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I finally decided I would get a PS4 at launch, however Best Buy and Gamestop were sold out of pre-orders. Luckily I found out target would be selling pre-order card, and I was able to get a PS4 pre-order through them, $25 down payment.

I have never pre-ordered anything, let alone a console, at target before. For those that have had experience with Target in the past, how reliable are they for console launches? Would hate to have an issue, since I think the PS4 will be extremely difficuly to get until after Xmas.

The manager I spoke with when I pre-ordered the system said they only got 20 cards in, and once they were gone, that was it. They would not be selling anymore pre-orders for the PS4.

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I jumped from 12 to 14, the game looks much more polished than 12, the option and running game have both been refurbished very well, players now have a limited amount of sprint in them. it was worth my money, I would buy It again if I had a do-over. also, since this is the last official "NCAA" game from EA, there's no "wait until next year." Presentation looks GREAT with a ticker at the bottom of other games (dynasty mode) and a deeper feel in overall audio.


Thanks for your input! Its tough to tell from reviews how the game has advanced from older versions since they seem to focus on the on the difference from the previous years version! 

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I love college football, the last version of I bought was NCAA 2012. Has the series upgraded enough since then for me to pick up 2014 or should I pass on it?

For those that have played both 2012 and this year's verison, what has improved & what is new?

Thanks in advance!

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Mixed reviews, with IGN being the negative outlier.

IGN = 5.9 (Already a thread on this, but appears capcom give IGN staff money incentives to invcrease score)

OPM UK = 7.0 

Gamereactor Sweden = 7.0

Eurogamer = 7.0

CVG = 7.0



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14 course for $40 is expensive and not to mention a lot of content for day 1 DLC. 

To get all the courses you would have to purchase the masters edition and the 14 DLC courses, totaling $110. I think this is pretty expensive.

I bought the masters edition, so in total, the game came with 25 courses for $70. I skipped the last 2013 & 2012, but some of the courses on disk and on DLC are repeats from earlier years. On top of that, I purchased some of these courses for 2011.

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For the DC hobbist/realistic I am sure there are inaccuracies as you describe in the move sets, appearance, skins, story elements for each character.

However, at the end of this is a fighting genre game that needs to be most concerned with creating a fun, balanced fighter.

So I'd take an excellent, balanced fighting game over a medicore game that got all the DC accuracies correct! 

I loved the demo and I am certain I'll like the full retail version as well. My only complaint has to do with day one DLC, i guess it could be worse, tiger woods 2014 has 14 DLC courses (the irony) for $40 avi as day one DLC! 

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I bought both the gamecube and Wii to play nintendo first party exclusives (mainly the zelda of zelda franchise).

I did game on the gamecube alot, but outside of playing both Wii zelda games, majority of my time was actaully spend playing virtual console games. At the end of the day I just didn't spend alot of time playing the Wii and while I really enjoyed both Zelda games, it just didn't seem worthwhile that I purchased a Wii.

I bring this us because I just can't justify buying a Wii U for 1st party nintendo exclusives. Yes they are high quality games that always deliver and I have loved the nintendo franchises since I started gaming as a kid, but its tough to reason buying a $300 - $350 console for only a few games.

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I really try to finish every game and get some good time in on the multiplayer modes before I move on to the next.  There have been so many amazing games that have come out last year and the first 3 months of this year and because of this I currently have a few on backlog to finish. This has been a busy year for me as well and I have spent much less time gaming.

Borderlands 2

Far Cry 3


Darksiders 2

I really want to finish these games but being a huge gears of war fan, I have stopped playing these games for judgement.

Good news we are hitting the slow release period, really nothing I am into is coming out the next few months so I should be able to finish all these games

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I am a Gears of War fan, the 2nd game being my favorite in the series, and I actually have enjoyed judgment. 

The single player campaigns have much more or an arcade feel to them, but I really loved the modifiers and liked the new emphasis on scoring/star collecting for each section. Playing through on hardcore with modifiers def offers a good challenge. Sure the epic nature of the previous campaigns is not there, but I have gone back and replayed the campaign both single player and Co-op more than I did in the previous games already.

Survival mode just makes more sense then horde mode. Class specific characters and only 10 waves suits the mode better. The problem I always had with horde mode in the past is friends and random players would always drop out around wave 25 - 30 so I never really got to finish the mode on different maps. While 10 waves doesn't seem like a lot on the service, they are longer than waves in the previous horde modes and actually works out perfect both pacing and time wise.

Competetive MP is more of the same except for overrun mode, but the tweaks they made have improved it a little.

Overall, sure its not the best game in the series, but I am having my fun with it.


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I hit this well and our team lost quickly to this tactic.