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Movies I'm Looking Forward To And Maybe Not

Interested/Want to See level: Interstellar- because its Nolan doing a mindbender space opera. I like Nolan. He directed Memento. I love Memento. He directed Inception. I love Inception. He directed The Dark Knight Trilogy. I love TDK Trilogy. He directed The Prestige. I love The Prestige. He also directed The Following and Insomnia, but those for me are like at best.

X-Men: Days of Future Past - because First Class was decent

Gravity - because Alfonso Cuaron, director of Children of Men The World's End - stephenage told me it was good Elysium - District 9 was a decent movie, maybe the director will make a good movie this time Out of the Furnace - baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale (and casey affleck) Dr. Horrible Sequel - it has to happen someday, right? Firefly Season 2 - it has to happen someday, right? Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell sequel - it has to happen someday, right? that Coen Brothers movie I Don't Want to See/Mixed Opinions Batman/Superman movie - because Zak Snyder will only serve up another dish of inevitable fail Justice League - because if Zak Snyder is attached, it will be the main course of inevitable fail Star Wars 3D rereleases - good god they're still pulling out this shit Hobbit 2/3 - I didn't like 1/3 Machete Kills - lets face it, robert rodriguez peaked with the 2nd el mariachi movie and i don't like most of the stuff he did afterwards The Wolverine - because the first one was terrible Thor 2/CapMerica2/Avengers2/etc - with Iron Man 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe for me has lost most of its steam Not Tobey Spidey 2 - I didn't really like the first NTS, but didn't hate it either. who knows about this one That movie Tarantino wants to make that's basically just Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained mashed together Ender's Game - turn off advertising whatever comes out in January or any of the other dead months