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Crawling Out From Under The Big Rock

I'm not sure if anyone who used to read my blog posts is still on this site, but if any of you do remember me, I'm back. And the amount of stories I can tell are way too enormous for this amount of space. I'll give a very brief overview.

Firstly, when I abandoned Gamespot in 2011, I was a raging alcoholic suffering from depression. I was basically a bum. I had nothing, nobody, and no future. After several months in this slump, I decided to pick myself up and dust myself off.

I went to school. A little known school in Maine with a bad reputation. I took that school and basically, made it my own. I became such a high profile student for that school that my story of redemption made local headlines, and I told my story to 300 people including members of Congress, at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington D.C. It was about the only major positive press my school had at the time, or since.

In the process, I got a PSP, which has been OK but I'm not the biggest handheld gamer anyway. I didn't play it for long, even though I have a decent-sized collection.

Anyway, I recently graduated from said school, and quickly moved into a full-time job at a big hospital, a job that I love, and enjoy every day. I have a new life now. I have a girlfriend who will soon be my wife, I have an amazing job, a nice car and a decent apartment. I'm living the dream.

And yet, I can't escape the desire to still play my favorite game console of all time. The Playstation 2. I bought a new one, and I plan to start buying some of the games for it that I never got around to playing. Maybe when this new PS4 hits and the PS3 price drops some more, I might buy one of those too.

But honestly, I haven't been nearly as impressed with the PS3/360/Wii generation. I think this is the first generation in the history of gaming which has been clearly weaker than the generation before it. I think gaming has taken a step backwards, and in some ways has become a victim of the times. I have a feeling the next generation will be even worse, and console gaming as we know it may not be around much longer.

Oh well, we'll still always have the classics...

But there are enough good games on the PS3 now that I feel it will be very worth a purchase, once I decide to pull the trigger on it. But I will still build my PS2 collection until there aren't any good games left. And even though my collection is well over 200, I doubt I will run out of options anytime soon.

So that'll be my blog for today. I appreciate anyone who read this. My next blog will be reflecting on the PS2, as it ceased production toward the beginning of the year and so the longest-running, most successful game console in history will finally be disappearing off the shelves for good. That's as opposed to the way it used to disappear from the shelves, from people buying all of them.

Until next time,

- Buck

Actually, my name is Jason. I used to hide behind the nickname Buck because I was ashamed of myself, and didn't want to be called by my real name. But I figure I have plenty to be proud of now, so I think I will start going by my real name now. So, nice to meet you. I'm Jason.