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New games...

Well I need more games, again this time it's late 07's offerings of Halo 3, PGR4, Call of Duty 4 and The Orange Box. Oh and Medal of Honor Airborne! £200 of games, great... 

The Campaign for New Sealed Games!

Hello everyone, tired of going into your local games store and getting a box off of the shelves with a disc and intructions rammed in by the sales assisstant? Well you're not the only one! I like my games with their original factory seal. The final straw was pulled after I went and bought a new game (GRAW2 on X360) only to find that when I get home that GRAW1 is inside the box. 
We pay the money for a new game we expect it to be a new game, however this feels more like buying a pre-owned one. It would also stop any kind of damage being caused to the disc or mistakes happening and you not receiving your product!