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Make a joke about a game, console, or company. Here's mine. What do all wii u owners have in common? They all lost their reciepts.

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If game console generations are determined by power, then familial generations are determined by intelligence. I guess that would make you a member of the first generation of your family.

That makes no sense. As generations go buy so does technology. If nvidia released a card with 360 level of power, because of the time it released, does that make it an up to date card?

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Sony is on a roll lately. They won 2013 with TLOU, the ps4 is the best next gen console, and we'll be playing most games in 1080p. Hold on tho! Remember all the hype surrounding the ps vita? That system is good as dead now. That won't happen with the ps4 but who knows, maybe the wii eww and xbone will deliver beyond belief. Naaah who am I kidding.

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@farrell2k: But you dont mind playing the same rehashed nintengodno games over and over again...

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Console wise ya, but that's fine, Playstations are ALWAYS the best consoles.

PC + PS4 is more then enough.

Look. Eddie-Vedder is here. The message board IQ just dropped again....

Oh the irony! LOL

Even more irony.

*says the one with a Gomez avatar LOL

The irony indeed

Michael is such a whiny sissy

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Instead of uniting, the smart thing to do would be to ditch the wii eww and X1 and get the console that is actually worth owning.

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Why can't we flag OPs with polls?

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@AMD655: The PS2 destroys the DC and I'm not even a big ps2 fan

Only for bro duded and soccer moms, PS2 was a POS in every way, including it's horrendous output image quality.

The very thing it did best was play DVD.

Bro gamers? The ps2's biggest strengths were JRPGs and platformers, not sports or shooting games. I do agree that the system itself was bad with graphics that were barely better than the DC, 2 controller ports, and DRE but the library has so many great games.

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@LJS9502_basic: So a console with a bad controller and limited game library is a great console to you?