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All on the same system, we just wanted to put all of our content together.

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This is something i should now already but, how do the measurements in this game translate to feet and pounds.

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I was wondering if there was anything that can be done about the fact that spell check, previewing your post or merely posting occasionally removes random spaces between words. I know its not personal mistake either because spell check says there's no miss spells but then you post or preview and bam sure enough there they are.

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I'd say one moment in Left 4 Dead 2. I got the demo for the PC the day it came out so I didn't know what to expect. But I was walikng through the hedges and it's all silent, i don't hear a THING! But I felt it was aufly quiet for such a long time. So I turn around, nothings there. I walk forward and turn a left corner and still nothing there. So I hit the wuick turn button and as SOON as I do I see the spitter and at the EXACT same time I see her I here her growl and then the charger comes RAMMING THROUGH the hedges and shoved me into the wall. HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I SWEAR I almost kicked my labtop off the STAND! The spitter scared me to death and since that wasn't enough I got slammed by the charger and he made no noise untill he made contact with me, but that sound was SOOO loud. I think first person view game especially survival horror are alot more fun and scarry on the pc because it feels like ur right in the game because it's so much closer to you and the graphics are just stunning now.

If you don't like to read alot read the short story here:

I turned around quickly and I saw the spitter and at the EXACT same time I saw her the charger rammed through the hedges and he mad like the loudest screach EVER!

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Through out VG history randomly people decided they needed a little bit of a challenge, they want to be known for the only guy in history to beat the game in certain curcumstances. What do you guys think the hardest video game challenge ever was? I think one of the hardest was beating the first Legend of Zelda game without the sword. Now that isn't the hardest but it's the most challenging one I've done. I can't do it. So what is the hardest video game challenge and what challenges havn't been completed?