but they get up immediatly after your turn is over.
-Using Kooper would trigger some dialog between the five, revealing that the Koopa Bros knew Kooper and grew up with him.
-Once a Koopa Bro is down to 15 or less HP, they'll jump up on the ceiling and attack from there, though they may still jump down if the Spinning Tower is going to be formed.


-After the battle one of the Koopa Bros will begin to think that working for Bowser may not be so great if it means getting their butts kicked by Mario. They get into an arguement and split up, though if the game didn't end after Bowser and you could continue after the boss battle, a new side quest would emerge involving searching for the Koopa Bros. Each Koopa Bro will be in a random location through the Mushroom Kingdom and their dialogue will depend on their location. Once you find each one and complete a task for them, they will reunite in Pleasant Path(confused if they should return to the Fortress or Koopa Village cause either way they're probably hated there anyway). They will give you a key to a hidden area in the Toad Town Tunnels which will lead to a Pit of 100 Trials.

I'm Becoming A Production Director!!!

Okay, so during my time in college so far I joined our school's student run radio station. In my first semester I started a country radio show which is doing great right now, and by this semester I have an on air shift. I. recently produced a top-of-the-hour for the station, and along with my PSA and commercial for my digital audio class. Apparently our current production director has been really impressed with my work, and even more impressed that he never had to edit anything since he usally does for the people that he approves their ID's, promos, and commercials. Today he offered me the position of production director as his replacement! I can't believe it! Me a production director, better yet a DIRECTOR!? I never thought I'd make it to that rank, even a director. This is so awesome!!!

Best and Worst of 2010

Well 2010 is finally over! I can't believe it, this year just went by so fast! It's been such an awesome year and for my last blog of the year I'm gonna highlight the best and worst of 2010!

Best Video Games of 2010
Super Mario Galaxy 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Red Dead Redmeption, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Worst Video Game of 2010
Can't really say.....

Biggest Fail of 2010
Justin Bieber is just a flat out fail, as well as the BP Oil Spill

Biggest Win of 2010
The Rent Is Too Damn High! That's all I'm gonna say!

Best Movie of 2010
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Tron Legacy, The Other Guys, Toy Story 3, Inception

Worst Movie of 2010
Paranormal Activity 2...I don't even think they should've made a sequel to such a horribly movie. Everyone also thinks Fury Vengance is pretty bad, and who can't forget Twilight: Eclipse....

Best Song of 2010
I Like It, by Enrique Iglesia ft. Pitbull. All In, by Lifehouse. Dynamite, by Taio Cruz. Mine, by Taylor Swift. Raise Your Glass, by Pink. Club Can't Handle Me, by Flo Rida.

Worst Song of 2010
Not Afraid, by Eminem. Love The Way You Lie, by Rihana ft. Eminem. Bottoms Up, by Trey Songz

Best Artist of 2010
Taio Cruz, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesia

Worst Artist of 2010
No doubt Eminem, and Justin Bieber, and Rihana

Best of my life
Graduation, and the start of college and my involvement in the radio station has only led to some outstanding times!

Worst of my life
My cat died :( and the damn dog with all the anger and medical issues out lived him :(

Why Is It Almost Hopeless To Gain Support?

Seriously why do I feel like no matter what I do to gain support/fans of my Let's Plays just nobody cares. I've been a Let's Player for 7 months now and I've posted 120 videos so far and most videos barely reach 20 views. I have 35 subscribers and only like 2-3 are truly supportive. I've tried EVERYTHING to advertise my Let's Plays. I've advertised on The Speed Gamers, Mario Wiki, IGN's incredibly inactive boards, and even here but literally nobody cares and nobody has even showed support.

Seriously I should at least have probably at least 10 truly supportive fans and an average of 100 views per video after 7 months, but I'm still just as underrated as I was when I began with a flip camera and cheap logitec usb mic(and now I have a Dazzle but I had to switch back to the USB mic) Makes me so sad to know after this long I'm still one of the most underrated LPers.

Favorite and Least Favorite Christmas Songs?

Well Christmas is right around the corner and here's something I've been wondering. What are some of your favorite and least favorite Christmas songs?

Favorite Christmas Songs
Holly Jolly Christmas
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Jingle Bell Rock
Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Sleigh Ride With You

Least Favorite Christmas Songs
Little Drummer Boy
I Want A Hippopotamous For Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth