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Next podcast coming 1st of August

The next Gamer fix podcast is hopefully will happen on the 1st/2nd of August.We will share the news and views of video games and we will have our mic's.If you have anything to say please leave a comment.

Who you cast for the Ratchet and Clank movie? if there was.

Podcast is done!

We've just finished recording our first podcast and I'm in the middle of editing it. It should be available for download in an hour! :)

Podcast going down on Sunday!!

Due to technical difficulties, i.e. one of our team, Jamie Whitehouse, being at a party, we were not able to record The Gamer Fix Podcast, however we will be doing it tomorrow and it will be AWESOMER! We tried to post a video blog today but we weren't able to because my computer wouldn't read the cameraS! Look for a link to the awesomest podcast in the world tomorrow on this blog, it wil also hopefully be up on iTunes tomorrow. Peace Out! Yah, WERD!!!

Podcast Coming this Saturday!!!!

Today we bought all our audio equipment for the podcast and we are currently setting it all up. If everything goes to plan tomorrow then we will be recording our first podcast on Saturday, it will be a post e3 show and we will be reflecting back on the three, or should I say 4?.. days of madness. As soon as the podcast is up we will post a new entry on the blog featuring a link to where you can download the podcast. Check back on Saturday! WERD!!