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I am officially declaring next week to GMST Week (GetMyStuffTogether) as I have been slacking the last week on some work that isn't due until December but I'm going to go guns blazing on allwork that needs to be done starting Monday. Why am I not celebrating Thanksgiving you ask? Well, I am but on my downtime I'm going to be doing all the work that needs to be done 'tis all.

I recently have acquired Devil May Cry HD Collection and Assassin's Creed III (Finally...), so you can expect reviews on those when I finish them accordingly. The next review I have going up is for Borderlands 2 and you should see that coming up by Sunday, Monday the latest.


Figured since I had some time to kill after getting some college work out of the way, I decided to resume my playthrough of Mark of the Ninja on New Game Plus+. So far it doesn't seem to be much different other than you can't detect how far sound will travel and you can't plan accordingly, enemy placement appears the same as well as all the hidden collectible strewn throughout. I will admit I'm a little bit disappointed by this as I was hoping for like a much more difficult mode, but this isn't the case clearly. I'm working on 100% currently just getting side objectives done and what not.

As for other games I'd like to review, there were a couple games I played after my hiatus on GS, like Bastion, Borderlands 2, and a few others. I've got a lot to catch up on, but as long as I enjoy doing these reviews I don't mind much at all :)


I LOVE having to start over because you know I simply adore having to start over with my reviews...I knew I should saved them on a flash drive or something... Anyways it's been too long Gamespot. I'm gonna start reviewing games again and such so expect more reviews in the near future.