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Final Blog.

Hello everyone....

In case you don't already know, my Soapbox priveledges were taken away because of my right to free speech. You may say "Oh, he posted TWICE about off-topic stuff!". That's not the case. You see, I've posted multiple times about stuff other than games. It just happened that the mods got offended at two of my off-topic posts, and had my priveledges revoked.

This is the end of the line for me.

I'm out of here.

For all of the friends I've made here, I wanna say thanks a lot for reading my blogs and actually caring about these posts.

This is almost depressing, eh?

Well I saw a ton of movies this week. Here's the mini reviews/ratings for them....

8MM: Nick Cage plays a surveilance detective who takes it upon himself to bring a girl's killer to justice when he sees her butchered in a snuff film. Great film. Shows the dark, sadistic and twisted underworld of the porn industry. A-

The Number 23: Jim Carey plays a dogcatcher who finds a novel of Obsession with the Number 23. He soon finds a ton of eerie similarities between himself and the book's author. Highly stylized, with a very dark look and feel to it. It's nice to see Jim branch out a bit here and show that he can really act. Much like Ashton Kutcher's dramatic turn in The Butterfly Effect. The ending is predictable yet still leaves you satisfied. I give it a B+

Zodiac: A look inside the investigation of one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, the Zodiac. It's a long film but surprisingly never gets boring. In fact, right when you're about to check your watch something thrilling will happen in the investigation that will entice you in all over again. I don't know what it is but all of the characters in the film have a good charm about them, and it also has some brilliant black comedic undertones. A must-see. A+

Ghost Rider: Nick Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a pro biker who signs a waver with the devil that he'll become the devil's bounty hunter in order to save his father from lung cancer. Wasn't expecting much from the film but it was a nice surprise. It's pure action and by no means a Spider Man 2, but it's still worth a rental if you want a superhero movie that skimps on plot but is heavy on the action. Hey, it's better than Fantastic 4. C+

The Prestige: Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale re-unite after the great Batman Begins to bring you, the Prestige. It's the story of two rival magicians who are constantly trying to one-up one another. The film offers an intruiging look into the world of old-time magicians and while it may have one plot twist too many, it's a solid watch all around. B+

The Gravedancers: I was skeptical when these After Dark Horror Fest films were released. Saying something is too scary for audiences in theatres is a bold statement indeed, and after the utter dissapointment that was Wicked Little Things, I really wasn't expecting much from The Gravedancers. I was wrong. The Gravedancers was one of, if not the, scariest movie I've seen in years. It starts off slow, with a group of friends re-uniting after a friend passes away in a car accident. Soon enough they're wasted and make their way back to the graveyard and find a card on the tombstone. They read it. It's a chant that will supposedly bring the dead back to life. The three of them all dance on different graves. Turns out, the graves were of a child pyromaniac, a rapist, and an axe murdering psychopath woman. All is well until weird things start happening around the three friend's houses. Soon enough, the ghosts get strong enough to try and kill the three of them. Sounds confusing, and I'm writing this while I'm tired, but just take my word. It will scare the **** out of you. I mean it. A+

The Simpsons Movie: It's a good adaptation of the cartoon to the big screen. Go to see it just to see how it pans out. It probably won't dissapoint. It could be a lot worse. B-

Alright with those out of the way I'll close with a bit of an update on my life. My grandfather passed last night. He was one of the strongest guys in the world. He conquered alcoholism, poverty, his wife abandoning him, two of his kids dying, and disease on a ship from Ireland to America. I will forever admire his spirit and willingness to live, even when things looked the bleakest. He was a good family man, and was just fun to be around. R.I.P. Micheal O'Malley Sr.

As far as gaming I've been playing the hell out of Rainbow Six Vegas, and I'm now a Staff Seargent. The game is amazing.

To conclude this solumn affair, I'm going to let all of you know that this blog will be up for a day or two, and then I'm going to be doing something unthinkable. I'm going to leave this site with a bang. Not to worry any of you, it's nothing that would hurt me physically or mentally, it's just a little way of getting my own mark in the hall of fame for this site.





For the Mods: An Editorial on Gamespot's Finest...?



To some of us, they're the thieves of free-speech, the thorn in our side, the MAN. To others, they're Gamespot's Police Force, just here to do there job. And still to other reaches of this site, they're the only fragment of civilized living left on this site.

But how are Gamespot's "finest" doing their job?

If you are new to my blog, editorials, or writing in general, then please allow me to explain. I've been a source of controversy for this site ever since I've joined. First it started out as immature, fanboyish rants that I sheepishly admit doing. Then it went into swearing and censorship territory. Before long I was being suspended on and off repeatedly for censorship bypassing and posting videos and other items with copious amounts of cursing in them without properly flagging them.

Then it started getting weird. I posted the "Yo Snorlax Effing Owns" video onto the site, censoring all but one of the letters in the F word. It was then that I got a suspension. However, due to the time of day I had recieved my "punishment" it did not go into effect midnight. I re-posted it twice, only to have it taken down and inheriting a bitter argument between some GS admin named Dracula or something. I really don't care to remember the name.

So, I decided I'd just do the only thing I could. Wait it out. And I did. I waited five days. Then a week, then a month. Why did I not simply post something for help? Well, when one is on suspension they are pretty much banned temporarily. You can't post in forums, post new blogs, send PM's (private messages if you didn't know) or anything of the sort. It was then that I got the tip to go to customer service. I e-mailed them and soon enough I was back on the site.

The mods knew me pretty well by the time of that whole "scandal". I know that the moderators have no control over when a suspension is lifted or insituted, but I do know that administrators do. I figured that Dracula guy had something to do with it. I still do to this day. I wasn't a paying subscriber, so there wouldn't be any trouble for him. It would be a "mistake".

From that point on things resumed as they were. I would get suspended every so often, mostly for censorhip bypassing. I'd refrain from ever stooping to the level of flaming or making horrid, stupid statements in System Wars or any of that imbecilic nonsense. I knew that some of my offenses were legitimate, but some were just plain stupid. Whenever I'd write something controversial yet completely abiding by the TOS, my thread or my post would be put on lockdown. I was frequently targeted by the moderators as well.

Then one of Gamespot's more popular users, Dinghy_Dog was banned after expressing his anger and hatred in a shady PM that he sent out to an undisclosed amount of moderators. The chief offense being that he reffered to the moderators as Nazis. Harsh yes, but deserving a ban? Not to me. I think that a statement such as that is disrespectful, but not warranting that of a ban. Bans should be instituted only when things go into threat territory, or a user is just in the site to cause trouble (insert lolz u n00b you do that all teh time contradictory statement here. I don't care, I don't post here just to make trouble. For some of you it may seem that way, but my primary reason for posting on this site it to get feedback on my writing and to update those who care about my daily life and what I've been doing in the world of videogames.

The one last strand of self control and respect I had for the mods was torn a week or two ago, when I was pretty much exploited and ambushed by the moderators. I wrote an editorial called "Gamespot Community Trends that Need to Die" and while I knew most would find it offensive because they're overly sensitive or for all the wrong reasons, moderators m0zart, Mr. CHUPON, and Shenlongbo (Correct spelling?) continually posted negative feedback on the article. However, it was a bit overwhelming because of how often they were doing it. They seemed infuriated by the article, and any single thing I said in return was twisted back at me in an effort to push me over the edge and get me to say, start swearing and flaming uncontrollably. They had probably seen my bad temper in action in previous blogs where I was subjected to the same criticism.

Other than the mods, I got a few PM's later that night from other users asking me why I was so much better than everyone else, or how dare I insult this whole community. I didn't waste my time answering them. I could care less what anyone else thought of me, because I know what I wrote and that's all that matters. If you misinterpret my writings then it's your own fault. I can't help you.

It happened later that night. Before I went to bed I checked my PM box one last time. There were two moderation offenses there. One was for censorship bypassing, the other was for...wait for it: "Saying a racial slur against Shigeru-Miyamoto San". Moderator Shenlongbo had gone through my past blogs just to find something to get me in trouble for. Turns out it was for saying "eff you Dave Grohl...". I didn't say eff, I said F and then a series of asterisks for the rest of the word. I see people all the time using that structure for censoring out swears, and they don't get modded. I didn't understand. Then I looked back at my records for the alleged "Racial Slur" offense. One of, if not the, earliest moderation I ever recieved was for calling Shigeru Miyamoto a racially insensitive name. I had taken my punishment for it, and never done it again.

I figure I must've gotten them quite riled up for them to go to such great lengths to do such things. Modding me for something I never did? That's kind of low.

But what's lower than that is getting so flustered over a simple piece of writing. A statement of opinion, that in no way shape or form breaks the TOS code.

The Soapbox by definition is just a bigger medium for one to express their opinion. I really don't understand how stating my opinion (as controversial as it might be) can get me in trouble, maybe one of you could explain it to me.

Now you've read about my struggles with the moderators, but what of others?

Quite possibly one of the toughest, most unfair moderators on the site, CaseyWegner. Let me explain. I was looking through the Ask the Mods! forum, when a newcomer posted a message asking how to become a mod. CW answered by telling him that it was already explained in another thread and to take some time off (meaning he had suspended him).

I was actually afraid of contacting this moderator for comment, as I really am not in the mood for another suspension.

Another one of the less-liked mods is JustPlainLucas. He is disliked by many just because people have been left to think that he abuses his priveledges as a moderator. I've had many an encounter with him myself and won't go into detail about them.

As I endthis post I wantyou all to think before you comment. That is,ifany of you actually read this wholething. If any of you do, thenI give my greatest thanks.If I get banned for this, then I bid all of my friends on this site a fond farewell.Just in case I don't get to say it beforehand....

Thanks for reading,


I (should be) am the Firestarter!

Since I've kinda made a name for myself by posting thought-provoking, controversial editorials and forming somewhat unsuccessful rebellions, you'd think I'd get the Firestarter emblem by now.

I dunno, maybe it was discontinued. I mean I haven't been acting like this all because I wanted the emblem, nor am I really demanding it. I just think I qualify and meet the requirements (if there even are any) for it.

Short post, yes but it seems that's what works as far as comments go.


P.S. Please don't misinterpret this post. Read it twice if need be.

Finally Bought Rainbow Six Vegas!!!!

First off, I have no regrets or apologies or anything of that nature to give for my last post/editorial. It is what it is and if you guys (well, it's really only the mods who give a crap about it) want to waste your time telling me over and over how I'm wrong and stupid and think I'm better than anyone else then go on. Do it 'till your blue in the face. I will let you know that this is not the end, and after being modded for an offense I never commited last night you should expect an editorial that completely abides by the TOS, while exposing you for who (most of you) truly are.

Now onto the title subject: Rainbow Six Vegas!!!!

I've played a lot of the multiplayer in the game and it's simply amazing. I barely touched the single player campaign but from what I've played I know I'll love it.

More on this later,


Gamespot Community Trends That Need To Die.

In my year and a half stay on this amazing game site, I've noticed a lot of patterns among our user community. Stuff that....well, really annoys me that I see everybody doing it.

Now, before you get all up in arms and say "Well it's their account, they can do what they want!!" I want you all to know that I respect the freedom that one registered user has. This is just a compilation list of stuff that we do that we really shouldn't...

  • Major Convention Blogs: If I want info on TGS or E3 I'll look into the press conference live feeds or some other live footage done by THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ACTUALLY THERE. After this year's and last year's E3 I've seen just about everyone makes an E3 blog and it's really unnecessary to tell you the truth. Re-stating information on a site that already has said info on it's homepage is an extreme waste of time both for the writer and the reader.
  • Posting Incredibly Long Comments on a News Story: This is incredibly common. Look up any story on the homepage of Gamespot and you'll find the huge number of people who feel the need to write a paper in comment form to put their own two-cents in on the story. If you're going to write such a thing, then by all means, put it in as an editorial. At least some people will read it there...Who knows, maybe you'll get a shot at the SoapBox!
  • Ignoring Good Blogs!!: I feel for all of you new guys out there. Another disturbing trend I've noticed around this site is that many blogs covering the most menial, random, dare I say-stupid-topics are flooded with feedback and comments, whereas the guy who just wrote an excellent editorial is pushed in the corner. Again, I understand that it's your account, you do what you want, but I still find people who've been on the site for about a year, write deep and generally well done blogs, and get no credit or feedback. Unfair to say the least!
  • Blog Schedules: These are a fairly new monstrosity to Gamespot. Whoever thought of them must have OCD or something, because they take away from the blog itself. Blogs are meant to be spontaneous in my opinion. Small updates and tales of our own lives. A little structure never hurt anyone, but when you have a weekly plan set up for probably don't get it.
  • Generic Usernames: Yep, I'm talking to you Spartan199999222338. I really don't understand why anyone would want such a name. Once one makes his or her username, you can't change it. You should make it unique and stuff....I mean I've lost count of how many people with some username like "KidLink!" or "Spartan99996!" or "Cartmanlover99!!!". And another thing, I don't care how much you love South Park. Stop pretending to be Cartman. You can't do the voice, you don't deserve the name!!!

And there you have it fellow Gamespotters. A list of my own pet-peeves of our fine community. Hey, at least it's not another E3 Re-Cap editorial, right?!


Back From "3-Day" Suspension. Lots to Talk About!!!

Alright so I got suspended for saying a word that begins with a p, with a second letter of r, with a third letter of i, with a fourth letter of c, and a fifth letter of k. SO.......this happened on Monday. I just got off today. Conveniently I got suspended the week of E3. GREEAAATTT. But honestly, I'm not gunna talk much of E3 this blog. You see, Gamespot already has coverage up of E3. You don't need me or anyone else repeating information to you.

What I will say is the Microsoft's press conference (or maybe the last 20 minutes) was amazing. I am looking forward to Call of Duty 4 much, much more now. Considering that Infinity Ward is doing it again ('cause CoD3 ******* sucked.) and that they're putting it in a modern setting and it just looks amazing I'm definetly going to be purchasing this title soon after (or the day of?) release. Halo 3 and GTAIV looked great and all. I didn't see any of Nintendo or Sony's press conferences but I heard that Nintendo had some good news but to be honest it's nothing that will sway me to buy a Wii.

In other news, I re-bought Dead Rising this week, and it's just as good as I remember it. For those of you who don't know, I traded in the game back in Novemeber to buy Gears of War. The main reason I had for re-buying the game ($35 well spent...) was to get those remaining 240 points I had left in it. I have gotten a few more points out of the game so far, and I will go in depth about them this sunday in my points report. The hardest achievements I have left to get are Transmissionary (20G) Answer all Calls from Otis and 5 & 7 Day Survivor. Yep, I can see myself getting Transmissionary soon, but the tricky thing about it (which really sucks because I could've had it today) is that the game tends to glitch with the Otis calls. I was about 80% through the game and I hadn't gotten the call about the raincoat cult leader. This screwed up my psycho collector achievement and the transmissionary one. Ah goes on I guess. :roll:

I pre-ordered GTA IV: Special Edition when I got Dead Rising. I know I probably don't need any of the stuff that it comes with but it's just so damn cool!!!!! I will be buying GTA IV before Halo 3 this fall, simply because of money issues and the fact that I'm just more excited for GTA IV. Yep, I'm saving every penny after Bioshock for this fall....Yeeep.....gunna be a busy fall. :P

And finally I'll be ending my summer with a bangthis year.On August 20th, I'll be attending Ozzfest. It actually works out great because the day after I'll pick upBioshock.I start school again onSeptember 12th, so maybe it isn'tquite the end of my summer. :P

That actually looks to be about it....


Points Report!

I have no witty intro.

This week I decided to just aim for achievements and maybe play some arcade games that I've left behind. I also came closer to finishing off Gears of War. Here's the points breakdown:

Gears of War: After playing a ton of ranked matches I got The Nuge: Get 100 Kills in Ranked Matches with the Torque Bow (20G), I spy with my little eye: Get 100 Kills in Ranked Matches with the Longshot Rifle (20G), and The Money Shot: Kill 100 enemies in Ranked Matches with a headshot. For those of you wondering you can get the Money Shot and the Rifle achievement at the same time. Next on my list to get is the 100 Revives one and the THIS! IS! ANNEX! achievement.

Guitar Hero 2: Didn't make anything out of this game this week but as always I'm desperately trying to get the 1,000 Note Streak. No such luck. I've nearly given up on it but something keeps making me come back to it. I tried getting to #1 rank on the leaderboards for Heart Shaped Box. The #1 score in the world was 344,000something. I figured he obviously hit 100% of the notes so after a few tries I managed to hit 100% of the notes in the song AND use star power at every given moment. I still came up short at around 325,000. I have no idea how that guy managed to pull of that score.

Assault Heroes: Once I first downloaded the game I beat the giant spider and then never picked it up again. That was a little less than a year ago. On Friday I got Assault Hero: Beat the game! (30G), Annihilator: Kill 85% of enemies in one zone (10G), Unstoppable (10G) complete a zone without losing a life, Tricked Out: Max out all Vehicle power-ups (20G), and Small Arms Expert: Play through one zone without using any nukes or grenades (20G).

The game is pretty fun and a bit addictive at times. If you're a fan of Geometry Wars I'd reccomend it. And if anyone out there has it could you help me get a few of the remaining achievements in co-op? I'll help you with some in return...

I actually didn't get any other achievements this week. I tried to get a few out of Root Beer Tapper and Paper Boy but I wasn't able to by today.

See you next week for another points update.


I Think I'll Try This Points-Report Thing.....

So I've decided to chronicle my gaming achievements in a weeklyp ointsreport.....a direct rip-off of Jeff, I know. But seeing as how I've set mini-achievement-goals for myself I may as well tell you of my progress.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent: I haven't gotten around to this game as much as I'd like to but I achieved the Officer (30G) rank in up is Commander. I want to finish off the campaign once and for all and get my 300 some odd points along the way.

Gears of War: This game never gets old. I got Don't Hurt 'Em last night (I had to get 100 kills in multiplayer with the Hammer of Dawn....) and now I'm about 30% through getting two more. The headshot and rifle achievements. These are the only two that you can get at the same time. After that all I have left is the Torque Bow achievement, the revive achievement, THIS! IS! ANNEX!, and finally....Seriously....After I have gotten the headshot, torque, and revive achievements I'll get Seriously via a glitch and then tackle THIS! IS! ANNEX! me all 1,250 points!!!!

Guitar Hero 2: I will never be able to get all 1,000 points out of this game but I can come pretty close. I want to five-star every song on hard (I've got around 12 left.....), get 600K in co-op (easy..), get 800K in co-op (might be managable), geta 1,000 note streak (Yep, haven't given up on it yet...) and possibly maybe beat Jordan on expert. I probably won't be able to beat it but I have gotten quite far through it....around 60%......

So I'll see you next monday to update you on what I've gotten.

BTW, I'll be away in New Hampshire from Wednesday to Friday....


Reviews of Norbit, Primeval, and Children of Men

OK I'll cut right to the chase here. I've compiled three mini-reviews of two new-releases and a criminally overlooked film. Here they are:

Norbit: Eddie Murphy plays three roles in this one, returning to his Nutty Professor days. Sadly, it would seem that he can no longer re-capture the magic that made the Klumps so funny. Murphy plays Norbit, a nerdy single who grew up in an orphanage run by the film's one funny character, Mr. Wong (also played by Murphy). Norbit grew up with one true love at the orphanage (her name escapes me right now..) and just after they have a mock-up wedding (under a big tree, no doubt) his girl was adopted. Norbit went through his remaining childhood years being mocked until he met the obese, loud, and mean Rasputia (again...played by Murphy..). When Rasputia rescues Norbit from two bullies she forces him to become her boyfriend. Thanks to Rasputia's muscle-bound brothers, Norbit gets forced into marrying her. Sure enough after he is married to Rasputia he meets his long lost love...

What continues is a predictable, loud, annoying, and boring comedy nearly void of any laughs aside from the racist Mr. Wong. Rasputia is a flat character in every sense of the phrase. She's loud, obnoxious, and just plain mean. The film would've been a bit better had she shown any sort of emotion or gave any reasoning as to why she loved Norbit.

Grade: D

Primeval: Some random village in Africa is haunted by a series of gruesome murders that are-for a while-believed to be the work of a serial killer. Well, in an original twist, it turns out to be an alligator that the natives name "Gustave". Conveniently, a "rogue reporter" on his last chance after a story leads him to legal trouble for him and finds himself there to catch this alligator.

The rest of the movie is generic, generic, generic. The alligator looks good, and a lot more convincing than most of the CGI drek we're used to in these new-age creature features. Had Primeval not taken itself quite as seriously and settled for a little camp, it may have worked out a bit better.

Grade: C-

Children of Men: This is an amazing feat as far as films go. It's a story about the human race becoming infertile and how society unspools because of it. The acting is top-notch and the drama is intense, but don't mistake this for one of those stuck-up artsy films. The film is both grim and also lingers with you long after you've watched it. There's a lot of action and the ending is just plain great...

Grade: A+

So there. If you haven't seen Children of Men yet, then please give it a look. Avoid Norbit and if you're a die-hard creature feature fan then you might have some fun with Primeval.



Yep. Guitar Hero 2. Expert mode complete. Miserlou was easy once I realized that if I strum up and down furiously and use star power during the guitar breaks that I'd do fine I was able to beat it in 3 tries. Then there was Free Bird which was pretty easy save for a few parts.

Damn this feels good.

And if I may give a shout-out to MikeMoose who also beat the game on Expert today! Congrats man!

Now I'm $5,300 short of that battle axe....


P.S. Short blog. Sorry.