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I suppose I'm in the minority when I say I wasn't too impressed by this game, in fact FC3 didn't even make it in my GOTY list for 2012. Reason for that being is, the game started to really lose it's sense of survival and adventure the more you played. In the beginning, it felt like I was really on my own and everything on the island wanted my head on a platter and it felt awesome to explore everything and hide in a nearby bush to stay hidden from any passing enemies. Later on though, enemies are a sinch to take care of and the stealth really degraded with the more advanced abilities that you unlock and generally just wasn't as satisfying to me. Plus, the more you ended up playing the game, the less outposts and the less patrols would actually show up. Less enemies, even less fun. 

Hunting wasn't entirely all that fun, at least better than AC3s horrid QTE hunts, bleh. 

The characters were all rather bland and held no reason for me to care about them, and Vaas seemed to be the only one keeping the story alive, once he was dealt with I quickly lost all interest. I was hoping the next antagonist (I forget his name.) would breathe new life into the story again, what with the CIA guy hyping him up for so long, sadly I was disappointed there too. 

The side quests fared no better in which many of themwere just fetch quests and while some held some promise as to how in-depth they were, they all ultimately fell short. Climbing towers felt more of a chore than anything, and tried to show you some interesting places to explore but turned out to be nothing more than  chest or two full a money that I already had my large wallet full to bursting with. 

Of course the graphics were pretty decent at least for everything above water level. The underwater segments were less so, I swear I remember seeing somewhere that going underwater and searching for treasures was supposed to be "beautiful and amazing". The water looks rather horrible and completely took meout of the immersion everytime I went for a swim to find a shark or something.

Overall I would've rather have spent the $60 I spent on this game and bought something else worth my time. Hate all you want, but it's just my two cents. 

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I already preordered Halo 4 LE about a week or so ago, and I already only have enough left over to pick up AC3 later this week. As far as game purchases go that may be about it for November. Unless of course any other big title games slipped my mind or something. The exception to the rule being CoD.
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Hmm, that's a good question honestly, I really enjoyed Galaxy and Sunshine but I think my favorite Mario game would have to be Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
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Man, and I just got Hearthfire like two days ago and now it drops in price. Haha I can live with it though. I've played a little bit of Dawnguard, it's nothing too amazing just new quests and environments. I've yet to try Hearthfire yet though.