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//Lock On Modern Air Combat Update

Okay, I have been playing this game for... oooh... about 6-8 hours now, I've really enjoyed it - first Modern Air Combat sim I have played, although made way back, its a classic. The Cock Pit graphics are nice, the planes are well made and relistic. The mission editer is a great add-on that is loved by me. I rate it 10/10 //

Lock On - Modern AirCombat

// Lock On Modern AirCombat is a game I purchased recently. There has been great reviews and ranks about it. I am into Aircraft sims.. (quite alot, call me an addict) this is the first Military Jet sim I have had and I love it! But I must warn you - its not a game like others where the missiles somehow aims itself, no no - This is a REAL simulator. You can range from beginner to advanced. So yeah - Love it. -TheSimFan //