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Curiouser and curiouser...

Hey all. I initially came here just to take a look at Gamespot's new design... and then I realized that now may be a decent time to attempt to return to the site, and see if it suits me anymore. From what I've seen it seems that the design is much better than it used to be, so it just may be possible. Hopefully some of you guys are still here... and I'm even more hopeful that some of you are still interested in talking with me.

Red Eclipse and Assault Cube. Oh yeah, and me too.

A quick note to my Gamespot friends; College is going well. I've gotten the hang of keeping up with my homework, and my Public Speaking teacher says that my speeches are very well done. I haven't been on, though, as I'm trying my hand at creating a new world. I don't want to tell you what it is, yet, as it is still a work in progress, but I think it is going to turn out well. Granted, it IS a little bit surreal and strange, but I like it. It's the antithesis to most of my other worlds that I've worked on, which were rooted (mostly) in reality. It is a nice change from the usual. I've even begun to have the trimmings of a plot, and a couple of planned characters for it. I've actually been writing a basic script for a short story set in it. I might actually end up doing something with this, as long as I can keep the story from getting too cliched. A tricky thing to do for a noveau writer, but I'm going to do my best. When I finish the short story, I'll show it to you guys for some feedback. Without feedback, I've found it extremely difficult to grow as a writer and an artist, and I think that you guys probably have sharp eyes.

Now, onto videogames. I've been playing some FPS games recently, of the free variety. I've found them to be surprisingly satisfactory. The main one is Red Eclipse.The basic gameplay is very similar to Unreal, with multiple weapons with multiple modes of fire, but that isn't what makes it stand out. What makes this FPS distinctive is that you are extremely mobile. Dodges, double jumping, wall running, midair and ground based dashes, a diving kick, hover packs and jetpacks. It is extremely difficult to hit anybody, simply because of how mobile people are. The only option for playing it is multiplayer, but multiplayer is really all it needs. It has many different gameplay modes, gobs of levels (it is based off the Cube 2 engine, which was designed to make level editing fun and intuitive), and very intelligent bots makes it so that the game is quite fun even when you have to play offline. I definitely suggest playing this one. I like it. And, since I have no idea how to link to a video with Gamespot, RED ECLIPSE.

Another FPS I've been playing is Assault Cube. Similarly to Red Eclipse, it is based off of the first Cube engine. The gameplay is entirely different, though. Your character is much less mobile, and it plays more like a traditional FPS. Assault Cube's major difference is that its networking code is so efficiently written you can play competitively over a dial-up connection. That is definitely a nice feature. Another nice feature is that recoil is a significant factor in how you play the game. The Assault Rifle is prefered in this game due to that, as it has the most recoil. Shoot down when jumping, and you'll jump much higher and fall more slowly. Shoot the Assault Rifle the reverse of the direction you are running, and you'll run twice as fast. It doesn't have the greatest AI, or weapon variety, though. Pretty fun, but it could be better. It is very nice that it can be played over dial-up, though. ASSAULT CUBE

I have been playing other games as well, it's just that I have a class in about an hour and I was studying for a test before I switched over to write this blog. So.... Later.

College time management issues.

I've been meaning to come here during my breaks, but due to my abysmally poor time management skills, I haven't had the opportunity to. I also have one assignment that IS going to be late, due today, and another that might be. Gotta learn how to do that...


I've been busy lately.

I've been trying to get my computer to work well, I set up a study group for college, set my flash drive up with a plethora of useful portable programs, wrote an article for a online retro gaming newsletter that's been around since 1997, and I just broke my pinky toe to such a degree that the first joint is kinda squishy and doesn't feel much like a joint.

So... I've been having a good time? I suppose so...

Internet! Yippee!

First things first. AT&T took my Internet away two months early. I was sad. My friend told me about a free dialup internet service. I was joyous. Ornj set it up. I am on. Additionally, both of our first years of college are entirely free. Good thing I'm taking 16 credit hours then, right?

Alright, now on to something that starts with a V. You guys can probably guess what it is. You're relatively smart people. :P First thing up is Megaman ZX. I didn't really have high expectations to it. I mean, I love Megaman with a vengeance, and it's actually closer to me than 90% of my family members (I only know about 60 of them. I think... been a while since I've seen family) but I had my doubts about ZX. Primarily because it was a DS game. Now I know that there are good ds games out there (Order of Ecclessia and Portrait of Ruin, anybody?) but overall my experience with them has been rather unsatisfactory. So unsatisfactory that I wasn't even interested. Then I saw this screenshot.


You appeared to be playing as Harpuia the Sage. I couldn't resist that! So I got ahold of the thing. I now love it dearly. You can explore in "any" direction in a large map that feels like Megaman X and Zero. No wonder it's called ZX. You play as a human who can switch between different biometals (but they LOOK like reploids...) to fight in different ways. ZX plays like Zero from Megaman Zero, Hx gives you a double jump, air dash, a different sword combo, etc. The switch between models is very seemless, so it feels completely natural to do so in the middle of one of it's difficult boss fights. Which are rather awesome. They aren't as difficult as Megaman Zeros, but they're fairly challenging toward the end. This game is definitely worth playing. Trust me. I haven't even started the sequel yet....

Next game up is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.

Devils! D:

When I heard about this game, I had to play it. Ever since I played the majesty (slightly broken) that is Bahamut Lagoon I've been fascinated by potential RPG genre combinations. So of course I wanted to play it. I like it. It's good old fashioned demon summoning and fusing with strategy elements. I like it. Your demons are limited to having 3 attacks (humans likewise) 3 passive moves and a racial ability. This balances the gameplay rather well. It can be a little tricky to do some of the missions, but they make it so you can grind whenever you want to even it out. Nice.

Next up is Orn!


It's a modified remake of the Brinstar section of the original Metroid. It is fairly awesome. You want to play it.

And... that's it for now. Don't want to give a massive info dump, y'know.

In which I say how much AT&T blows.

AT&T sucks, to a major degree. I recently lost my high speed internet, and JUST discovered exactly why I lost it. I lost it because AT&T never stopped charging us for our old DIAL UP internet, and every single time we called them they lied to us about varying things. To make it worse, they "could not" tell us what our bill was going to be, likely because they wanted to hide from us that we were paying for two phone and internet services.

Thus, I am stuck with dial up internet yet again, until we manage to say up enough money to get high speed again. So... tax time, I suppose. Oh well.

I'm back! And I intend to stay. Yep. You just can't get rid of me. Like a tick.

I was wandering around the Internet, looking for a new home on the web. I didn't find one, and I realized why. It's the people, not the activity, that makes the site home. So I'm sticking with Gamespot, unless all of you simultaneously transfer to the same site, which I find rather unlikely.

I'm feeling rather smug at the moment. Why? Because in the last 4 days I've spent over 32 hours playing videogames. I hadn't played games for quite a while, and when I start on a gaming binge it makes me feel GOOD. Seriously, it feels like I'm injecting caffeine directly into my system. Most of it has been a series of short games, which I won't bother you with, but yesterday I discovered something wondrous. Something great. Something blocky, with voxels.

No, I'm not talking about Minecraft. I'm talking about Ace of Spades which is... well, pretty much Minecraft merged with Team Fortress 2 or something. Minecraft with guns. It's AWESOME. I spent 14 hours playing it in the last 2 days.

The FPS mechanics are pretty bare bones, and the block gameplay is pretty much exactly the same as Minecraft. Alone they'd be boring. But add Minecraft to 32 player capture the flag goodness, and it becomes awesome. There's a massive amount of strategy to be found in a FPS. Tunneling, building bunkers on the fly, bridges, etc. And there's a lot of different gameplay modes to be found as well.

It's pretty kick ass, you guys should check it out.

I'll post more later or tomorrow, it's too early to go into heavier detail.

Well things are awesome.

First off, I found a sprite of Lightning from FFXII. I couldn't resist posting it here. So here you go.


Nice, right?

Anyways, most things appear to be going well with my life. I took my placement test for college, and scored rather well. Unlike Ornj, I do not have to take pre-algebra. :) I actually managed to get the documents I needed rather quickly, and applied on the same day Ornj had his orientation. Mine is on the 12th of July.

Additionally, Ornj got a part time job, I've improved as an artist, and I think I've found a graphics tool that this backup pc can use that does not suck. So I'm rather happy.

Of course, there are a couple things going wrong, but that's life. I'm just ecstatic things are actually going right. :)

My brain is kind of shot. Also: Hello!

My brain is shot due to me drawing many hours of the day, gaming even more, and frantically attempting to gather the legal documents required to get into college, despite complete lack of funding. Kind of panicking, actually. Thus I am not sleeping well.

So forgive me that I'm not that active right now. The first 2 activities are my method of coping with stress, and are thus rather necessary. Just be happy if I post anything at all right now, alright?