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If you actually played FEAR 1, you'd notice the huge change in graphics especially in geometry (Polygons count). It's not lacking in graphics but if you compare it to other artistic games it'll indeed be looking bad. It isn't an ugly game and there are titles out there just as new with worst graphics (Such as Deus-ex) Nenn88's right though, the game is not scary, just gore. Sounds could have been much better as well as the shadows/lights. Flashlight is just a toy now, pretty much useless. The game itself is pretty nice, the mechanics as usual are orgasmic. The feeling of control over the situations you dont control is incredible. Bullet time when something goes too fast and kicking off the doors is also quite nice, although old style. I really liked unlocking Fettel when beating the missions on FEAR difficulty and unlocking Insane when beating the campaign. It lets you replay the game on harder difficulty with a different character, pretty cool. Especially since Fettel uses Psychic and has a different ending scene. (Only played on FEAR and insane difficulty so i'm just guessing it's unlocked by playing on hardest difficulty available before insane gets unlocked) In overall, Fear 3 was a pretty awesome third game. But I did it twice in 2 days on hardest difficulty? I wish it was longer..
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Alright so i've spent much time on this character and when I decided to do Dead Money, I walked up to the little radio thing and there's the sound and the room starts filling up with gas, although my character stays on his feet, the camera is fix (not moving) and my companions just walks around like nothing happened. I wait like that for awhile, nothing happens, my interface is gone and I cant move or do anything. I tried console commands, getting the quest done or playing with the variables but couldnt get anything to work.. =(