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It's-a me, Mario. AGAIN-a.

Back once again. Sorry I've been gone. It's just, not ONLY have I been busy, I've also honestly been losing interest. But I'm back for now. I'll try to be back for as long as I possibly can.

Do you think the 2012 prophecy is real?

Hello, it's-a me, Mario. Today's topic is on the 2012 prophecy that has been predicted by the Mayans. I'm talking about this because of NOT only the movie by Roland Emmerich on which it's based on and NOT ONLY because of the fact that right now is the year 2012. But, it's also because my brother, Luigi, was FREAKING OUT yesterday after he read about it on Wikipedia. I told him reasons why I don't think it's going to happen, and that seemed to be enough to make him calm down. But it left me thinking: DO YOU people on gamespot believe this is really going to happen? I don't think so. If it doesn't, I'm going to watch the movie by Roland Emmerich and laugh at it. -Mario

Rampage(2012): My idea for a reboot to the hit 80's game.

Rampage is a 2011 reboot to the hit video game series. It is for Xbox 360, and PS3. It is a more realistic, serious and less comical approach on the Rampage series. PLOT The game begins with 3 people named George, Lizzie and Ralph, who are working at Scumlabs, a company specializing in radiation. Then a power failure causes the radiation tanks to explode, causing them to get exposed to radiation. They survive, but all 3 soon turn into monsters, George a gorilla, Lizzie a dinosaur, and Ralph a Wolfman. Using their newfound strength and power, they decide to take down Scum-labs, who is responsible for their mutation, while causing as much destruction and mayhem as possible. Gameplay Rampage is rendered in 3-D and for the first time, has huge open-world cities and enviroments. Like the Grand Theft Auto series, the game is open-ended. As with previous games in the series, destroying the city earns youi points. But this time, it's not the only type of mission you need to do(to make sure it's not repetitive). You also have to fight other monsters created by Scum Labs to stop you, and defeat massive bosses such as a 100 foot robot. One story mission makes you play as George to free Lizzie and Ralph, who have been captured by Scum Labs. Just like in every rampage game, you must eat people to restore health. Choose 3 choices of monsters, George, Lizzie, or Ralph, each with their own unique stats. Like for example, George has the highest amount of physical strength out of the trio. Lizzie can breathe fire, and Ralph can get more health restored than either George or Lizzie when he eats people. Buildings topple and get damaged more realistically than previous games. Everything can be destroyed. For the first time in the Rampage series, you can destroy cities with people worldwide in 3-player matches in Xbox Live and Nintendo Wi-fi. For the first time in Rampage history, there is now a free-roaming element, where you can choose a level and a monster any time in the game(only when not in story missions) and roam free in the city and destroy things how you please. There are 5 open-world cities to destroy, like Tokyo, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Hong Kong. Players can upgrade their monsters' stats using the points they earn from causing destruction, completing story and challenge missions, defeating enemies, and collecting bonus content, mostly concept art and game trailers. So, what do you think?

Mario's triumphant return.

It's been a while since old Mario has been here. And for this, I AM SO SORRY. It's just, I was SO busy. I mean, video game stars like me NEVER get a break, you know. So, what's up?

The new year is here.

Hello. Mario here. Well, it is official. 2012 is here. It felt like 2011 went by SO fast. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? What games of this year will you get? Discuss ALL about the New Year here.

Sorry I was gone for a while.

Hello. Mario here. I want to apologize for being gone for a while, it's just, I was on vacation with Luigi and Princess Peach at Universal Studios. It was fun. Will YOU be going on Christmas vacation?

Do you remember The Super Mario Bros. Super Show?

Hello. Mario here. Today on my blog, I will be taking a trip down to memory lane of my career. Do you remember The Super Mario Bros Super Show? For those who don't, it was a TV show in the 80's about me, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, who have adventures and fight the evil Bowser(who they call "King Koopa" in the show for some reason). Anyways, it was my first TV show made in America and it was the first...ANYTHING related to me made in America. I had a good time filming the episodes. But I still don't get why they decided to call Bowser "King Koopa" though. But I tried not to let it bother me too much. Also, they forgot my and Luigi's Italian accents.

Ditiching riding the Yoshi for a Mustang! WOO!

Hello. Mario here. You know how I sometimes say I want to ditch riding a Yoshi everywhere and get a Ford Mustang. Well, I finally did it. I got the Mustang and it's AWESOME!. Here it is.  This is going to make getting around the Mushroom Kingdom a lot easier. It'd make YOSHI's life easier too.

Someone's been eating all the Mushrooms in the Fridge.

Hello, Mario here. I'm not very happy right now. Because, this morning, after I ate breakfast, I opened the fridge to eat a mushroom and get ready for the day. But I saw that all the Mushrooms were gone. Someone ate them all. I thought it was Luigi, but he told me he's innocent and he has no idea what happened. I have to find out who. Because if it wasn't Luigi and I got another box of Mushrooms, the suspect could come back to get that batch of Mushrooms too. Who do you think it was? I suspect it was Wario. He's been addicted to mushrooms lately. -Mario

Stole Battlefield 3 from Bowser's castle.

I am proud of myself right now. After battling Bowser and saving Peach from him, I discovered Bowser has a Battlefield 3 video game for the 360, which he bought last week. He's been playing it a lot lately. So, I stole it and took it in my room and played it for 3 hours. Bowser was VERY mad when he found it missing. This game means EVERYTHING to Bowser at the moment, so he was VERY mad. He at first thought Kamek took it.
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