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I've never enjoyed a sniper game... less...

I remember seeing the initial screens and watching the initial movies to the new super-awesome-cool sniper game, Sniper: Ghost Warrior. I remember being REALLY excited about this game. I remember marking it on STEAM and getting ready to play it.

Now I remember playing it, being REALLY disappointed, and now debating simply uninstalling it.

The bullet-time aiming and the kill shot cut-screens are really VERY cool. Past that and maybe the graphics, I have nothing else good to say about this game. I am SO disappointed in it. It had such great potential. FINALLY, a real sniper game; as those are few and far between... Not so, however.

It's SUPPOSED to have a great cover system. It's SUPPOSED to have unparalleled AI and realistic physics. *sigh*

The ending play for me in this game was sneaking around, and actually doing well... until I got rocked by a guy with a pistol from about 150 yards, for NO REASON... Done...

"WHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!????" -he yells as he plays this game... uninstall...

Oh No, my sweet Splinter Cell

I've never hidden that my favorite PC-series game is Splinter Cell. From the beginning, I've enjoyed this series to the max; creeping around the shadows, avoiding guards, and taking out cameras with well placed and silenced shots into the lenses. It is the best stealth-based game series EVER!

With the release of Conviction, however, I'm afraid that the things that make this game great have begun slipping away and it makes me, a fully grown man with a family, want to cry.

The ONE thing that this series has maintained throughout the years is its stealth components. You can literally go through any of the games and if played correctly, only actually take-out a few people. The rest can be avoided, knocked out, or simply disregarded at will. In fact, it's rumored that you can go through several of the games without killing a single person. The stealth components have only gotten better over the years, giving you more options and greater and more realistic ways to avoid your enemies and complete the missions with complete anonymity.

Conviction, however, does away with MOST of the items that make this series great. As the GS review states - the stealth components have been stripped down and the game has gone from being a stealth-thriller to a run-and-gun with stealth option. On top of that, it seems as though they spent more time on the multiplayer portion than the single player (aside from the actual storyline).

This angers me to the point that I could almost be violent.

First of all, SO many games are going the route of multiplayer; whether it be MMO or otherwise. The "trophy system" is implemented everywhere, and creates an environment of competition with every other player on Earth. Instead of competing with myself and bettering my own game for my own benefit, I'm now forced to compete 'scores' with hundreds of people I don't know.

On top of that, gaming companies are all jumping on board the multiplayer train. GONE are the storylines that kept you involved for a couple dozen hours of play. Now, single player games are short and (rarely) sweet, while the multiplay options soar!

I'd hoped that my Splinter Cell wouldn't go that way... My hopes have been more/less crushed.

Now the game forces you to engage just about everyone you come across. Don't get me wrong, I understand WHY Sam is now the way he is, and a certain amount of violent vengeance is expected; however the OPTION to sneak past the majority of your enemies to get to your objective is gone. The game basically forces you to kill kill kill.

I could go on all day, so I'll conclude with this before I gain too many enemies: The run-and-gun way of play is such a "young man's" game. I don't like it. I play this game for the Splinter Cell experience, not the Metal Gear experience. I'd much rather be avoiding cameras than bullets. There are so many other run-and-gun games out there. They could've left my sweet Splinter Cell alone...

My heart weeps at the direction the series is going...

Arkham Asylum... Wheeee!

I've been playing through the new Batman game for a bit now, and without having finished the game I'll say this: If Splinter Cell had a Batman Mod... this would be it. Sure, he's got a grappling hook, but heck - Sam Fischer can climb a rope.

I find myself reminiscing about Splinter Cell as I play through this game. Now, don't get me wrong: The combat system is NOTHING like Tom Clancy's fantastic stealth-based thriller; however Arkham's general AI and feel, for me, reminds me much of Splinter Cell.

So, today I reinstalled Double Agent and Chaos Theory, with the other two on my shelf ready to go.

Conviction can't get here fast enough...

Oh, but Batman: Arkham Asylum is really very good too. I enjoy it. :)

I guess this post went to BLAH. Oh well... GO Team Manta Ray!!

Hooray for Sims 3!

So I went out on June 2nd and bought the newest installment of the sims universe: The Sims 3. I've enjoyed the series and it's expansions from their humble beginnings of Sim City, and WOW has the technology come a long way.

I still have an old 486 system in the corner of my computer room running games like Sim City, Hexen, Decent, and all the other old-school games that sustained me through my (pre-college) school years. No offense Emulators - but it's just not the same... After spending a couple of hours setting up my Sims and their house, I revisited the original Sims and it put a smile on my face.

I've spent the last couple of days now growing my Sims and adding to my collection of "stuff" from the Exchange and the Store. Using ONLY the 1,000 Sim Points that came with the game and exploring the Exchange, I've built a nice pad for my two Sims.

That said, I wish there was more material out of the box. A lot of it seems like the same-'ol recycled stuff from the 1st and 2nd game (and expansions), just not as much. Heck, after collecting the expansions and "stuff" packs for Sims 2 - I miss a lot of the stuff I had. Sims 3 seems very basic in comparison right now.

However, I'm sure they'll be sucking my wallet dry again over the next year; introducing expansions, and making available more "stuff" packs.

I've not actively played Sims 2 in some time, and playing Sims 3 has re-introduced some feelings I had in RL from Sims 2... Feelings that I'm not nearly as organized and clean as I am in The Sims. My house is always spotless in the Sims world, and in RL... not so much. Don't get me wrong, I'm no slob; however there may be some socks and a dish or two laying around. I spend a decent amount of time making sure my house in The Sims is very clean and neat.

Why do I do that? Why is it so important to me in The Sims, but not in RL? I dunno... I have to go clean... in RL.

Just built a new rig...

Recently, I decided to build a new gaming rig. My old rig just wasn't cutting it anymore, and being a few years old, it was time for some new blood.

So I logged into my trusty Newegg account and started piecing it together. I combined a nice 2.8Ghz Quad with 8GB of RAM and a new ATI 4870 X2. Together with 2 1TB HDD's (32MB) in RAID 0 and a simple but nice Coolermaster case and PSU, she started up like a beast and gobbled up Vista x64 with no problems.

I've since reinstalled several of my newer games (and one older one, Freelancer) and have enjoyed playing them maxed out.

As I've been playing through games like Fallout 3 and Crysis, I've realized that though I normally don't play with maxed-out settings, it's nice to be able to and still maintain a high framerate. My old rig ran a 3.8Ghz Extreme with 4GB of RAM and an ATI 1950XTX (like I said, a few years old); and though it ran all of my game well, it didn't run 'em like the new system. I wasn't amazed by the difference, but I was impressed. Not that I expected more... Far from it. I'm not sure what I expected really.

All of my gear works great though, no RMA's, so I can't complain there. For just over 1K, it's a pretty nice machine that will hopefully last ANOTHER few years.

In a world of mindless shooters...

The new Mercenaries game recently came out, and I have to say - Wow... Are kids nowadays SO into mindless shooters that they've forgotten, or maybe have never experienced, what makes a great shooter what it is?

I think gaming companies may have forgotten as well... Or maybe they're just giving the kids what they want.

I was born in '80 and got to live through the era's of Atari and Commodore; basically the beginnings of all things great with gaming. I remember playing Wolfenstien, Doom and Descent, thinking "It just can't get better than this. Then, Doom II came out along with a multiplayer element that my friends and I used Q-Modem to play together. That was AMAZING. Then, HalfLife... OMG! Revolutionary! Quake to Unreal (and Tournament), shooters were amazing; having engaging stories and great gunplay.

At some point, however, the story started becoming less important to the newer generation of players. Finding new ways to explode heads became the new standard, and the REASONS for the gunplay vanished.

War... Can't beat that reason, huh? War... The planet is at war! Explode some heads! Why? Who cares, just do it! ok...

In the past year, I've all but given up on PC gaming due to the fact that online multiplayer has taken over. Now don't get me wrong: I love playing with people online to complete objectives etc. I played WoW from Beta and through BC; however online Shooters have become the norm. Ego and downloadable "skillz" (hacks) run wild in virtually EVERY online shooter there is.

More than that though is the general lack of story. Companies seem to not care anymore about the WHY, and just concentrate on the HOW. Worse, the newer generation doesn't seem to notice or care. They're just out to kill and increase whatever score is being kept.

Gaming companies - If you want our generation gamers to continue to buy from you: Put somemore thought into what you're doing. Give us a REASON to be in combat, and not just new means to...

Mario Kart (Wii) is ridiculous...

I've been playing through Mario Kart (Wii) now since it came out. I've unlocked some tracks, cars, and characters; and overall I think it's got a lot of great content.

However, this is one of the most frustrating games I've played to date. The VS battles are stacked INSANELY against you. I can't think of a single race that I've been in 1st thru 3rd that I wasn't rocked by every shell thrown. And even THAT isn't the most frustrating.

The MOST frustrating part of the game is when you're in 6th thu 10th place, and STILL being rocked by every shell and in-track annoyance in the game. If I'm in 10th place, I'm not really being much of a threat; and yet I will still be rocked back to last place every time.

Add to this that I have the worst gaming luck of all time (in the past 10 years), and it makes for one annoying and frustrating experience. I am severely pissed off at the game at the moment; so much so that I let a friend borrow it, and I don't really care if he brings it back.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and the GameSpot Review...

I guess somebody didn't get paid to rate...

GameSpot recently reviewed the XBox 360 version of GH: Aerosmith, and I have to say that I'm more than a little disappointed with some of their rationalizations.

One of the reasons that it was given lower marks was because "...if you're a Guitar Hero fan who doesn't like Aerosmith, you're not going to like a huge chunk of the game."

Well, DUH. Why would you get this game (that is clearly marked "Aerosmith") if you in fact do NOT like Aerosmith. That's like saying, "If you don't like Diablo, you won't like Diablo II"; and then mark Diablo II down for that generalization.

Another knock against it was the "lack of content", describing 41 songs (Aerosmith) vs 70+ songs of the original Guitar Hero III.

Look, this game includes all of Aerosmith's best hits. It also includes some great songs by other artists that performed with, or were inspirational to Aerosmith themselves. I highly doubt that any fan of Aerosmith would complain about the price, especially when they get to play all of their favorite songs. What it does NOT include are random songs from groups that many people have never even heard of.

If you're not an Aerosmith fan, why would you buy the game; and then why would you mark it DOWN because of your own distaste for the group?

The final thing: That it may be too "easy" for the Ultra-skilled...

The Best-of-the-Best are ALWAYS going to complain that something is too easy. There is always going to be "ego" injected into the process. Because I can or can't play "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert, I'm supposed to down-rate a game that doesn't require me to? Come on... When did that song become the new standard in which to judge others?

I've played through the PS3 version of this game, and I have to say - It was excellent! I loved the songs, greatly enjoyed the cut-scenes, and look forward to any addons that become available for it. And, if no addons are made available for it, that's just fine too. It's still an awesome game with plenty of replay value.

Rock on!