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I love nintendo and I have loved the Wii since I have bought it. No new game releases for the Wii though in the next 4 weeks??? We need more games for the Wii!!!I don't want this system to suffer from 3rd party support/a small library. I have been a huge nintendo fan, I really want the Wii to have continued success

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Lost planet....the game just didn't hold my interest.......I am not too sure exactly why, but I jsut didn't play the game after i was about 3 hours into the game anymore

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Nes open, classic
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Sony is playing a dangerous game with the high price point. A lot of people are going the route where they buy both a 360 and a wii. Once you have those two systems, even with a price drop, its likely to be content and not bother grabbing a 3rd system

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In most cases it seems trading in games is a huge rip-off at gamestop/eb games. In most cases by the time I have played a game enough to want to trade it in its usually a year or 2 after its released. This usually means the prices has dropped since I bought it or gamestop/eb games have a bunch of used copies already. That translates into around 5 dollars trade in credit. Honestly, if I pick up the game and play it one more time its worth the 5 dollars they would have given me for it. Thats why I just don't trade in games. I'd rather keep the game in the hopes I may pick it up and play it months from now then to bend down that low and only get 1/10 of what I paid for it new
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Manhunt 2 looks really interesting, as long as the control scheme is solid, it will def be a buy. I couldn;t agree with you more, how awesome would it be to bring a solid action title likeBionic command, Blaster Master, BattleToads, Double Dragonor mega man to the Wii? I am craving for a solid action title to hit the wii soon!
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Mario Strikers should be fun, I have always loved the nintendo sports game, they tend to bring out the fun in sports games. Plus they are always a blast on multiplayer.

Honestly I just want nintendo's new console to be successful in a lot of categories. I loved the fact they released the console with a fun game, and the console release price was perfect. Most of my friends own Wii along with a 360 or ps3, which I am sure this is a pretty big trend among gamers. I was old enough to start playing video games right at the end of the NES days. I grew up playing the SNES which I still think was the best console ever considering its time. I liked the N64 and minus the gaming library and price, knocked the PS one out of the water. I was kind of out of gaming with the last gen systems with the, but I still had a gamecube and loved the top games that came out of that system. I would love to see nintendo make great strides with the Wii

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I am a pretty big fan of the Wii. From a gameplay perspective the Wii has added a lot of fun new elements to the way video games are played and it really is a nice break from the other two next gen systems.

However we need more 5 star titles fro the wii and I just don't see any in the near future. I love the new zelda, Super Paper mario is a blast, I have had a lot of fun with excitetruck, Trauma ERwas a lot of fun and a pretty interesting game and Wii Sports/Wii play have been a lot of fun to play with friends. Minus the virtual console and internet, there really hasn't been much else.

We need more 5 star games. I hope there is a New Starfox, a new mario golf, a new mariokart and somemore solid first party titles in the immediate future! Any new games on the horizon for the wii that look to impress us gamers??