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I....I still use Blockbuster

A few weeks ago, I caught the Halloween episode of South Park that poked fun at Blockbuster and how it has supposedly become forgotten. That's not entirely true actually. Not everyone has stopped using Blockbuster. I still have to wait in a very long line when renting a movie or game at BB so I know I am not alone. I do, however, use Netflix, but not their renting service.

I just rented Prometheus today for my brother and bought Rage for a nice 10 dollars and I am enjoying it so far. Aside from Prometheus, I rarely rent movies from Blockbuster anymore. I usually go to the theater, record a movie on the DVR or use Netflix. I remember around Summer 2011, pretty much every Blockbuster was closing down except for the one next door to me and you could tell they were struggling. All the films and posters were at a discount, all movie rentals were half off, and anyone who was a member for 5 years would recieve unlimited free movie and game rentals. I happened to be a member for 6 years at the time and enjoyed my summer wasting away at countless movies and games. After that promotion died down, every movie or game rental included a coupon for a free one.

A year later, my Blockbuster has seemed to recover from its "depression". There are more customers and there are no longer crazy sale promotions. Why has their been a resurrargence in interest in Blockbuster? What of Redbox and Netflix? Maybe it's because my Blockbuster is one of the few remaining?

Blockbuster has great deals on pre-owned games. (Wow, that sounded like a commercial or something). I saw Gears 3 and ME3 for 20 bucks and Crysis 2, Shadows of the Damned, and Deus Ex: HR for 15. That definitely got my interest.

I didn't have the 60 bucks to fork over for Halo 4 and really, I'm only interested in the campaign as I cannot access Xbox Live so I decided to rent it, but Blockbuster doesn't have a single copy available for rent. It's been 5 days and I do not think they've even put the copies on shelves. I guess I'll just have to borrow it from a friend.

Tomb Raider Reboot Worries

I am a bit skeptical about this new reboot for Tomb Raider. Seriously, 2 reboots already? Why can't they just end it? However, I am still looking forward to it. The game just looks a bit too linear and was not impressed with the footage they showed at E3. I am also sick of everyone comparing Uncharted to TR. They are two different animals, but if we really are going to compare them, Uncharted is king. It simply owns TR in all categories, especially the story. But I have faith this new Tomb Raider will be good.

I am a bit worried as video game reboots aren't exactly usually perfect. I had high hopes for a similar reboot years ago which was 2008's Turok. I was so excited, but look how it turned out. It was fun, but only for a rental. And do not even get me started on Sonic 2006.

I really hope this new Tomb Raider game will be what they have been hyping it up to be.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is a good thing

Honestly, I don't see the harm in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer! Why is everyone freaking out about it? It looks great and it isn't like they are trying to make it a Call of Duty clone. It is just like Horde in Gears of War. What is wrong with that? The multiplayer seems quite harmless.

I sawa special on ME3 multiplayer on GTTV and it looked good. As long as the story is solid, they can put a mode where Shepard has sex with monkeys using the Microsoft Kinect and the Sony Move for all I care. I think Bioware is aware of what is at stake and how much this game means to the fans. It seems like just yesterday everyone was hyping up the first Mass Effect, but that was half a decade ago and I am ready to finally finish the story. In fact, it is quite emotional to think that 5 years of choice is leading up to this final game! The whole series was a huge adventure. I still have my first Commander Shepard from all those years back. I made good choices and bad choices in the game, but Mass Effect 3 is one of the most important games ever.


Alien and Blade Runner. The only sci-fi films Ridley Scott has made. Both are considered masterpieces. And after so many years, we finally get a new Ridley Scott film that doesn't include Russel Crowe as Robin Hood or some Gladiator. No, Ridley Scott is returning to science fiction! I cannot wait! Too bad the movie does not come out in 6 damn months!

2012 is gonna rule!

Is it me or does 2011 look pretty weak compared to 2012? We got so many cool movies coming out, video games, and the end of the world!Sweet! And no, I don't actually believe the world is going to end. I still have not been to another planet yet and I DEMAND that I at least get into space before I die! I am really looking forward to games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Xenoblade, Halo 4, Bioshock Infinite, Kingdom of Amular and of course, Mass Effect 3. A lot of cool movies are coming in 2012. I was also suprised to find out that a lot of people on the Gamespot forums have a very strong taste in movies. You rarely see that in a video game related website.

I am working on my screenplays right now. I've got this cool stop motion film I want to make and alsoa stop motion series. By the way, those screenplays are not meant for Hollywood if that is what you are thinking. However, I do want to pursue a career in film and have a cool idea for a science fiction film I would want to make, but I still need more practice with writing screenplays and that is why I am starting small and working on short stories and fan films.

I have also been working with Photoshop. I made a funny picture with Chuck Norris and the Tellytubbies. :P

I would show it to you guys but Gamespot really sucks with this kind of stuff. If you want to see it, send me a message with your email and I'll send it to you. If you want more, I'll also send that to you guys.

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