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Epic Fail Pt. 1: Looking back at my unfinished games list.

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Over a year and a half ago, I did a blog called Epic Fail, where I listed my unfinished, unbeaten video games. Obviously, only counting games that actually have an ending, not like sports games or things like that which don't have an ending.I think I had about 250 games total in my collection or less at that time. So, the fact that I had 52 games on there that I hadn't beaten was pretty bad.

I was looking through my old blogs and discovered that one, so I decided to update it. So, this will be a 2-part blog. In this first part, I'll tell you the games on that list that I've since gone back and beaten. In the second part, I'll update the list with all of the games in my current collection that I haven't finished. So, without further ado, here are the games on that list that I haven't beaten yet (check out the Epic Fail link above for reference.)

In the Xbox and PS1 games lists, I've finished... none of those games. All of those games are either too bad or too difficult for me to finish. The exception is Sonic Heroes, which I just haven't gotten around to finishing yet, but I know I can do it and I like the game. I'm actually planning on popping that back in very soon, I've been thinking about it for a while. I sold several of those Xbox games, so they won't be on my updated list. I still have all the PS1 games.

For the PS2, I have finished several of those games:

Half-Life. I did a blog about beating this one. It sat on my shelf about half-finished for quite a long time, but I dusted it off, got past the part I was stuck on, and eventually finished it. One of my proudest moments as a gamer.

James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire. I'm surprised at how addicted I got to this game after how mediocre the reviews were. Just another reason why I don't trust reviews. Awesome game in my opinion. Once I got into it, it was all I ever played until I finished it.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. Literally just beat this one yesterday! This was one of the first PS2 games I ever bought, I think back in late 2003 I got it (it was a Greatest Hits copy so it wasn't brand new). I loved the single-player mode, but for all these years I could never finish the very last mission. I bought SOCOM 2 and beat the single-player on that one relatively easily, and I got better at the online. After honing my skills in those games, I finally went back to face the final mission of the single-player in SOCOM 1, and after three or four tries I beat it. Crazy mission, an insane amount of enemies. Just, an awesome feeling beating this.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Got passed one part I was stuck on, then it was pretty much smooth sailing through the rest of the game. This game, as well as Battle for Bikini Bottom, are both excellent platformers. Don't let the Spongebob license deter you from playing these games. Especially if you're a fan of games like Super Mario 64 and the original Jak & Daxter, these games are a lot like it. I can't speak for all the other Spongebob games on PS2 because these are the only two I've played so far.

Ultimate Spider-Man. I've always loved the Spider-Man video games. Of course he's had his share of bad games in the past, but he's really a uniquely suited character to make a video game out of, because it's so much fun webswinging and everything in games. This a great game and I'd recommend it. I got really addicted to this one when I was playing it. It wasn't too hard to beat, although I remember some bosses being kind of a pain.

XIII. Gamespot gave this game about a 6, I'd probably give it a 9. Or at least an 8.5. Just an awesome FPS. There's nothing really unique gameplay-wise, but it is very solid in that department. What sets it apart is twofold. The cel-shaded comic book graphics which are reallycoolfor an FPS, and the amazing story, which is kind of a political thriller mixed with a really strange whodoneit kind of deal. Really awesome, worth checking out.

So that's all the ones from that list that I've beaten. Although there are others where I'm stuck on the very last level, or close to the last level. Those games include:

Max Payne 2.

Medal of Honor Frontline.

Resident Evil 4 (just because my disk is broken and I need to buy a new one).

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter.

So, that's it. As I said, my next blog will be my updated list, with all the games I bought since then that I haven't finished. This will probably get ugly...