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I'm the man, who's the man--it is ME

That first line was "rapped" out in a way that you can't even know.

Because I know how you would rap it and you would be WRONG.

I hate auto-paragraph-spacing nonsense.... Stupid Word-like thing, forcing my hand DAMMIT I'll do whatever I want!

So anyway, this is my firstest blog post EV0R and it totally wrocks. All you naysayers can go say nay until yer throats dry up and you go to cry yourself to sleep but you can't because you used up all your water and got yourself dehydrated and then you will always and forever curse the fact that you dared say nay to me so thoroughly.

Psh. Peasants.


Yeah. I totally got Saints Row 2. Respect to da SAYANTZZZ *throws on a purple do-rag*

*imediately removes purple do-rag*

Well, whatever. I wanted to play something, and I was getting a little bored with throwing Storm Troopers into things over and over (yes; surprisingly, it IS possible to become bored of throwing Storm Troopers into things). So, I said, "Hey--I'm gonna get all sandboxy like a spoiled little tyke!"

And I did.

I tried to make a girl, but I just couldn't get any combinations that...didn't look kinda hideous. What's with the body shapes in this game? They're all goofy and weird. And the mouths are always messed-up when they talk.

I'm sorry, fanboys. I meant to say "OMG the BEST graphics POSSIBLE--game totally pwns areghhhhhhhhhh da SAINTS 4EVER!!"

So, anyway, being the dude obsessed with writing FAQs and scribbling down every piece of information available for the 龍が如く ("Yakuza") series, I decided to make...THIS! Let your eyes be thrown into a stomp-tastic pit of despair by--桐生一馬 KIRYUU KAZUMA: Saints Row 2 Style!!


OK, so...he looks a little like a bored Keanu Reeves, but, hey--gimme credit for trying! Here's another shot where he looks more Kiryuu-esque:

Kiryuu-chan? (again)

OK...and um, I should mention that I don't have a white suit, white dress shoes, or an open, red undershirt for the dude yet, but...I'm workin on it! Jeez. Critics!

P.S. Yes; I know--it should be "It is *I*" in the title. But, man! *pssh* Naw, I ain't got no grammar! Just take a read through my FAQs to see how horrible my writing is!