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Top 50 PS2 Games of All Time: #40 to #31

40: X-Men Legends:

X-Men Legends brought the X-Men franchise back into focus. There have been a few really good X-Men games in video game history, and a ton of terrible ones. X-Men Legends was the first truly great one in a long time. It has a lot of traditional beat-em-up elements along with some minor RPG elements. The story is good, the characters are great, and you can play as both modern and old-school incarnations of many X-Men characters. It's not a perfect game by any means. I had a few complaints that stopped me from finishing it. But, X-Men Legends is a great game that actually spawned an entire series. X-Men Legends 2 followed, and then the series morphed into Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I never played any of those because the only one in the series I own is the original as of now, but I do plan on picking those up eventually.

39: Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition:

Probably the goriest first-person shooter I played on the PS2, but also one of the most fun. Soldier of Fortune is a bloody, intense, action-packed shooter. One of my favorite aspects of the game was the fact that shots to different body parts produced different results. Back then, it was actually rare to have a FPS like that. This was a really fun game, and the gore makes it unique because a lot of FPS games really don't have that much gore oddly enough.

38: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom:

I'd bet you never expected to see this on this, did you? Believe it or not, this is a great platformer reminiscent of Super Mario 64 and the original Jak & Daxter. There's a lot of item collecting like other 3D platformers of the time, but the gameplay is varied and solid, the characters and story are taken right from the show, and the level design is good too. It's not quite memorable enough to stack up with the top-tiered platformers on the system (platforming is one of the PS2's strongest genres), but if there were a second tier, Spongebob would be amongst them. The sequel, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, is almost as good, although it's shorter, doesn't have as much variety, and the cutscenes are made up of unimpressive still shots from the movie whereas in Battle for Bikini Bottom, they're all in-engine cutscenes. However, it does use the same engine, so it's still a great game. Those two are games I would highly recommend to platformer fans.

37: Disaster Report:

The definition of a cult classic on the PS2. If I were to briefly describe Disaster Report, it would be a mix of a traditional puzzle solving adventure game (with no combat), with a survival horror game, except instead of dodging zombies and other mythical creatures, your enemies are natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and burning buildings. The premise is you're a reporter on a manmade island which is suddenly struck by a series of natural disasters, and you must escape alive. This game is unique, fun, and totally memorable. The graphics were terrible even for the time, but I don't care about graphics if the gameplay and premise are great. This game is definitely worth checking out. It has a sequel called Raw Danger which I haven't gotten around to playing yet, but it's on the list for sure.

36: Star Wars Starfighter:

I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but this is one fun game. This is a mission-based shooter where you fly a starfighter and shoot at enemies both on planets and in space.  You have an incredible freedom of movement in this game. You can fly upside down and all around in any direction with the greatest of ease, which makes this game unique and a lot of fun. The game is played from a first-person perspective unless you optionally switch to a behind-the-ship view, but I thought that actually made the game harder to play and less exciting, so it was all about the first-person view for me. The sequel, Jedi Starfighter, wasn't quite as memorable but it used the same engine, so it was good too. My only big complaint: The final few levels of both games are impossible. Not difficult, but rather impossible to beat without cheats. But the early to mid parts of the game are great.

35: Alien Hominid:

It was definitely a rare sight to see a game like this on a console until the advent of Xbox Live Arcade. Alien Hominid is a 2D, hand drawn shooter similar to Contra and Mega Man. You play as an Alien invading the Earth and being attacked by Earthly military forces. The game is hard just like the classic games it emulates, but it's hugely satisfying. Alien Hominid actually has decent variety as well, and several attacks to choose from. This game is a classic and definitely worth playing.

34: Killzone:

As soon as Sony decided to release their own first-person shooter set in a futuristic environment, the comparisons to Halo began. Killzone is not Halo. They're completely different in style and approach. They're both good on their own merits. The original Killzone was very underrated. Some reviewers simply gave it bad scores because they were expecting a Halo game and that's not what they got. On its own merits, Killzone is a great, fun, challenging, and dynamic first-person shooter with great controls, level design, and decent characters. As you'll see later in this list, it's not my favorite FPS on the system, but I loved it. The online play was decent too, as this is one of the few games I actually played online on the PS2.

33: Viewtiful Joe 2:

Another side scroller, except unlike Alien Hominid, Viewtiful Joe is a beat-em-up. I actually played Viewtiful Joe 2 first, as I haven't gotten to play the original yet. Viewtiful Joe 2 is a fun, fast-paced beat-em-up. Like any superhero, Joe has super powers. His powers include slowing down time, which causes his hits to do more damage, and speeding up time, which allows you to make your hits insanely quick. Both powers also have puzzle-solving elements too. I can't say enough good things about Viewtiful Joe. This game is so much fun.

32: Soul Calibur II:

Not quite as arcadey as Tekken, but not quite as simulationey (I'm using a lot of fake words today) as Virtua Fighter, and with the inclusion of weapons, Soul Calibur is one of the great 3D fighting franchises. The PS2 version added Heihachi, admittedly not as cool as Link in the Gamecube version, but the game overall is still awesome. Like a lot of fighters, it lacks quite a bit in replay value especially for single-player, but this is still an awesome fighter.

31: Half-Life:

This console version actually expanded on the original PC version, updating the graphics somewhat and adding some exclusive modes. Otherwise, though, this is a great and very faithful port of the PC classic. Admittedly, I for one actually prefer playing FPS games with a controller as opposed to the old keyboard and mouse setup, so the PS2 version of Half-Life was great for me. And considering it was the only console port of Half-Life to see a full release, you could kind of call Half-Life a PS2 exclusive, if you don't count PC in the equation. As for the game itself, so much has already been said about Half-Life that there's really no need to talk about it. The long and short of it is, Half-Life is one of the greatest shooters ever made. First person shooters even to this day can trace their lineage back to Half-Life, as Half-Life pretty much made the first person shooter what it is today.

And that's all for this part. My next blog will contain #30 to #21, and then we'll be down to my Top 20 PS2 games of all time. Every game on this list is easy to recommend, especially if the premise or source material is something that will interest you. Thanks for reading!


I went poof.

I disappeared before posting the rest of my PS2 Top 50 games list. I couldn't figure out how to get the formatting right on adding pictures, so I'll post my next part of the list without it.


#40 to #31 tomorrow.


- Jason

Top 50 PS2 Games Of All Time: #50 to #41

NOTE: I tried to add images to make this look cooler, but the URLs made the blog too long. I'll try again later. But for now, enjoy the list and my comments.


As I said in my last blog, these next 5 blogs will contain my 50 PS2 games in my opinion. If you want more details, check out my previous blog. So, without further ado, here is the first part of my list.

50: Zone of the Enders:

Zone of the Enders is a unique game, and nothing really plays quite like it. You control a mech, but this is a very mobile mech that can fly around in any direction. You can shoot projectiles and use your sword. The control is fluid and killing enemies is satisfying. Only complaints is that the game can get a bit repetitive, the story isn't that interesting and it's kind of short. The sequel, the 2nd Runner, fixed a lot of the flaws while keeping the core gameplay the same, making it one of the best games on the PS2. I just didn't include it because I never finished it, while I did finish the first game. I'll get around to it.

49: State of Emergency:

Mindless fun is the name of the game. This is an arcade-style game where you can shoot and blow people up as well as destroy items in the environment. There are tons of people on the screen at once, and you can blow them all up with a rocket or other explosives. Only flaw is, the story mode is terrible, long, way too hard, and just not worth playing. The arcade mode is the main mode of the game and that's where all the fun is. An awesome game if you're into this sort of thing. Total chaos.

48: Escape From Monkey Island:

This blends the old-school concept of the adventure game with modern graphics and controls. This is a hilarious game and a lot of fun. There's no combat and it's all puzzles and story, so you have to be into that sort of thing. It's great. I just never got too far in it because you really need a guide to get far. It's hard to figure out and not really self-explanatory as far as what you need to do to advance sometimes. But this is a personal favorite of mine.

47: 24: The Game:

Although not quite good enough to make #24 on the list *chuckles*, this is an above average licensed game, especially if you're a huge fan of the show as I was (still am). The story plays out like a lost season of the show, complete with the ticking clock and real-time aspects. The story is fantastic, and the gameplay, while not as refined as other action games, is fun, functional, satisfying, and has just enough variety to keep you entertained all the way through. Also, you get to shoot people as Elisha Cuthbert. ONLY recommended for fans of the show, though.

46: Bombastic:

Was not expecting much of out of this little game, but wow, it's a lot of fun. It's essentially a puzzle game where you try to navigate your way through a level which contains bombs that look like dice. You need to line up the dice with the number of dice matching the number that's displaying. For instance, if you line up 3 dice that are showing 3, they'll be set off, 4 dice showing 4, 5 showing 5, etc. The dice are used to create puzzles that you have to navigate (without blowing yourself up), which is challenging and fun to figure out. There are even boss fights where you have to line up the dice and have them explode at the right time while the boss is walking by, which is fun and challenging too. Pick this up if you like puzzle games.

45: Ultimate Spider-Man:

Spider-Man has generally had better luck than some other superheroes, simply because he seems to be a very good fit for a video game. Ultimate Spider-Man uses cel-shaded graphics and a comic book style, and is a very fast, fun beat-em-up. Spidey's powers are really fun to use in this one, and the game is challenging without being too frustrating. Probably my favorite superhero game on the PS2.

44: Smuggler's Run:

A launch title for the PS2, Smuggler's Run is a fun open-world driving game involving smuggling certain items (not really explained in the game) across the border. Running from the cops is a lot of fun in this game, and I also enjoyed the capture-the-flag type missions you'd do against the other smugglers. Really fun game, but gets really hard about halfway through. I never finished it. But it's pretty awesome while it lasts.

43: Tomb Raider Legend:

I was never that big of a fan of Tomb Raider, so I was kind of surprised at how awesome Tomb Raider Legend is. It's a great action-adventure game, the story isn't bad, taking out enemies is satisfying, and the puzzles are intuitive and fun to figure out. Like other Tomb Raider games, there were some frustrating parts, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Kind of an overlooked game because the series is not nearly as popular as it once was.

42: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3:

The only game on the PS2 to get a perfect "10" rating from Gamespot. While I wouldn't exactly call it deserving of that distinction, Tony Hawk 3 is a great game. I loved every game in the Tony Hawk series on the PS2, and even though each subsequent game was pretty much the same as the last with a few new levels, the gameplay never gets old for Tony Hawk. It's amazing how perfect the gameplay is, that is always feels fresh, never boring. At least to me. Really great series. Not sure what's happened to it. I heard the new games with the motion sensing skateboard were terrible. Never tried them.

41: The Simpsons: Hit and Run:

What? The Simpsons? In a Grand Theft Auto game? Believe it or not, yes. And believe it or not, it's an awesome game! The story is actually done very well, it follows the story of the show pretty well, and it has pretty much all of the characters from the show. Couple that with a realistic (to the show anyway) emulation of Springfield to play around in, with great GTA-style gameplay, you have a really sweet game here. You don't even really need to be a big fan of The Simpsons to enjoy this game. It's that good.

So that's it! Check out my next blog for #40 through #31. Can you guess what my Top 5 will be?

Til next time,

- Jason

The Greatest Console of All Time

Every gamer has their favorite console. It's no secret that mine is the Playstation 2. With a love affair spanning 12 years and 230 games, it's officially the longest relationship I've ever had (chuckles).

I remember the first time I got a PS2. It was Christmas 2001. I was 11 years old. My first game was WWF Smackdown Just Bring It, which was the whole reason I wanted the system. I was a big wrestling fan (still am), and Smackdown and Smackdown 2 were my favorite games on the original Playstation. So, I wanted a PS2 just for the newest installment in the series. Little did I know it would last me so long, and deliver so many incredible gaming experiences.

Fast forward to the present day and my collection spans 230 games, and counting. Granted the system has had its fair share of horrors, but I don't know of any system with nearly as many awesome games as the PS2.

It was a system that was made by its game library, not by the quality of the hardware. Technically, the Xbox was the more powerful system of the time, and current gen consoles absolutely blow it out of the water when it comes to specs. But you can't play specs. They're just numbers. You can't back it up without a slew of amazing game titles. And that's exactly what the PS2 has.

I've planned to do this for a while. My plan was to come out with this when the PS2 officially ceased production. It's a few months late, but I will be laying out a comprehensive list of my Top 50 favorite PS2 games of all time. I would like this list to serve a little bit as a primer. For people who haven't experienced the greatness of the PS2, perhaps it will serve as a buyers guide.

I had previously wanted to limit it to 2 games per franchise, but really, after looking at it more, I've decided to only include one game per franchise. This will allow me to include more games. So, that means excluding a lot of sequels, but I felt this would be for the best in the end.

Just an FYI though, as my next 5 blogs will contain the list (10 games per blog). You will not be seeing any Final Fantasy games on this list. Nor will you be seeing any turn-based RPGs at all. This is a "favorite" game list, and therefore it is my opinion only. Turn-based RPGs have never been my cup of tea. The only ones I really loved and got into were Earthbound on the SNES, and the very similarly playing Pokemon games for the various Nintendo handhelds. Other than that, I don't really play them.

I also made the decision not to include any sports titles on the list. Although I will give an honorable mention to NHL 2002, MLB 2005, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, each of which I sank thousands of hours into (I never buy them year by year, I only wanted one game for each sport because I don't follow any sports closely), it just seemed weird including them. The above titles are my personal recommendations though, if you want to track down some really good ones and you don't care about graphics or up-to-date rosters.  

You will also not see any games I don't own. I may have played them, but not long enough to form a good enough opinion. So, you will not be seeing ICO, Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Black, Okami, Rez, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, or several other notable titles simply because I haven't tracked down copies of them yet.

So that's it. My next blog will be #50 to #41, and I hope you will enjoy my list. Thank you!

- Jason

Crawling Out From Under The Big Rock

I'm not sure if anyone who used to read my blog posts is still on this site, but if any of you do remember me, I'm back. And the amount of stories I can tell are way too enormous for this amount of space. I'll give a very brief overview.

Firstly, when I abandoned Gamespot in 2011, I was a raging alcoholic suffering from depression. I was basically a bum. I had nothing, nobody, and no future. After several months in this slump, I decided to pick myself up and dust myself off.

I went to school. A little known school in Maine with a bad reputation. I took that school and basically, made it my own. I became such a high profile student for that school that my story of redemption made local headlines, and I told my story to 300 people including members of Congress, at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington D.C. It was about the only major positive press my school had at the time, or since.

In the process, I got a PSP, which has been OK but I'm not the biggest handheld gamer anyway. I didn't play it for long, even though I have a decent-sized collection.

Anyway, I recently graduated from said school, and quickly moved into a full-time job at a big hospital, a job that I love, and enjoy every day. I have a new life now. I have a girlfriend who will soon be my wife, I have an amazing job, a nice car and a decent apartment. I'm living the dream.

And yet, I can't escape the desire to still play my favorite game console of all time. The Playstation 2. I bought a new one, and I plan to start buying some of the games for it that I never got around to playing. Maybe when this new PS4 hits and the PS3 price drops some more, I might buy one of those too.

But honestly, I haven't been nearly as impressed with the PS3/360/Wii generation. I think this is the first generation in the history of gaming which has been clearly weaker than the generation before it. I think gaming has taken a step backwards, and in some ways has become a victim of the times. I have a feeling the next generation will be even worse, and console gaming as we know it may not be around much longer.

Oh well, we'll still always have the classics...

But there are enough good games on the PS3 now that I feel it will be very worth a purchase, once I decide to pull the trigger on it. But I will still build my PS2 collection until there aren't any good games left. And even though my collection is well over 200, I doubt I will run out of options anytime soon.

So that'll be my blog for today. I appreciate anyone who read this. My next blog will be reflecting on the PS2, as it ceased production toward the beginning of the year and so the longest-running, most successful game console in history will finally be disappearing off the shelves for good. That's as opposed to the way it used to disappear from the shelves, from people buying all of them.

Until next time,

- Buck

Actually, my name is Jason. I used to hide behind the nickname Buck because I was ashamed of myself, and didn't want to be called by my real name. But I figure I have plenty to be proud of now, so I think I will start going by my real name now. So, nice to meet you. I'm Jason.

Remember Me?

It's been so long. A lot has changed in my life since we last met. I'm sorry I haven't been around. A full update will be forthcoming soon, possibly tomorrow.

For now, enjoy this. How many video game references can you find on here? First one to comment and name all of them on the page gets a cookie.

You'll hear more about NationStates, that's for sure.

- Buck

Metal Arms Finished and Mini-Review.

I haven't bought any new games since I last posted. I've mostly been focused on trying to beat the games I have, as I mentioned in my last blog.

I've beaten two games since then. Well, really one. I mistakenly put Super Mario 64 on the list of games I haven't beaten, when I didn't remember that I've actually beaten it. I had a save file on my cartridge saved on the last level, and I beat it again the other day. Although I haven't gotten all of the Stars. Chances are I never will get all of them, because some of them strike me as simply impossible.I've gotten about 86 on that save.

One game that I did beat, and that I was very proud to have beaten, was Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. I beat it on "Easy" difficulty, but that's rather misleading, because it wasn't easy at all. Hard game, and pretty long for an action game. It doesn't have a timer that counts how many hours you've been playing like other games do, but it does time you on each individuallevel, which doesn't really help because there's about50 levels.

Since I don't feel like busting out my calculator, I'll estimate that it took me somewhere between 20 and 30 hours to finish if you count replayinglevels after dying.

For those who haven't played it, it's very similar to Ratchet & Clank. Basically, the world is controlled by robots, and there's a war going on between the good robots, called the Droids, against the bad robots, the Mil Bots. You play as a robot named Glitch, who's kind of the last hope of the Droids. The character Glitch is a lot like if you took both Ratchet and Clank, and threw them in a blender together.

The game is full of a lot of funny dialog with bleeped-out swearing. It's mostly a shooter but has platforming elements as well. You can use a wide variety of weapons to kill your enemies, and the dead enemies drop washers, the equivalent to the bolts in Ratchet & Clank. There are also vehicles, which are a lot of fun.

The comparisons are undeniable, but Metal Arms is an amazing game in its own right. The camera perspective is pretty cool, it's like an over-the-shoulder view like Resident Evil 4. It's a lot of fun, and I'd strongly recommend it to fans of the genre.

So, I just scratched that off my list.Now, the question is, what to play next? I'd like some suggestions from that list of what to try to beat next!

My Unfinished Games - Updated List.

I always take pride in beating a game, no matter how easy it is. I just love seeing the credits roll, it tastes of victory.

With that said, this victory eludes me from time to time. Here's my list of unfinished games. Some of which I just bought recently, but most of them I've had for a while, and I'm either stuck or otherwise gave up on them. Here goes:

Unfinished Games in my collection:


Ace Combat 04


Armored Core 2

Crash Tag Team Racing

Dark Cloud

Death By Degrees

Devil May Cry

Dog's Life

Dynasty Warriors 2

Escape From Monkey Island

Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick

Final Fantasy X

The Getaway

God of War II

Goldeneye Rogue Agent


Harry Potter: Chamber

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman Blood Money

Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction

James Bond 007: NightFire


Kingdom Hearts

Kya Dark Lineage

Lord of the Rings The Third Age



The Mark of Kri

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Medal of Honor Frontline

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

Neo Contra

Nights into Dreams


Pac-Man World 3

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat

Project: Snowblind

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Rayman 2

Red Dead Revolver

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

Serious Sam Next Encounter.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill Origins

Sky Odyssey

Smuggler's Run

Smuggler's Run 2

SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs.

Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy

Spy Hunter

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter

State of Emergency

Th3 Plan

Splinter Cell

Tomb Raider Legend

Viewtiful Joe 2

X-Men Legends

Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner.

Total: 61?!


Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil

Halo 2

Mech Assault

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Sonic Heroes

Star Wars Clone Wars

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Rainbow Six 3

Unreal Championship

Total: 9


Metroid Prime


C-12 Final Resistance

Driver 2

Final Fantasy Anthology

Final Fantasy Chronicles

Steel Harbinger

Total: 5

Nintendo 64:

Donkey Kong 64

Forsaken 64.

Goldeneye 007

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue


Total: 5

Grand Total: 81 Games.

Recently Added:

Recently Finished:

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Super Mario 64

I decided I'll keep this list updated as I add more games and hopefully take some away. I'll link back to this page when I update it. We'll see how this goes. I know I can beat a lot of the games on here. This will help to remind me which ones I need to get back to.

One Or More Blogs Were Automatically Censored.

I attempted to post my updated list of unfinished video games just now. So, I made up the list, and got ready to post it. I hit the post button, and...

One or more words within your message were automatically censored

Okay, so I looked through the blog to see what was censored. Nothing was. So, I hit post again, and...

One or more words within your message were automatically censored

Are you serious? I tried three more times. Same old story, same old song and dance. So, for those of you who might've wanted to see my list, you're out of luck for now until I find out how to get through this glitch, courtesy of good old Glitchspot.

Epic Fail Pt. 1: Looking back at my unfinished games list.

Over a year and a half ago, I did a blog called Epic Fail, where I listed my unfinished, unbeaten video games. Obviously, only counting games that actually have an ending, not like sports games or things like that which don't have an ending.I think I had about 250 games total in my collection or less at that time. So, the fact that I had 52 games on there that I hadn't beaten was pretty bad.

I was looking through my old blogs and discovered that one, so I decided to update it. So, this will be a 2-part blog. In this first part, I'll tell you the games on that list that I've since gone back and beaten. In the second part, I'll update the list with all of the games in my current collection that I haven't finished. So, without further ado, here are the games on that list that I haven't beaten yet (check out the Epic Fail link above for reference.)

In the Xbox and PS1 games lists, I've finished... none of those games. All of those games are either too bad or too difficult for me to finish. The exception is Sonic Heroes, which I just haven't gotten around to finishing yet, but I know I can do it and I like the game. I'm actually planning on popping that back in very soon, I've been thinking about it for a while. I sold several of those Xbox games, so they won't be on my updated list. I still have all the PS1 games.

For the PS2, I have finished several of those games:

Half-Life. I did a blog about beating this one. It sat on my shelf about half-finished for quite a long time, but I dusted it off, got past the part I was stuck on, and eventually finished it. One of my proudest moments as a gamer.

James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire. I'm surprised at how addicted I got to this game after how mediocre the reviews were. Just another reason why I don't trust reviews. Awesome game in my opinion. Once I got into it, it was all I ever played until I finished it.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. Literally just beat this one yesterday! This was one of the first PS2 games I ever bought, I think back in late 2003 I got it (it was a Greatest Hits copy so it wasn't brand new). I loved the single-player mode, but for all these years I could never finish the very last mission. I bought SOCOM 2 and beat the single-player on that one relatively easily, and I got better at the online. After honing my skills in those games, I finally went back to face the final mission of the single-player in SOCOM 1, and after three or four tries I beat it. Crazy mission, an insane amount of enemies. Just, an awesome feeling beating this.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Got passed one part I was stuck on, then it was pretty much smooth sailing through the rest of the game. This game, as well as Battle for Bikini Bottom, are both excellent platformers. Don't let the Spongebob license deter you from playing these games. Especially if you're a fan of games like Super Mario 64 and the original Jak & Daxter, these games are a lot like it. I can't speak for all the other Spongebob games on PS2 because these are the only two I've played so far.

Ultimate Spider-Man. I've always loved the Spider-Man video games. Of course he's had his share of bad games in the past, but he's really a uniquely suited character to make a video game out of, because it's so much fun webswinging and everything in games. This a great game and I'd recommend it. I got really addicted to this one when I was playing it. It wasn't too hard to beat, although I remember some bosses being kind of a pain.

XIII. Gamespot gave this game about a 6, I'd probably give it a 9. Or at least an 8.5. Just an awesome FPS. There's nothing really unique gameplay-wise, but it is very solid in that department. What sets it apart is twofold. The cel-shaded comic book graphics which are reallycoolfor an FPS, and the amazing story, which is kind of a political thriller mixed with a really strange whodoneit kind of deal. Really awesome, worth checking out.

So that's all the ones from that list that I've beaten. Although there are others where I'm stuck on the very last level, or close to the last level. Those games include:

Max Payne 2.

Medal of Honor Frontline.

Resident Evil 4 (just because my disk is broken and I need to buy a new one).

Star Wars Jedi Starfighter.

So, that's it. As I said, my next blog will be my updated list, with all the games I bought since then that I haven't finished. This will probably get ugly...