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BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma's roster grows to 23.

That's 4 new characters for BBCP, and there is rumors of 2 more for consoles. It seems Arc have learned from there mistakes with BBCS. Which was basically them rushing out a half assed sequel in a year, rehashing most the stages from CT with tweaks, and so only adding 2 character to the arcade version, then half assing in a unlockable console character that was modified sprite of a existing character (even though the final result was still a solid character) which served as the story modes final boss and also couldn't be used in most offline modes after you unlocked her, and then 3 overpriced DLC character which wasn't even usable in most the offline modes, and finally releasing the proper version we should have got the first time where the characters were actually properly integrated into the game, with a additional character and stage, earlier this year. Yeah all that didn't work out so well. Hopefully with CP they make unlockables more like Extend, and not like regular CS in which they deliberatly made unlockables so frustrating to get to try and force people to by unlock codes.

Anyway the character is Izayoi, and following Shin Noel from BBCS is Shin Tsubaki since it's her with her weapon fully awakened. Which basically means Tsubaki learned Bankai so she can counter Noel's Bankai (Mu-12), since Noel is coming to f*** her up, and Tsubaki has to somewhat keep up with Noel in all her inferiority complex lameness. I mean Noel entered Bankai in BBCS and became the true final boss, and now in the sequel Tsubaki has to rip Noel off and do the same because of her Noel jealousy (jokes on you Tsubaki, rumors are one of the console characters will be the true final boss), I don't think Noel is the problem in your life Tsubaki. Most likely Izayoi will be the arcade mode final boss too. Anyway while the character is Tsubaki, that's pretty much all they have in common. The sprite is brand new, and the moveset is completely unique. Not like Mu which was a headswap Nu with a redrawn body and additions, with them sharing some normals and drive animations (though it seems they're tweaking Nu and Mu to further seperate them in BBCP). Anyway design and moveset is a huge improvement over normal Tsubaki's Order Sol rip-off gameplay and terrible outfit.

She's a multistance character. Stance 1 is supposedly a zoner in which she gains powerups above the heat guage, and her second stance is a rushdown stance in which she uses said powerups to do her special moves in this stance.



BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma's roster grows to 22.

Dat ass, also know as Mu-12, and Nu-13 return. Story of Mu-12 is Noel wants to control the Azure (apparently with the help of Rachel, though could be a translation error) and gains the power to enter her Murakumo form (presumably can switch between her human Noel self and Mu-12 at will, in story, not gameplay) to save Tsubaki. Mu-12's quote in her reveal is "I will become strong." I guess this means she still has the true Azure, it was implied she lost it after Ragna defeated Mu-12 and restored Noel's mind, since they said she was no longer the eye. Mu-12 will no longer have her more emotionless personality from BBCS, she's now just Noel with a different moveset/outfit, and of course with dat ass hanging out. So not only 2 playable Noelies, but Noel's now a total boss and even more awesome, and she was already one of the most awesome things in the history of awesome. Sadly no reports on Mu gaining new moves yet, just a new astral animation, though she probably does since everyone got new moves and it would be weird not to (she already has the lowest), so people that played recent build might not have studied her or possibly they revealed her in a early state before implementing her new moves. Nu-13 was revealed to still be alive at the end of CS, and had reformed her body through pure will. So she's back in all her creepy cute goodness. She now has 2 stances, armored and sword. Armored is obviously her CT self, and sword is obviously her in her pre-battle intro/CT portrait, she fights with her big sword instead of turning it into armor (people have been wanting to use the Murakumo's in there unarmored outfits with the cape, and without the jet legs). Rather have had Mu-12 with this ability since her unarmored outfit is nicer than Nu's, but oh well. Also arcade intro.

YAY! Darkstalkers 2 and 3 finally coming to PSN and XBLA!

DS2 = same story as DS1 so no need to include it, that and DS1 wasn't that great with. DS2 was basically what DS1 should have been, with better system mechanics, much like SF Alpha 1 to 2, except DS2 endings were the same as DS1 but expanded, which is why DS2 wasn't named DS2, since it was more of a 1.5 thing, but didn't stop them from calling the third installment 3 anyway, but they weren't numbered in Japan anyway...I'll stop now.

These should have been on PSN and XBLA years ago, but better late than never. Hopefully Capcom don't Capcom these ports and they're solid arcade perfect quality, since we never got a arcade perfect port of DS3 in the states and UK (since Capcom never brought the PS2 DS collection stateside with the arcade version of all games), and DS2 was Saturn only for consoles (not including the Japan only PS2 collection). As much as I don't support buying Capcom games, this time make a exception since DS is EXCELLENT, and has Morrigan Aensland. You don't want to make Miss Aensland sad, do you?

Too bad they'll most likely Capcom Darkstalkers 4, which is obviously in the works since they usually do these XBLA and PSN releases when a new installment is in the works. See SSFIITHD, MvC2, and JoJo (even if new JoJo game is Namco). Still DS was part of Capcom's last great fighting games, and was the inspiration for such greats as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, hell the MvC games and Capcom's Marvel fighters gameplay was based on DS, except more dumbed down and flashy, and less good.

Still I will make a exception and buy DS4 even if it's bad. Why would I do such a dumb thing you ask? Well if Capcom ever do get there s*** together and start making good games again, well I would want DS4 to be successful so Capcom would be incouraged to make a DS5, that's actually good, when they get there crap together. Unless they go full retard and remove Miss Aensland, or make her DLC, since that's how Capcom rolls. Yeah not supporting that in hopes DS5 will be made, in that sceneraio I just say f*** it and hope for the best!

In TV we call it jumping the shark, in games it's now jumping the helicopter. And with that Capcom finally secures there place as worst publisher/developer on the planet, with there employees being the biggest dumbass pieces of s*** in the universe. It's going to take a lot for EA to top trash like this. It's going to take Dead Space 3 beginning with Isaac giving you the finger and saying "HA! You wasted 60$! F*** YOU DUMBASS!" *roll credits* or Dragon Age 3 just being a cutscene of a BioWare employee rubbing 60$ all over himself while rubbing one out to a crying fan holding a Morrigan toy *roll credits*. Then again that technically was Dragon Age 2. ZING! In one of the worst years in video game history. In a year with crap like Ninja Gaiden 3, Capcom somehow managed to release the single most retarded game of them all that took everything Ninja Gaiden 3 did wrong but somehow managed to actually make it worse resulting in something that made Gears of War 2 look like a masterpiece of video game design, and something that actually made the Resident Evil films look like a masterpiece of cinema. Between releasing parodies of what a game should be, and charging 60$ for a game with a free 2 play business model, Capcom has secured there place as the biggest joke of all that is wrong with gaming today. Let's give them the 5 middle finger solute! After all the mocking of Team Ninja and Hayashi, aka the former BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE UNIVERRRSSSSSSSSSE, they've actually showed they have the ability to learn, something Capcom and EA have yet to show, and are starting to show some significant improvement, well besides letting Inafune team with Spark Unlimited to make a Ninja Gaiden spin-off. Yuck! Besides some rather hypocritical or ignorant reviews from reviewers that know jack s*** about fighting game, Dead or Alive 5 is generally being praised as the best installment in the series from fans, or at the least second best installment. Some still say DOA3.1, which never got released in the US, is the best installment, and DOA5 is a successor to that game, although it expanded on the new stuff in DOA4 as well (DOA4 actually removed well received mechanics that was in DOA3.1, which was quite dumb on Itagaki's part). DOA5 does suffer from obvious rushing to beat out the big holiday games, but I've not encountered anything serious. Soundtrack kind of sucks, and story mode is a bit silly and can be a bit awkward since time jumps around between fights and chapters, until the end. Still gameplay wise it's solid, any DOA fan can proudly buy the game, and character models look great with the sexy ladies getting sexier. Since it's the Sigma engine (which is a engine with a greater focus on character models since it was origially built for a PS3 remake/port of a XBOX 1 game) environments aren't quite as impressive when it comes to the smoothness and sharpness of textures compared to DOA4, and aren't nearly as colorful, but still has better lighting and are quite good environments with cool interaction for the most part, still better than most other fighters. The WiiU version of Ninja Gaiden 3 (dubbed Razor's Edge) is also looking decent. Heard it still has Kunai Climb (they kind of screwed themselves on that one since it would require too much level redesign in the ammount of time they have to remove), but besides that it's looking like a proper sequel to NG2. Still, learning! Although based on some things said recently it doesn't sound like everything was completely Hayashi the dipsticks fault. Them Tecmo Koei higher ups forcing ideas down there throat. Remember when they said they were toning down fanservice in DOA5 (which didn't happen in the end)? Yeah that was the higher ups telling them to do it, or as Yohei said "the oversea higher ups". Damn us Americans and our fear of the almighty uterus! After NG3 flopped them higher ups must have shut there traps like a good little b****. Anyway going back to the trash of games released this year. Of the games I've played this year these were the least awful. The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition (woo a port of a last year PC game!) Borderlands 2 (woo a harder version of a 2009 game with a better story!) Dead or Alive 5 (woo jubblies! *motorboats DOA5*) BlazBlue CS Extend (woo improved 2010 game! Lollipop Chainsaw (woo Suda low budget cute cheerleader zombie slaying action!) Tales of Graces F (woo a Wii port!) The Darkness 2 (woo it's not even half as good as the first I'm putting here just to say it's not as good as the first!) Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition (woo a game released last year I added just to have 1 more!) Yeah I'm not putting Tekken Tag 2 there. A tag version of game originally released in arcades in 2007, with the only new gameplay mechanic being a rip-off of DOA's multi tiered stages, yet still not half as cool. Stupid balancing where they pointlessly overnerfed characters like Lili to bottom tier just because they were popular, while leaving actually near broken characters from T6 like Bob and Lars still strong as f***, then adding DLC clones of characters like Lili that are deliberatly much better to force people to use the lame ass DLC character. Customization that is a huge step back from the previous installment. Yeah not putting that here. Only good thing about TTT2 is Lili and Asuka are still hot, and there endings are cute with them being lovable. Lili's ending is basically a much better version of her T6 ending in the first place, but with lower quality CG. TTT2's got some funny inconsistency in the ending quality. Lili's is pretty good, then you got some that are extremely low quality and look horrible and poorly animated. TTT2, Harada the hypocritical hack strikes again. Remember people if you release a incomplete game with 10 characters, 5 stages, and alternate costumes completed and locked on the disk when costumes themself were worse than a previous installment so it desperately needed more content by default in the first place, it's okay because it's free. Releasing a half-assed game with tons of disk locked DLC for no other reason than to punish gamers for buying the game at launch, after you bashed other developers for disk locking content to be DLC making a huge jackass out of yourself, it's all perfectly okay because the disk locked DLC is free. Adding more DLC than there is new content over the previous game is perfectly fine because it's free. Including DLC there is 17 additional characters over Tekken 6, 18 if you include Julia who is now a luchador with a different moveset. There is also Combot which would be 18, however he's a create a moveset thing, so he doesn't really count since he's banned in ranking, and a totally worthless addition. Only 6 of those, including Julia, are halfway unique. Rest are either clones, or alt versions of a existing characters (although Ogre and Ancient Ogre are part of the different moveset character, so of the 6 unique characters, 2 are the same character, HA!). Of the 6 unique only 3, including Julia, are included with the game. Best of all they gave Julia's T6 moveset to her mom Michelle, who is pre-order DLC. So they forced fans of her old moveset to pre-order the game if they wanted, yeah that's totally not at all a douche move, but hey it's okay "because it's free." Actually all the pre-order characters were the most requested characters. So they basically held popular characters hostage to force people to pre-order, that's clearly brilliant marketing.. *facepalm* Arcade version only included 3 new characters over T6 plus redesigned Julia, console version added 4 clones + Combot, everything else is DLC. I hope Harada can pull his head out of his ass to put 2 and 2 together on why this game isn't doing well in Japan. Oh Harada also said the console version was rebalanced, and it's not, so he's a lying hypocrit to boot. Lili's butler, Sebastion is a clone, but he's deliberatly better than her. How f***ing is stupid is that? They knew of all these balance flaws, but instead of fixing it, they're forcing DLC characters fans of the original don't want to paly as if they want proper versions of poorly balanced movesets. Stupid director is stupid. Going back to alt verisons of characters. There is Slim Bob which is Bob after losing weight, his movbeset is just like regular Bob's but with additional animations of him not doing his moves right. Unknown which is a boss version of Jun, yeah they disk locked the balanced version of the games boss to be stupid is that? Lastly there is Violet, which is Lee wearing shades, dyed his hair purple, and speaks English....I honestly have no joke for that. So yes TTT2 has 59 characters with DLC, 49 without, and one of those 49 is a useless create a moveset things that's banned. A lot of quantity, but very little quality. T6 characters have very little changes outside of Yoshimitsu (Michielle is 90% T6 Julia), so yeah TTT2 = game you already own but with better looking backgrounds, better looking faces for characters, but worse looking character models (in cutomization mode when you zoom in on characters, textures are actually worse and less sharp that T6, HOO!). So happy TTT2 is getting its butt kicked in Japan to DOA5 in sales. If only that was for the rest of the world too. Harada the hypocritical douche needs a wakeup call since he's selling his overhyped trash based on name alone, and free dick locked DLC...oh the stupidity. TTT2 also has several gamebreaking save erasing bugs too. Also a 7.5 gig install on PS3, and loading times still aren't that amazing, and it takes forever to load customizations at character select screen. This game just screams "polish." Also Darksiders 2. The game started awesome, but world 2 gets repetitive so quickly. Heard last 2 worlds are nice looking, but very glitchy. Games got too many gamebreaking glitches. My ranting for the day is over. There is a fanboy, somewhere, cussing me out I am sure. It's okay little fanboy, it's okay to have poor taste. *Harada thumbs up* That means I'm lying. HOOOOOO!

So that new BlazBlue game announced today.

So Arc announced BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma today. Unlike CS this seems to be getting the full blown sequel treatment.


Reports say all the characters have new stances/idle animations. New themes/BGM's, not sure if for all characters are just some yet. Obviously new moves for characters. Games in a new city so all new stages.

Not much is known on system changes yet, but it looks like bursts now refill like in Guilty Gear. Also doesn't look like there is a guard crush system like in the previous 2. Also looks like meter is now in 4 chunks instead of 2, this could mean that all characters now have EX attacks instead of it just being limited exclusively to Jin, or some other meter using abilities or mechanics will be introduced.

Anyway 3 new characters were announced. I hope more are on the way, at least for console, and not as DLC.

Anyway you have a new guy that looks like a girl and makes Jin look like Tony Stark, a crazy old dude, and a new girl named Bullet that's been nicknamed Makoto V2 by people. :P Nu was oddly absent from trailer, and since we learned at the end of CS she was still alive, so I'm guessing she will be a sub-boss or something, hope she is just a sub-boss instead of being the final boss again, hoping the Imperator is final boss.

Noel has got a complete makeover sporting a new outfit and wielding a new set of guns.

The sexilicious get more sexilicious. Her new outfit also seems to reflect a bit of her Mu persona, since I would assume Noel is now in full control of her emotions after Bolverk being destroyed so her and Mu are no longer seperate personalities.

Showed off one of her new moves in the trailer, she's now got a freaking shotgun!


Noel can even make blowing someones head off with a shotgun adorable.

I love when great mods come along. Also crappy new games.

Start with crappy new games I got. I decided to give 3 games a shot since I was slightly interested, and because they were on sale so I got them cheap.

First up is Killzone 3. Resistance 3 had a demo of the game on the disk, so a few week ago I finally tried the demo to see if Killzone 3 improved on 2, and sure enough it did. I really enjoyed the demo, the controls were much smoother than 2, and they fixed the only being able to carry 2 weapons thing in Killzone 2. In 2 you could only carry a main weapon (most of the games weapons), and a sidearm (pistols/magnums), which resulted in a few sections being annoying since if you needed a RPG then you were limited to only a crappy low powered side arm which made the games mid boss really annoying since you had to hit him with a rocket and use your sidearm to hit the little electrical things to stun him, or if you had a sniper rifle for distant enemies crappy sidearm for close range, these sections were rare but still incredibly frustrating on higher difficulties. In 3 it was now split into sidearms (and there was some better ones in 3, like the silent SMG in the stealth level, or the shotgun pistol thing), primary, and heavy, so RPGs, sniper rifles, machine guns, and special weapons (this game has a blantant Doom BFG rip-off, it's basically a BFG but reskinned, works exactly the same as it did in Doom 3 but without reloading) are all now classified as heavy so it makes everything much smoother and not frustrating.

So with all those improvements, then why I am immediately getting rid of the game, said it's crappy, and why did reviewers give it lower scores than Killzone 2 you wander? Well the time it took to complete each of the games 8 levels and prologue tutorial level is located in level select, and after I beat the game I was all "that's it?" since I beat the game in only 2 sittings, then I checked the time and it all added up to a wopping 2 hours and 56 minutes.... 2 hours and 56 minutes for my very first playthrough... That's even shorter than Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Left 4 Dead 2! I remember when I got Resistance 3 and posted on here how I was disappointed I beat it in only 5 hours exactly, my second playthrough was around 4 hours and 30 minutes. Turns out it was a huge step up from Sony's other shooter. Then to make things worse with Killzone 3, it suffered from the CoDish on-railish overly scripted level design and actual on-rails levels. Hell Killzone 3 ends with a on-rails space shooter section where you take down the main villians ship, after you fought your way through the ship he was previously on. Basically it's like the space level of Halo Reach where you fight your way to a ship on Reach, then have a proper space battle section where you actually control the ship yourself, and then board the enemy ship, except gone horribly horribly wrong in Killzone 3. Of course that's not the only on-rails section (I did like the short and mildy entertaining vehicle one, you were totally vrooming in it), but ending a game like that, ugh, Gears of War 2 all over again. Basically I consider Killzone 3 just a prettier Call of Duty, but with a cover button and enemies that don't die in 1 hit. Also co-op is split screen only and the games performance while in split screen is less than stellar.

Next is Left 4 Dead 2. I thought the first was highly overrated but still was kind of shallow fun, so I finally got Left 4 Dead 2 since it was on sale very cheap. Well like I said it's actually longer than Killzone 3's campaign, so it's longer than the original with longer levels at least, and the graphics are a bit improved, guns look much better. However there is just something way less fun about this one compared to the first. It's weird, guns just feel a bit less satisfying to shoot, especially the shotgun, seems slower and like it has less power and radious that 1's. Then of course it being rushed out in a year some of the level design is clearly rushed, like hard Rain being you play through 2 levels, then go back through it in reverse BUT NOW IT'S STORMING AND YOU CAN'T SEE S***, OOOOOOOO! Also I just found the Left 4 Dead 1 survivors more likable, especially Zoey. Left 4 Dead 2 chick is like that annoying black girl in the movie theater that won't shut up and you want to stab repeatedly, you know like in Scary Movie.

Lasty is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. First is the controls, why is aiming incredibly slow compared to the previous installments, especially 2's? Actually why is incredibly slow comnpared to it's own MP modes? It's like Nate is trying to aim a dumbbell. This was made less of a issue once I realized Nate automatically aims at the enemy closest to him when you hold L1 to go into aim mode, just like Call of Duty, so L1, shoot, kill, let go of L1, L1, shoot, kill, repeat. Then there is all the scripted set pieces of overly linear on rails goodness. Honestly what the hell is up with all the running? Half the game is scripted running from something, well you get to sections where you chase after the main villian, OH MY F***ING GAWD THE VARIETY! Uncharted 3: Drake's Clunky Free Running would be a more accurate name. On the bright side this game has a lot of Sully unlike the previous games since it focuses on Drake and Sully's history, and who doesn't love Sully? If Sully was the main character Uncharted would instantly be 500% better. Uncharted 4, more Sully, less Drake.

Anyway time for the awesome mod. Since you guys know me I'm pretty sure this will come as a complete and total not being shocked in the slightest. It's a epic SFxT PC version costume mod for Lili! Lili cosplaying Morrigan, Lili cosplaying Morrigan to 100% perfection, Lili actually being a hotter Morrigan than Morrigan herself, which I thought was completely impossible, but Lili found a way. Okay and it doesn't hurt Lili and Morrigan could pass for sisters.



Lili and Morrigan need to be in a game together and make out, errrr I mean swap clothing. Morrigan should have been the guest character in crappy SFxT, and Lili should be in Project X Zone, and then it goes down!

So I made the mistake of watching G4's top 100 video games of all time.


We all know G4 is a huge embarrasment to gaming, and the only person there with any credibility at all there finally quit, and yet even still this list was well beyond just being a epic fail. Just like all these top lists they can never decide to actually go with what actually is the best games or what was the most revolutionary, or of course just add games based on what sold the most and what they think people want to hear on top of that, this list took that to a severe degree of inconsistent crap.

So basically you got things like Portal being on the list yet not the far superior Portal 2. Mortal Kombat 1 being on there because of its controversy not because of its quality, I have never seen anyone that actually thinks MK1 was a better game than MK2, most now say last years MK9 is the best in the series, and after all the patches it got (and the reissued Komplete Edition with all the patches and DLC already integrated into the game disk) I agree. Half-Life being on there but no Half-Life 2. The Legend of Zelda being above the FAR superior Ocarina of Time, yet A Link to the Past was above both (Link to the past was number freaking 2), which was neither as revolutionary as either of those 2 Zelda titles and arguably overall just not as good as Ocarina of Time. All around a bunch of crap like that.

Then of course on the other end you have games like Halo 3 being on there over Halo Combat Evolved. God of War 3 being on there over God of War 1 or 2 (which is funny since most people seem to consider 3 the worst of the trilogy). Gears of War 3 being there over Gears of War 1. SSFIV over SFIII (SSFIV being on the list at all is bad enough), SSFII Turbo was the highest fighting game on the list FYI. Actually the only fighting games I remember was MK1, SSFIV, and then SSFII Turbo...oh the fail.

The biggest joke moment though came with game number 3, which was BioShock..... I don't think people that absolutely love BioShock would even say it deserves number 3 spot, hell I don't think anyone would even say it's best game of this gen. In terms of shooters of its type, Half-Life 2 (still can't stop facepalming over Half-Life 2 not being on the list, at all), Half-Life, System Shock 2 (also not on the list), Deus Ex (even if it's RPGy), and others all deserve to be above it, well above it, WELL WELL ABOVE IT.

Oh Final Fantasy VII was the only Final Fantasy game on the list, which also goes in with them adding games they think people want to hear. To follow that comment of them putting games thiney think people want to hear, Kingdom Hearts 1 was also on the list. Okay I like me some Kingdom Hearts but come on! When I look at the list of RPG's not on the list, that should be on the list, then see Kingdom Hearts did make it there is a great big UGH. Shockingly no Dragon Age Origins was on the list, yet Mass Effect 2 was (ughs, ughs, ughs).

Anyway in case you're wandering what was number 1 on this pathetic list, it was Super Mario Bros. :roll:

Since I'm sure your eyes are bleeding from reading this crap list, I finally found one of my favorite Noel images, that I have posted on here before, but the clear version without the stupid sample over it. So I will post it, to help your now hurting eyes.


Sexilicious I know.

Not sure if even Noel can help your bleeding eyes, and the headache from all the facepalms, but it will have to do.

I gots me new games!

First up is Lollipop Chainsaw. This game is absolutely HILARIOUS! Like No More Heroes the gameplay is a bit eh (although in LC in does get much better after you purchase some of the better combos and moves) and not really what the game is about, it's about the insanity of it all and the awesome bosses. The bosses are all music based zombies, goth punk rocker, metal head viking, rapper with a auto-tuned voice so Juliet thinks he is a pervert mocking Stephen Hawking, etc. All the bosses have multiple phases too. If you were disappointed in No More Heroes 2's bosses after the excellent bosses of the first (Shadows of the Damned too) then you will probably like these nutjob zombie bosses. Gameplay is light attack (pom-poms), low chainsaw attack, high chainsaw attack, and jump dodge, then you eventually get a gun that is LT to aim and RT to shoot after aiming. Of course there is other abilities, like stuff involving Nick's head.

I hate some of the minigames though, some are fun, although one in stage 4, GRRRRRR. Suda sure does love minigames. Game is kind of short with only 7 stages, though most are pretty long stage (some coming in at almost a hour on my first playthrough), so it's not Devil May Cry 1 short, and the game isn't padded out for length. :P However the game is ment to replayed through multiple times for score (I got gold medals on 3 of the stages, woohoo, outside of stage 4 getting the gold on the rest should be easy), enemies change and health item locations changes based on difficulty, and there is 2 modes for every level, story and ranking (not tried ranking yet though). Also a decent ammount of unlockables and collectables, there is 19 alternate costumes to unlock (so far I got shell bikini, and Saeko and Rei from Highschool of the Dead costumes).

Also a lot of the dialogue is hilarious. Make sure you listen to all the banter. Juliet informed me that Frankenberries are evil, THE CEREAL IS JUST A COVER! Some of my favorite quotes.

Nick: "You hunt Frankenberries? I love that cereal!"
Juliet: "That cereal is just their way of scamming people into thinking they're innocent!"

Nick: "Where do all those rainbow things come from when you kill a zombie?"
Juliet: "From awesome!"

Nick: "Running zombies?!?"
Juliet: "What kind of idiot would come up with that?"

Zombie firefighter: "I got that Katy Perry song stuck in my head. What a terrible way to die!"

Nick: "I feel kinda dizzy... Like that time Father O' Malley roofied me."

Suda and James Gunn should do scripts together more often. :lol:

Also music in this game is oddly great. Even songs I HATE I like in this game just because of how oddly they fit with everything. Also You Spin me Around starts playing in the section of the game where you have to moe down zombies. Epic!

Anyway I also got Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition since I knew not to get the game at release since this is what happens, and to top it off it was on sale for 10$ off for 50$. Played about 2 hours of it, pretty good. Harley is also smexy in this game, smexy smexy.

Lasty was Borderlands GOTY Edition. I discovered they re-issued the GOTY last year to include the DLC on disk, and not DLC vouchers like the original GOTY version with the Duke Nukem beta did, so naturally I had to get it. Now this is how DLC is SUPPOSED to be done. After I installed the DLC from the DLC disk the DLC came in at a wopping 4.5 gigs for all 4 DLC expansions. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was 1.7 gigs, ClapTap's New Robot Revolution was 1.4 gigs, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned was a little over a gig, and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot (which I hear is pretty lame, though Mad Moxxi herself seems cool...and has nice boobage) was only half a gig. So far only played Zombie Island, and while I haven't beat it yet, it seems to be quite lengthy with a solid ammount of content for something that was only 10$, excited for Secret Armory and Robot Revolution since they're bigger, especially since Secret Armory actually got better reviews than Borderlands itself.