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Looking for a game with a Alchemy system. Ingredients is preferred but I don't mind 'Crafting' as its basically the same but with Components, Already for TES Games, Kingdoms of Amalur etc
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Have you run Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA first before installing this mod?

Yeah, Also Verified the Integrity of the Cache as well. even did the same to the Beta it installed
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If you're trying to use Steam to launch Dayz, that's likely your problem. Use DayZ Commander, instead.

I've tried that as well, Still get exactly the same problem
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Recently I purchased Arma 2 Combined Operations, And downloaded the Dayz Mod through steam, However, I can never seem to be able to join my friends Network, Both over LAN and Internet. Also, The game always says I have an invalid CD Key, Despite purchasing it. I seem to also have a problem when loading a server up, I the White bar gets to the end, yet the games just hangs there, I get no error Messages or anything. Any help is appreciated
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I've played Shockwave before, but the AI was broken horribly,has that been changed yet?
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I've played the crap out of Zero hour and now thinking about modding it, There's a fair few out there, but Which one would you reccommend? I want one that has a fair few aerial units and a challenging AI, Thanks
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Looking for a WWII (Or similar conflict, Doesn't have to be real, as long as it stay within real word parametres), However, I want it to have quite a few air Units, As I love setting up tight defences with with Fighters and Raiding with Bombers Thanks in advance
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Path of the Exile.

Jesus Christ, how many levels are there?

That's Frickin' Crazy! Checking that out definitely
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I want a game that has an Absolutely Massive Character Level potential, Open to any Genre
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I play the online RPG 'The-Ninja-RPG' and have seen people with amazing animated avatars, I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to create them? I have tried google and Youtube and nothing really came up about them
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