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Either blogging or eating

My mind has been so full lately due to the amount of things that I have to study for my end term test. I know, I know that since I'm just a grade 10 the burden might not be that much. However we can't escape the fact that I'm basically learning the things that I have been revising for the entire year. Hence, its mindbogglingly boring and my head is so heavy right now. That being said I know the simple solution for it would be a couple of ours of game. The problem is that once I start playing I can't stop (props to all the people in the game industry for building such amazing piece of wonderful, interactive, playable picture.) see its hard enough for me to stop praising the game industry. Back to the point, that leave me two choice left. One eat and get fat, or blog and sound like a do*****. Easy choice and here we go.

Inactive, Still Inactive and why I will still be inactive till at least June 1

Test, test and of course more test. As the class goes empty and children runs wild, I went to my self depravation study mode. Which of course had sent me to a further, and more boring downward spiral of having played nothing but one hour of sports game for the past month and a half. Furthermore as I had finished the first day of test in a full two and a half months yet to go of graduations preparation, test and the dreaded preparation of test. I thought to myself what had happened in the past month and a half that I have went through this experience. Well nada, as today is the start of the test and my school syllabus had ended a month ago, my friend have skipped schools day in and day out just to find some privacy in home studying by themselves. Me on the other hand had been forced to go to class of which had literally one or two people had step into the premises everyday. Needless to say the time that had been spent in school is of an absolute was of time so boring instead I would rather play 10 of the worst game known to man for 10 day straight, of course with the consideration of eat, sleep and the ever important wee wee time but rather than that I'll game up. Henceforth you should figure where the rest of the blog is heading for. Yes I have been studying for 10 hours straight for the past month and a half and will do till June. Yes that the only game that I had played for the past month and a half and will till June is of the sport game like, such as UFC undisputed 3, NBA 2k12, and FIFA on my VITA. Yes i haven't post anything in gamespot for weeks and I will keep continuing to do so till said that. Yes I also feel the same way that this blog had seem to contain the sort of petty moaning and b****ing as a lot of blog is known for. But no, the point that I am trying to made is that school sucks and it suck the living life out of you. Nor that I am having a miserable life. What I am trying to point out is trough all the projects that I can't wait to start constructing. As well as the countless of hour I will be spending trying to finish all the game I haven't bought but not played and games like Mass Effect, I am Alive, Binary Domain, and games I don't know wether its out or not, as I haven't payed attention to anything on any gaming website. All I know is that I can't wait for June, cause I know it's beautiful. :)

Why are you doing this to me?

My vita oh vita, your name is life but for a day you have no life. As I gaze through the playstation store I found a couple of your games. Downloaded some of the small one, and turned the vita on until I realized you have no life. I found my charger and I charged it just to find that either the USB cable or the battery is broken. Next morning, my mom volunteered to bring it to the local sort of shady gaming shop to fix it. Home I excitedly took a quick bath, get in my room plugged it into the ps3 and again road block. Software update! No biggie I'll wait for a couple minutes. Software update done. And again my child side has gotten me up and running on excitement. My ps3 account is still on my US account while the vita is on my asian one. Therefore it cause the vita to again notified me that you need to do it in the same account, I moved my ps3 account and it said that you can only transfer the game from the account you bought it with. (facepalm) I go into the us account which is saved on my ps3 but sadly not on my vita. I tried six or seven of the only password combination that I used across the board and none of them match, forgotten password I pressed and it straightly send an e-mail to the account e-mail. Which is the dreaded g-mail, dreaded not because it is bad but more towards I keep forgetting the password. I've done the forgotten password trick again and long story short I had reseted both of the passwords. And that is when I hit another roadblock. I hadn't followed the news. The vita as it turns out only allowed one SEN account to be activated to one vita which enraged me even further as the only way I could treat this according to the interweb is by formatting the vita. Needless to say I did it and now with all those hardwork in place I could enjoy the game even more only to realize that I had not bought the game which I prefer. Dear the god of technology, why are you doing this to me. TS

The plight of my gaming life

I have been a lone wolf in a group where gaming doesn't really stand up that much to my community. If you are having the same problem with me I truly and honestly give you my sympathy, and if you don't, well good for you then. Back in the day I had this person who I took up as a best friend of mine. It started by both of us simply being a fan of the great metal gear series. However that simple conversation cause a ripple effect which made me a gamer whom I am today. A gamer who after discovering the Internet check them everyday for news, read reviews, read walkthrough. Made them from what is merely a toy into a part of my life. I enjoyed every single moment of our six years of friendship dearly and the bond that we made through gaming is something which is simply said priceless. However came three and half years ago. We were separated by the fact that I moved school, yes we met a few years back, sadly we met at a period of my life with which I plunged into the maniac and the dark side whom I was a period that I wanted to forget so for that I apologize to you for not enjoying it with you. The fact of a new school has changed, and I could feel it , I coukd feel it that it is the same time as I meet him six years ago. A new beginning a new era. While the changed was not much that I wanted. If you are one of my buddies in school reading this, please don't take it to offense I love you guys and you are my buddies, but you don't have the same gaming spirits that I used to experience. It just wasn't the same, I turn from having a fanboy conversation about snake about viewtiful Joe. Into a mere Korean free to play online games none of which I cared of. Yes, they do play tekken but even that come and go like lightning it was unpredictable and is gone just like that. What else was there League of Legends, Dota my computer was so weak I am unable to play any of those game without crashing ever five minutes. I'll be a mere burden. This wasn't a problem from sometimes though. As a cousin whom our previous bond was out of movies which we still enjoy the talk about, or professional wrestling which we are now having constant debates about it against mma which I have turned a fan of. However it all changed three and a half years ago. Before that, he merely own a handful of gaames for his ps3 it was all dusty and gaming was just for his spare time. Until three and a half years ago, when out of nowhere came this obsession of owning collector edition, of collecting action figure. He turned into a bloody 9 year old again! He became one of the most influential people in my life with his two side which is goofy as one was of a kid and second was about this horned up teenagers seeking for more adult recreation, if you know what I mean. The two sides is fascinating and we bonded, I went back and start looking for gamespot again. Without him I think I wouldnt have become this active in gamespot. Then one day he left, in search of education I now reffered him to my him as my cousin in america rather than the usual sick cousin. There you go, all alone with nobody to share my experience of gaming. This post is simply a message to all of you in fuse who has been such a great group of people to share my gaming love with. So with that. I bid you my gracious apretiation. Thank you again fellow gamespotters TS

Oh My dear old Macbook Pro

I'm sad just very very sad. As of today I am typing this blog on my dear old Macbook Pro the one that has stood by me through thick and thin for four years. I remember the day when I got it as a gift from my dad saying will you please stop bugging people about the computer here's one for you. However that dear day has past and my Macbook pro has lost its touch. For now it can still hold on but I think I need a new laptop, and for that came another problem. Which should I chose a new macbook pro or just a new gaming laptop. First of all I don't want people to judge me as a fanboy because I am not. Although my love for the aesthetic of Mac OSX will make me sound like one so I just won't ramble about it. That being said I am really used to the whole how mac work things but I want to start being a pc gamer something which I just haven't been able to do. So I need Gaming laptop, I don't know which one to choose but to meet the exciting world of pc gaming will be amazing however saying goodbye to Mac OSX which had accompanied me for four and a half year will be sad either. I am a sad sad man Peace and love TheGreatTS

I wrote another blog what in gods name is happening!

First of all I need to deliver a message to all the teacher in the world. Its not good to pressurizes your student to learn about ten hours after school nor is it bad. What it will become of your student is both the problem and result yes he will excel through the exams however I as a victim of thus experiment has become empty inside. Therefore I started to make a deal with myself to forgo some of these studying time for my game time and since I have been great. Hence please teacher force your kids to study hard but also force them to play so they don't get bored. Now a few thing has been happening since I rather took my study rage and hence no game. First I have no game, my newest game was F1 2011 and that is a game which I accidentally haven't touched on so that doesn't count. That being said i really has this burning pain inside my chest which means a couple of things, reality wise it is a mere lung infection which is incredible painful but bearable but rather metaphorically speaking the burning pain of desire to play Star wars the old republic a game. With which my only barrier to gaming is an old, slow macbook pro which has been with me for so long that I am really sadden that I need to part aways with thy computer before buying a new one. However this wouldn't be that easy either. Getting a new laptop would mean that I would need to ask my parents to give me 2/3 of the money with which I was planning to use to build my own bloody car. Which of course transition us for the next topic which is yes I am building a car, with my buddies, a friend and a cousin whose gentleman agreement of making the next big car company has been harshly laugh at by our own dear parents mostly mine and my friend but you get our point. So for a quick sit rep I have rather "finished" my alpha stage design of the car and will start planning the building this very moment before starting building mid June when all my test and obligation as a student finally end. So to end it all I just want to wish everybody godspeed and start eating my Ice Cream. So long TheGreatTS

Vita First impression

So, I know this is late and I sincerely apologize for it. I have been meaning to write this yesterday night however the power went out and I was so busy today I can't write it in the morning. So yet again. Sorry. So lets cut to the chase then. The playstation vita or much widely known as the successor to the PSP had only been released in selected regions so far and I happen to be able to acquire said product. So was it any good, or it is just another failure like the PSP was when it was first released? Then I am happy to inform you that the Vita is WAY better than the PSP. To start things of well I will start the my first experience with it. The version that I purchase was 3G+WiFi Uncharted value pack with a copy of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Hence, if you are planning or interested to buy the value pack I suggest you stick with this paragraph. However if you are not interested please feel free to skip the next paragraph. This value pack consist of a Vita, the game its packed with, and the accessory pack. I'll discussed the vita later on but first the accessory pack or more specifically the casing. Since the Vita itself is equipped with a rear touchpad, Sony has crafted a casing which is clever but looked rather stupid when you are playing with it. The rest of the pack consist of anti scratch layer (sorry if I said it wrong don't know what its called in english), a wristband, and for the value pack the godforsaken memory card, which task for taking it out is way harder than finishing uncharted on hard. So here is the moment that you have been waiting for. What about the Vita itself is it good? Even though I am going to discuss the vita I won't discuss any of Near or that sort of la di da, since I haven't found a friend that I can use them with :(. Okay I won't delay it anymore, the Vita is good for the most part. Good in which that the controls work so much better than the PSP due to of course dual joystick but also due to the touchscreen. The best case to show it is in the browser, I used to dread the browser of PSP but with the touch screen and the huge screen I am saying bye bye to my Iphone because it is considerably better. Meanwhile this new extra control have also give room for innovative gameplay which are both good and bad that I am going to discuss in my uncharted review and not here. Another thing that I should point out however is that the dual joystick seems much more slippery than the conventional dualshock or your 360 joystick. Next is the graphics although I didn't realized this earlier on I do felt that the Vita seems to be among the middle ground of the PS3 and the PS2. I felt this mostly when I was playing Uncharted, where sometimes the graphics seems bad especially on the floor. I however understand though that the game is a launch titles and it is still far and away from its full potential, hence this might not be a valid point of the next wave of game. Then what about the battery? Well I am both happily and sadly to inform based on your perception of wether this is a big or small battery. So it is approximately 4 hours ( there are a roughly 30 minutes sleep mode when I am distracted when I am calculating this). Speaking of the battery, to charge this you need to connect to a jack below the vita which also serve as a transferring data jack with the same cable. To do this you connect it to either your Ps3 or PC where you will download the Vita data manager or something like that before being allowed to transfer your music or movies. Wait did you say PC what about Mac? Yeah the Vita don't support Mac which as a mac user is just F#$%ING B#$%^&!@. Well there you go, long story short the Vita is a great handheld waiting to be unleashed. If you have another other question please post it in the comments bar and I will update this blog or PM you or Fuse me that works to. Smell ya later.

Hot Dog!!!!

First blog in a very long period of time, so lets just cut to the chase okay. The week preceding before has been rough the bad swelling on my nose. A disease which I still haven't found out what its called in English yet has made me into a semi wining baby highly energetic and a bit of a mess for all the blood coming out of my nose. however I can report to you that the desire to game has not been lost within me. mainly thanks to the arrival of my cousins back from his studies in America and his gift of an Elder Scrolls named Skyrim. This week I feel will be another very exciting yet dreadful week is supposed. On one hand the sheer excitement of the possibilities of me getting the Playstation Vita imported from again the cousin I mentioned earlier who will make his trip to Hong Kong tomorrow. Meanwhile on the other side me skipping both the holiday extra class and my scheduled studies will haunt me for most of my time. Henceforth the feeling that I have is very mixed until I realized that this is the start of another basketball season. So, HOT DOGG!!!

Craziest Cat Moment part 1

If you are involve with FUSE IS FOR CATS union you will realize that I have created a board called craziest cat moment in your life. If you are not involve with the union please check it out. My CRAZIEST cat moment in my life is when I was entrusted with keeping my cousin house which is not only next door but also connected with my house as they were away on vacation. It was tuesday morning and another cousin two brothers came to visit me and play. Before we play some games they ask wether they can use the computer or not, and one went to my house computer and the other to my next door cousin computer. As the day goes by I pass towards the living room of my cousin house I started to smell something iffy but continued to ignore it. I spend my time there sat on my cousin couch, read some comic book but that iffy smell keeps disturbing me so I went back to my house. 30 minutes later the older cousin started to yell and called me. So what happen is that the younger cousin who is in my cousin house as he was going to the toilet saw a cat sitting there and they both stared at each for a couple second and then he went back to used the computer. His older brother than went to my cousin house to call him and his brother casually said " I just saw a cat inside" Hearing what he said from his brother I was like WTF! Why in the blue hell won't you tell me. So as we spend the whole day looking for the cat I gazed at the couch where I previously had sat on and there it is cat S%$& right next to where I sat. I was speechless I need to go to school now so will continue later. Peace Out TheGreatTS
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