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Wipeout HD

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finally got wipeout HD today, even though i play on SD lol. Anyway, most racing games i find quite easy to pick up but wipeout took me much more time, I started out by going to online matches straight away, and surprise-surprise, I was dead last... in 4 different races. Either I suck really bad, or i was just matched up against super awesome people.:(

So I think I'll just complete the campaign first. Anyone wanna race me just add me on PSN: TheKonspiracy98 and I should start racing online by friday.

Best looking MP3 Player, EVER!!!

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This is quite old, but i only found it recently, and IMO it's THE best looking MP3 player out there.

DAMN YOU MICROSOFT, why don't you sell Zunes in the UK.:evil::cry:

What about the music !?!?!?

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When it comes to game presentation the importance of music always seems to be downplayed by the graphics, Everyday you see some kind of article about the AWESOMEZZ GRFX!! or graphic comparisons, but there is hardly anything about a game when it has awesome music.

IMO music can make games more immersive and complement the game-play much more than graphics can. It just adds a whole new layer to the experience which i don't think that images and videos can do. Don't get me wrong though, good graphics are just as important as good music, but i feel that music in video games just aren't appreciated enough, and that makes me sad.

Just thought I'd mention it :)

Code Geass, Re:

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So, i finally got round to watching the final episode of Code Geass yesterday and before i say anything else, i just wanna mention how awesome this show is. This is right at the top of my all time favirites list along with Deathnote and Elfen Lied, It's that good.

There was only one thing that I hated though about this show, the ending. Don't get me wrong, it was GOOD, but could have been much better. Unlike the deathnote where I hated Light, I always wanted Lelouche to succeed, and the way they finished him off was as though he had absolutely Zero importance, everyone just forgot about him.

Hopefully they come out with a movie or OVA, where Suzaku or Nunnaly pass on his story, the guy deserves to be a world hero, and what happens to CC, they need to show what happened to her, she was one of the main character and they hardly even showed her in the final episode.


LittleBigPlanet BETA!!! ME!!! INTO!!!

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I hope you understood what the title meant. So after hitting F5, like a million times when trying to log into my Eurogamer account, i was allowed to click the link that allowed me to see my code, which to another 4 or 5 minutes.

However my anticipation to play this game kept me from Xing the page and wait for the TEXT to take afew mintues to load. Anyway if you haven't already applied but want to get in, i suggest you do it ASAP because when i last checked there were some 2000 keys left.

juts wanted to let you know, now the only problem is waiting for the beta to activate, which will happen tomorrow.

Oh, media molecule, why do you torture us :cry:

EDIT: Sorry for the bad grammar, I can't be bothered to fix it :P

The Hospital Made me Blind!

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So, college ended at 1.23 for me today, and i had a 2.15 hospital appointment 8 miles away. Doesn't sound like much but when you're going through the centre of London just after lunchtime it aint so easy.

Anyway, after my train journey to the hospital i arrived 15 minutes late, but when are doctors ever on time (?) so it didn't really make a difference. While they were checking out my eyes they put in some drops which made everything go cloudy (this wasn't a problem), however later on they put in some different drops that made everthing look zoomed in and made my pupils go massive. So on the way home i was literally walking blind because of the damn sunlight, i't also gave me a massive headache. DAMN DOCTORS!:evil:

Moral of the story: there isn't one but I thought i might aswell share what happened today :)

First day of college

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So, today i set foot in the wonderfull world of college where trees grow upside down, the sky turns red and the water freezes at 50 degrees.

All joking aside it was actually better than i thought it would be, the people and staff there are more relaxed than i thought, i met some of my friends who finished high school with me, and caught up with some older faces who left before me. My timetable also seems to be quite flexible with alot of free time and travelling between the two sites.

Assembly in the morning was quite boring tough, i actually can't remember how long the damn thing was, and then there was the 1 and half hour wait to actually get my timetable, at which time the morning break was over and it was time for my first period and only lesson for the day. Physics, i actually enjoyed the lesson as we have the mad scientist type of teacher who can actually make good jokes, and he also likes to take make fun of students all the time, which is good because it can always lighten the mood in the class.

All in all it was a good day, much less boring than i thought it would be.

O...M..G.., Guess what i saw today (!)

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So, today i went shopping to get the last few things i need before college started, all i needed was afew ties and a new bag. I bought my bag then i had to go to a different shop 'cos all the ties in the first shop sucked.

the other shop i wanted to go to (for the ties) was next to a game shop and that's where i stood in awe, i looked through the window to find...

[spoiler] Nintendo Wii and Wii fit [/spoiler]

thats right, those white boxes, there were shelves full of them, you know those impossible to find waggle thingies... but hold on thats not even the most impressive part... i came back to this store 2 hours later, just to see if anybody bought one, and every single box was still there sitting on the shelf, not even one of them was sold in that time.

you may not believe me, that such an event could happen, but if you want proof you can go to gallions reach in london, i would of took pics, but i didn't have a camera with me.

anyway i just thought i'd share this, and i'm now officially saying that the wii fad has ended :P


ps. i couldn't be bothered to keep on updating my last blog so i shall let it die, it's just too boring updating all the time.

Gamespot's funniest bits

by on

This is where i will post only quotes that i think will make EVERYONE laugh, i shall have this blog updated regularly, (pobably every other day) so you should check it often, the quotes will come from all corners of gamespot and everything will come with links so you can check it out for yourself.

I was going to make this blog earlier but then i noticed that mccoyca112 made a similar blog post, so i thought i'd mention it, no i'm not gonna copy any of his material.

Anyway, i will start adding the first funny stuff tomorrow, because i can't be bothered today, and you'll get a constant update from there on.

So. I,ll start things off with a warning: UNINTELLIGENT POSTERS, PREPARE TO BE RIDICULED :twisted:

1) Either this is a joke or it could be one of the most hardcore FF and PE fan there is, or just an idiot, or maybe both(?)

Damn it!

I just recntly bought the most up to date high tech Japanese cell phone, and I purposely relocated my job through my firm to live in Japan for one year and was anticipating this game and the Parasite Eve game and now this?? What the hell Square-Enix!? Thanks for RUINING MY LIFE! original

2) This is not really that funny, but someone who says something with such confidence (even though it's wrong) about one of the most biggest games of the year, shoul definitely be noted. This is a prime example of idiocy and ignorance.

and mgs4 is only at ~1.5 mil sold even with being bundled with the system, and the only decent title of the year for ps3..i can do it too.. originalhopesfall2own

finally got my GCSE results, did better than I expected :)

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got my exam results today and i'm quite happy with these, esxcept the "E", damn "E"s :evil:

English- B

English Literature- E

Maths- B

Statistics- B

Science- A

Additional Science- B

Religious Studies- C

Business Studies- C

D&T Graphics Products- D

Bengali- B

i'm quite happy with these, i was honestly expecting musch lower. Eng. Lit. is quite upsetting though, guess that's my fault for not actually reading the book that the exam was on.

A*-0, A-2, B-5, D-1, E-1


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