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Love. . .

It's a funny thing isn't it... one day your happily in love and the next thing you know... your heart is in pieces

whats worse is when you fiercely love somebody that doesnt love you back.. and you cant stop loving them.

Gmespot Fuse

I signed up for this thing so i could get my xbox 360 achievements show up on my Gamespot profile... So where the hell are they??

Damn glitchy site i knew from the begining that Fuse would be a waste of time

Rebuilding myself (Comeback)

Well i have been away from GameSpot for.. i think 2 months and today i thought ''hmm i think ill use gamespot again'' and so i did.. since then i have made a few changed to my page and am starting to get back on track =D

I made a new banner for my page and a new blog picture, but for some reason i cant get my Icon to change *rages*

Im gonna have to get up to date with my GameSpot friends because iv been abondoned =o lol

Also i signed up for Gamespot Fuse and got myself a shiny new Emblem =] although.. Fuse doesnt seem to work as well as i had hoped -.-

so yeah im back on gamespot (yay) and look forward to levelling up and making friends.

Later people

Silent hill Homecoming

I recently got Silent hill Homecoming fot the xbox360 and i think its simply awesome =]

Alot of people are saying its bad and the atmosphere of the game isn't as good as previous silent hill games.. and ill agree it's not the best silent hill game but it's still very good.. but that may just be because the only other SH game i have played is Origins

Well i think SHH is awesome =P .

The Ballad of G a y Tony

TBoGT is EPiC!!!

Internet troll: uhh no its not douchebag

Me: y'know what? Trolls just fail.

Troll: t1ts or gtfo, your gay Homo FAKE! i herd you leik mudkipz

Me: yea thanks alot captain internet -.- Just go sort out your broken family.

Modern Warfare 2 and how it fked up

Ok so for the last 2 days me and my friends connections to MW2 servers has been crap, it struggles to find rooms..

and also for the past 2 days all we have seen are Prestiges and the RARE odd lower lvl..

wtf is going on?

Did infinity ward fk up?

did some servers go down?

what the hell is going on!!??

Not Happy

Playing The Saboteur and im stuck on the part where you have to destroy the huge gun in the time limit (before they fire it)

The only reasin im stuck?

. 1000S OF NAZI'S 0____0