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how can people play World of Warcraft all the time

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I've been playing WoW for about 3 yrs now and i've always gotten bored of it the 1st yr i played it upto lvl 40 and got bored of it and it took me about 2 months to get to 40 and i took like 3 month WoW break or something like 3 months

then when i came back i saw that my character was deleted so i made a new character a druid and i got him to 42 again which took me about 2 months again and took another long break.

Then when the new expansion came out i made a draenic paladin and got him upto 62 which took me about 4 months and then i took another break.

when i came back again i got my paladin upto 70 and a few weeks after i got 70 i took another break from wow.

i came back again to play my pally some more i got him some good defense gear and a good defense build although it was my 1st 70 and i took a bunch of warrior defense gear once i relised that i took another break.

when i came back again i went to a new server and started an undead warrior i started him in July or June some time i got him upto lvl 52 until i took yet another break.

im on break right now as you can see if i weren't i'd be playing WoW. i wanna know how do people play WoW and WoW only all the time forever o. O i just don't get how they can play for so long without playing something different. I knew WoW was a really addictive game but c'mon.... it isn't that addictive. >.>

My Favourite Games

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Tremulous - an fps / rts team v team game where you must choose between 2 teams : humans or aliens and destroy the enemies base in order to win a game

Halo - popular sci-fi fps. play as master cheif and stop an alien from launching a super weapon that destroys all life as we know it

Tony Hawks - a skating game my biggest combo is about 3,400,000 points =D preeeetttttyyyy gooooood.

Call of Duty - historic / modern (depending on which game in the series) fps

GTA - modern action adventure criminal game