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I'm on my phone, how do I link a url?

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@Dudersaper: Will they bring back the missing forums and change the ui in no time?

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The new site absolutely sucks. If you want the old site back, or something similar, post a comment. Each comment equals a sign. There are no limits to your comment. If you dont want change, dont post

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He needs his a** whooped

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<p> I play with my hair</p>

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There was nothing wrong with the old layout.

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Click on oprions where replu is then delete post which will delete thread as long as no-one posted

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I had almost 1,300 posts. Why does it say I only have 716? Is it because the site is glitchy or because a mod thought it would be funny to reduce my level dramatically?

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How would playing a SNES game online even work? There are no online features on the games themselves.

Sone games had the option to play online
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[QUOTE="TheKingIAm"][QUOTE="MonsieurX"]lol Kaszilla thread came firstMonsieurX
Here you go not making sense again

And you keep denying it :(

Denying what?