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TheCork12 Blog

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Hello everybody form Gamespot and all my friends :) Its that time of the year again....well tomorrow will be lol but its here basically! I Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :) Dont eat too much cookies!!!!!

Question 1 :)

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Hellloo my fellow friends of GS! I said i would be doing them again and here it is!

If you could chose between fighting Poseiden, The Lord of the Water, or Kratos, who would it be? And the only weapon you have to fight is an enchanted Sword that has a infinite flame thrower and can never break.

Good Luck :)

Important Notice.

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So i was using the restroom earlier today...a thought accoured to me :) Maybe i should start my questions again just like the old days heh heh. I mean I was 12 years old when I was giving out these silly i went through alot of them and there nothing but a laugh to me haha. But yes, I think i just might start up these weekly question. It'll be different from last time. Twists and turns, tricks questions, ect. So, Important Notice, be ready :)

Love you guys - Corky ;)


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Ok sooo! I have yet to get ModernWarfare 3, but i hear its a GLOBAL EVENT! Gosh!! Black Ops was a wonder to play, but now that MW3 is here, its getting so much more respect, though of course BO was made just to post-pone the time time for MW3, but still! I think its a liitle on somewhat of a ''punishment'' :/ im 16 and still gets grounded lol, but hey whenever i get off, I will purchase this game with Love, Sweat, and Tears!! :D

I hope you all remember me!

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Hello all of my friends of Gamespot. Its been too damn long :) ive missed all of you soo much!! I want to do ALOT of cathcing up. So...i hope you all read this and understand me. I havent exactly been true to my word about staying on...but i have been having more than enough free time for a long time now. I am choosing to be here from now on more than i used to be. I want all everything to be as how it once was just like the first day it when i made my account :) I really hope you guys read this and understand where im coming from.

Im sorry and You guys must Hate me

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Hello guys its me again and i havent been on in a while and i dont think i will get on anymore. Its just ive got more stuff to do than this i mean i have a job now and well i love u guys with all my heart but i gotta go. Im sorry!