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My 6th platinum trophy

Hey people . Yesterday , I finally earned my 6th platinum trophy . I admit , after starting this game three months back , I did'nt think earning the platinum for it would turn out to be such a difficult task . When I first saw the kind of things I'd have to complete on my way to a Platinum , I did feel a little intimidated . The task felt daunting at first , but I pulled through . :)


Definately the hardest game I've ever platinum'd . It was a great and fun journey though ( with a few frustrating moments here and there )

And I just got Assassin's Creed 2 about a week back . Now that I've platinum'd Prototype , I guess I'll be moving onto AC2 , and yes , I will be aiming to earn my 7th platinum with it as well . :)

Along with AC2 , I've got a pretty jam packed christmas . My dad will be coming down from the gulf , so we'll be having a nice family re-union . And I'll be getting a brand new 4th generation ipod touch for christmas as well . :D So I'm really psyched about that . I'll definately post pictures when I get it . ;) This is my first apple product . I've never really owned an mp3 player of my own before , inspite of me being such a music nut .

AS for my GOTY 2010 , I feel that Red Dead Redemption truly deserves this title ( although I have'nt played ME2 ) . Either way , it's been a crazy year of gaming , filled with a lot of surprisingly awesome games , and quite a few disappointments as well .

Anyways , a ...

VERY ...



TO ALL MY GS FRIENDS . :D :D :D . Hope y'all have a good one ...

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye ... for now ...


Fellow IGG buddies , our beloved community for Indians is on the verge of dying . Long gone are the days where we all used to be so active on it . What's happened to everyone ? We all regularly use GS , yet we're all guilty of neglecting our community . :( :( :(

IMO , it's time we stage a revival of this community . We've had some great times on the IGG, and I do NOT want to see it in its dead state anymore .

Reetesh , neerajkumar_4 , gagan21 , viveckvivu , protonsavy , shiben , indzman , lightwarrior179 and all my other IGG BUDDIES !!!Let's make it a point to post regularly ( or atleast every 3 days ) on the IGG . Officers should update the news , and if a few members take the initiative and make the community active again , then all the Indian gamers on Gamespot will once again have a great active community for all Indians ...


TheINDIANChild bids y'all goodbye for now ...I'm gonna go save my community ... and I hope I get your help ... :):)

BEHOLD , ye mortals !!! The next EPIC PS3 EXCLUSIVE !


Shadow of the Colossus was definately my most memorable and moving experience on the PS2 . So it must'nt come as a surprise that my expectations for Fumito Ueda's current project are SKY HIGH . And I'm sure it will be awesome beyond imagination .

That concludes my 20th blogpost on Gamespot , since March 07 . :) Looking forward for this game at E3 . :) And you must too . Have a great E3 everybody .

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye ... for now

PS : I'll leave you with this hilarious comic strip XD

So if you were ME , what would you pick ... ? =S

Kay , I'm having a dilemna over which game to pick from the following two , during my college mid-semester vacations . I have to decide between two games ...

... one game I've been following for almost a year now , and which I find quite an intriguing role playing game experience .

... and the other game I've been following for barely a month , and it's blown me away with it's oozing awesome .

I have to choose between either Demon's Souls or Red Dead Redemption ... and it's driving me insane .

AND , since I'm the kinda person who picks up games every 4 months or so , I'm really hoping I make a good decision , but it's just so hard to choose just one of the above two .

The reasons that I wanna buy Demon's Souls so bad is cuz ...


B) Will have tons of replay value ( plus , adding the fact that I'm a trophy whore ... )

C) Online features are unique . Never seen sh*t like this before . =S

On the other hand , here are the reasons I wanna buy Red Dead Redemption ...

A) GTAIV with cowboys and horsies



You can't deny it ... Rockstar games just hafta be taken off the shelves and into video gamers' homes ... damn you , Rockstar . =P

So , anyways , I'm still thinking about which one to get , so if I could get some feedback from you guys , I would gladly appreciate it . =)

PS : I know I don't blog frequently , but I try my best to do so ... =P ... hope you're all doing good . =)

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye ... for now ...

Christmas time is here =) , and TheIndianChild's Tekkenmania BEGINS

Heya guys , it's been a while since I've posted a blog . Y know me ... for a few months , I'm a regular poster on GS , but then for the next few months , my presence completely disappears . :P:P

Anyways , Christmas is here , and it's the season to be jolly .

And I'm freakin jolly indeed ... after 3 years of waiting , I've finally gotten my hands on Tekken 6 . :D As a die-hard Tekken enthusiast , I'm glad to say that this game does not disappoint . Sure , you've got people whining over it's half-fleshed out Scenario campaign , and others whining over the fact that there have'nt been many changes since Tekken 5 .

So , to all the Tekken 6 whiners out there , I say ... you guys suck . As a 10 year old Tekken lover ( since Tekken 3 ) , I hate to hear people trashing such an awesome fighting game . IMO , it's the best fighting game of 2009 , better than Street Fighter IV ( which I hated BTW =X ) , and I really hope Gamespot feels the same way too .

Anyways , for those who want a great game to enjoy with aa lot friends , and which is worth every buck you spend on it , Tekken 6 is the game for you . I ASSURE YOU , Street Fighter 4 is not even in the same league as Tekken 6 .

Speaking of Tekken 6 though , here are a few of my favorite characters so far ... =)

LING XIAOYU : One of my all time Tekken favourites , since Tekken 3 . =) Love ya , Ling .

SERGEI DRAGUNOV : My new favorite . =) He's one Badass Russian ... BEWARE =O .

HEIHACHI MISHIMA : One of my mains since Tekken 4 . The best of the Mishimas . =D

LARS : The best of the new characters , along with Dragunov . He's an ASS KICKING MACHINE .

CHRISTIE MONTEIRO : I'm surprised how awesome I am with her , even though I have'nt gone through her moves list even once ... lol . :P

PS : Ain't she hideous ? :P

There are a few more , like Lili , Leo , Law and other who I like as well , but I guess we'll move on from Tekken 6 . :)

Anyways , moving on to my life , my college just closed 2 days back . And while most of my friends are going out of town to spend Christmas , I'll be staying here in Ernakulam with my family . I hope it turns out to be an awesome christmas . :D

And I'm really starting to love my Guitar lately . It's been a year since I started self-learning this beautiful instrument , and I'm really happy about how much I've learned to play all by myself . Me and my friend have formed this 2 man band , with the cheeziest band name ever ( so cheezy that I'm not even gonna mention it :P :lol:) . But sucking band name aside , our music's pretty good . :D

And I'm dying to see Avatar . :( Hope I get to see it soon .

Alrighty then , that pretty much sums up all I had to say in this blog spot .


TheIndianChild bids y'all , goodbye for now ... see ya in 2010 . :):)

Rasengan !!!

So I finally got my copy of inFamous yesterday . And I'm very much impressed by the game .

Look at me , I'm on a train .

Think of an open world GTA like game + a lot of electricity , and that'll pretty much give you an idea of what infamous is like . You take control of Cole MacGrath , a delivery man who gets caught in an insane explosion while delivering a package . On waking up , he finds himself surrounded by devastation all around - the entire city was engulfed by the blast and massively damaged . To his surprise , he finds that the explosion did something to his body and ... BAM, he now has the power to control electricity . Yay for Cole ... and that's how the adventure begins .

Initial impressions

Pros :

-Great gameplay , that really allows you to carry out Cole's 1000 Watt moves with absolute ease . And this also makes moving around the city a BLAST .

-Good story . So far , I'm very much keen on finding out more .

-Not too easy and not too hard ... it's just right .

Cons :

- tiny visual glitches here and there ... did'nt really care about them though .

SO that sums up my initial impressions on infamous , I'll be sure to post a full review once I'm done with it . PS3 owners - do not miss out on this game - it'll shock you how much fun it is to play it . HAHA , get it ? Shock :lol:... I'm so awesomely funny . :P

Apart from infamous , I've been playing FIFA 09 and Killzone 2 as well . FIFA 09 is an absolute blast with my friends , and Killzone 2 is an absolute blast online . I'm so close to my KZ2 platinum , I can smell it . :D

Moving away from video games , my college starts on July 22nd . Goddamnit , this is'nt fair . I should'nt be in college . I'm too immature for it . Aww man , life can be cruel :( . Nevertheless , I guess I'll have to see what life has in store for me in college .

Oh I totally forgot ... guess which show I've been watching a LOT of lately .

Uzumaki naruto

Yup , that's right ... NARUTO SHIPPUDEN . It's great pastime during my holidays . IMO ... better than DragonBallZ .

Alrighty then , that sums up this edition of my blog , so until the NEXT ONE ...

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye , for now ...


Michael Jackson is no more :(

Three years ago , I remember watching a documentary about Michael Jackson with my brother on TV . We were great fans of his music , and we stil are . Thriller , Beat It , Black or White ... who can forget these classics ?

During the commercial break , my brother turned to me and asked me " How do you think the world would react when MJ dies ? "

It would be tragic , I thought to myself .

Turns out , it was'nt just tragic . It's a whole lot worse than I thought it would be . Not only was it so sudden , but losing one of the greatest entertainers of all time... it's hard to believe . The feeling has'nt sunk in yet . :(

Sure , there are things that he has done which we fail to understand . Things that he has done that shocked us . But at the end of the day , it's MJ , people , and let's not forget the 4 decades of amazing music that he gave us .

RIP Michael Jackson


TheIndianChild bids The King of Pop goodbye ... thanks for all the entertainment :) .

My new banner , PSN ID , KZ2 update , donkeys , college and more ...

Hey guys how do you like my new banner ? It would've been a great banner to represent the PS3 , but DMC4 is multiplatform , so ... guess it's just your regular ol' banner now .

PS : A cookie to anyone who can guess all the characters . It's so freaking easy . :shock:

Anyways , though , shifting the attention away from mah banner to more important stuff . I'm finally back to being a regular on Gamespot . This past year , for me , has been really hard for me . It's bad enough you're in 12th grade . It makes things even worse with the crappy Indian Education system that shoves loads of books up your @$$ and expects you to study like a donkey day in and day out .

Kay , I know donkeys have nothing to anything , but just go along with me , kay ? :P

And now , I'm off to college . GAWSH , me ? College ? WTF ? ... seriously ... me ? College ? WTF ? I feel so old and grown up .

Let's kick some Helgh@$$

Whats up with the eyes , Helghan bothers ? O_o

Now for a little Killzone 2 talk . Yes , yes , it's been a month since I got my PS3 . Although It was only since yesterday that I could really play it , with a clear head . Yesterday was my last exam , and so my holidays start now . Yay , me and the Helghasts ... FINALLY TOGETHER . Nothing can ever come between us .

It's an amazing game . It's seriously like , awesome . I love the controls . The weapons are so sexy . I think I've put only about 10 hours into online play so far , but that's ok , cuz now that I'm finally free , it's gonna be a lot more . Moreover , I'm trying to get a platinum trophy in KZ2 . It'll be hard , but I'm doing good so far , I guess . Actually , really good . Yesterday I got my first PS3 gold trophy :) , for completing Killzone 2 on Elite mode . It's not terribly tough , just that there are one or two segments where you can expect to die a LOT of time . The last level in particular , is the only ELITE thing about ELITE mode . That too , not Radec himself , but his wave of enemies . Man , they sure can put up one hell of a fight .

Now , I've got only 15% more of campaign left to complete ( colleting all the symbols and intel crap is still left ) . So I guess I can put that on hold and start playing some hardcore online matches now .

FYI , for all my friends , my PSN ID is TheIndianChild ( no surprises there ) . I was worried at first whether this username would be available on psn , but then I realized that nobody would think of such a ridiculous username . :P

Moving on , here are the two games that I will most probably be getting myself by June .

Infamous ( curse you Gagan for owning this game :P ) and FIFA 09 ( I'm a football fanatic )

That's all for this blog post , until zee next one ...

TheIndianChild bids you adieu , pour maintenant ( French , anyone ? )


I've decided to clear out a few names from my friends list . The reason being that I'm back in GS after a long break , and I've really lost touch with everyone I added .

Obviously , all my IGG friends are barred from this ( won't be deleting any of ya :) ) , and a few other exceptions too ( saturn , jaykho , ironbass , dante , emperor gad are the few names i can recollect ) but if the rest of ya wanna stick on to my list , please lemme know and post a comment here , cuz I'm back on GS permanent , so I wanna have a fresh start , and I don't wanna have people on my friend list if they don't remember me ( I bet a lot of you don't :P hehe )

Anyways , sorry about being a d*ck here . I'll be cleaning up my list on 26th or 27th . :P Please do comment if ya remember me . :lol:

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye for now .

Say HEY to the newest PS3 owner XD

That's right . After a loooong wait , I finally got myself the PS3 . And I'm so friggin excited . It's the 80GB model , and Guess which game I got free along with it .

KILLZONE 2 , BABY . What a way to start off my PS3 experience . Killzone 2 is like WOW . The graphics are WOW . The atmosphere is WOW . I got into the first level , I was all like " HOLY SH*T , what the hell is going on ? " . I start moving and 5 seconds later , I die , and I'm still like WOW . I got my @$$ whooped in the game in the first 30 minutes . But all in all , it's WOW . :P

Anyways to conclude , I would like to say a big " HEY , I'M BACK " to all of my Gamespot buddies ( My IGG buddies especially ) . I'm looking forward to get back in touch with you guys in the next couple of weeks .

TheIndianChild bids y'all goodbye ... for now .

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