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Brawl Tournament and my top 5 mains

Okay their's a tournament that needs 50-60 people and it needs as much people as it can get. It wouldn't let me copy the link so, go to my unions and go to the Mario Kart Brawl union. Brianack96 say's he will definetely get that much people and it will take place June, 21st. Hurry up and join!!!!!:D

Here's a list of my mains:

Ike(need I say more?)Oh wait yeah I do, I'm the Ike master! Also I do have a 3 hit combination that will guaruntee a kill..... unless probably your a light-weight character like Olimar or Jigglypuff.

Marth: Damn he's got speed and also Ike can be as fast as him, if you know how to use him. Marth has excellent areial attacks too!

Falco: He is one of my favorite mains, and I love his attacks, but his blaster get's VERY VERY ANNOYING when somebody spams it. Especially when they keep doing short hop blaster attacks to reach you. Falco has a great spike which is easy to spike him with, but his reflector kind of sucks.

Link: I have great combinations with him and he is a great long-range character. He dosen't really have a spike except I've been told that his sweep is a spike. His hook-shot can leave you open for an attack.

Mario: Wow he is fun to use and he has awesome areial attacks. He's fun to be and I want to use him on you guy's too! His recovery is not so great, but he has good attcks, and he is fast.

Hey Dxnar you think you can make me a new banner with my new mains on it, if it's not to much to ask for.

Do you smell what the Trump is cooking? Join Trumpetteddy's tournament!!!

Trumpetteddy is hosting a tournament and he want's a total of 64 contestants. Join his tourney it will be fun and maybe..just maybe you won't have to verse the skilled palyers first, even though their are alot of skilled players in this tournament and it should be fun. If you have Brawl than join, if he could get 128 I think it was than that would be awesome. If thiers not an even amount of people than someone would get cut from the tournament or their would have to be 3 man brawl which would be a pain. Too bad for gamer_unleashed he can't participate in this tourney, I'm sorry :cry:

I am expecting to get alot of people and probably get over 64, tell your friends to join to so we could get a really big tournament!!! YEAH!!! :D oh and no he won't be cooking up some steaks! Go to his blog and register!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

various33_080402m-l.jpg Marth Ike image by DaisukeDiru

Ike is my new main character

Ike is my new main character! I will master his moves, and I will be the TheIke_Master!!! Ike is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be him!

Awesome Ike and Marth battle:

Ike's Great Aether(slow motion):

Roy in Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it Roy is in Brawl!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

Oh yeah Roy is in Brawl, I told you guys! Yes I am so happy that Roy is in Brawl. He has his own moveset and most likely will be different from Marth and Ike except for his counter!! I can't wait to see his moves!!! Oh yeah Roy is in Brawl!!!!!!

Roy! Roy!Roy!Roy!Roy! YES ROY IS IN BRAWL. Look on the left side where you will see Roy with his original costume on with his red cape! Also look at the confirmed character list whichThis is the list of the confirmed characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

-Captain Falcon
-Diddy Kong
-Donkey Kong
-Ice Climbers
-King Dedede
-Meta Knight
-Pikmin & Olimar
-Pokemon Trainer
-Toon Link
-Zero Suit Samus

Pretty long list if you ask me. Brawl just keeps getting better and better. is accurate and clearly NOT FAKE!

Roy on the LEFT side!! YES! here's a link that shows were I got it from and it say's these are real soilers:


I just want to say I TOLD YOU GUYS!!!!!!(except for MetaRoy121)

Who thinks they are the best with their character

As you guys know already I am the BEST with Roy, so no one else think they are, YOU ARE NOT!!!! Who do you like to be and what do you want to say to other people. YES YOU CAN GLOAT!!!! It makes it more competitive! Oh and if anyone be's Kirby or Ness I just got to say, they really SUCK!!!!

OH and tell me your best time for beating both master hands in event 50 mine is 0:44 seconds. I beat it under a minute and I didn't get an acheivement!

Does anyone know if Roy is in Brawl. HE BETTER BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ike or Roy!


Since Ike is making his appearance to Brawl Roy still might not be in Brawl. He might though because a saw a roster of 44 characters that was from the japanese version. It said Marth and Roy were unlockable characters:D:D:D I saw a video with Ike in it and I'm pretty sure that I saw him use a counter 3 times:) YES!!!!!!!!!!1. If Ike did not have a counter he definetely would not be as good as marth and roy!!!

Oh It feels like nobody else even cares about Marth and Roy. I still think that Roy is going to be in it, but if he's not I will DEFINETELY be Ike. He's got a very cool fighting stance and he has some sweet moves and counter. I hope he has the double-edge dance blade like Roy does because that's a good move. Did you guys notice that their clothes look the same, and they also have some similair moves but Ike is slow, that's the bad thing about him!!

I AM THE BEST WITH ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( I always say this) True though:P