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oh the days well spent

the hours and hours of play i have given this game..... best times of my life. this is the best fighting game in the world. perfect fighters , perfect amount of players and so many variations.

let me tell ya this game is amazing

for the iphone : empire online...... im addicted!!!

its absolutly amazing , its a MMO and you pick either warrior , hunter , mage , kungfu fighter , and shamen and the amount of customization is i think over a million. i usually hate these turn based games but this game is so awesome!!!!!

my 2011 favs/buyers guide

* = my excitement for the game

Test drive unlimited 2***

Deus ex: Human Revolution******

Dragon Age 2 (maybe) *

Crysis 2**

Fear 3***

Mx vs Atv Alive***

Brink ****************


Saints Row 3 ***

the elder scrolls V skyrim*************