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Crystal Defenders Review - Tower Defense via Square-Enix?

Tower Defense games usually revolve around swift tactics and abrupt placement but Crystal Defenders puts your brain to the test. Different unit(job) types are placed along a path in order to defeat the hoards that walk it. It may sound easy, and it is, but the correct placement of these units means the difference between a perfect score or the loss of crystals. For every monster that is not defended against you will lose a crystal(out of twenty) and some monsters even take more than just one!

Based on the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 set of job characters and monsters, Crystal Defenders will have you placed in a pseudo-Final Fantasy world. It is just a Tower Defense game using FF staples and having Square-Enix's blessings. Though it is SE so it will be more than just a copy.

The first level of Crystal Defenders is easy and straightforward but you will find yourself having trouble getting complete. Overtime you will find yourself learning the different units and winning more and more waves until you complete the map. It will grow on you but the learning curve is there.
When you have learned the units and their uses it will become more apparent where to place them to prevent losing crystals and to win the maps.

Not all maps are built alike, many have junctions, splits, walls and barriers to prevent your units from defending correctly. This being so you will need to plan ahead and prepare well to make sure you are able to defeat a sneaky monster type who might trump your entire defense. But this is part of the fun, you never know what the next wave will be(although each map does have a set monster per wave so replaying a map will be easier than playing it the first time).

Using gil to purchase units is easy to do and encouraged but you gain bonuses for the gil you have after every wave. This makes you have to decide when to level and buy units instead of just spending randomly. Your overall gil at the end of the map is even added to your score so keeping gil is important.

A lot of strategy will be used to complete the maps in Crystal Defenders and your patience will be tested when you restart a map after losing a wave. Trial and error does work in Crystal Defenders but you never know how well something will work until you try it. The same goes with playing the game itself, it seems cheesy and quirky but it is a lot of fun and is something fun to do when passing the time.

Resident Evil 3 yay!!

I finally beat Resident Evil 3 with an A grade, scored at 1:49:57 with 0 Saves. :D

Now I can run around dancing the Lambada as said in the Handgun Only guide and rejoice in the two new outfits I get to use! This was on my fourth playthrough so it is about time I actually got the coveted A rank. The police miniskirt is hella cute and I think I will use that one from now on because it is so adorable! ^_^

So what is next to do? Beat the game 4 more times to get all the epilogues and work on Jill's Diary, should have gotten the diary twice already but I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Now that I think about it, I also have infinite rocket launcher and tofu's mission to obtain on RE2...

Final Fantasy XIII

Okay so get this... I have been treating FFXIII like a book. I go from chapter to chapter(or chapter section) only and will not stop until that point. I also only play with nobody around and no distractions. Lastly, I don't play it very often because I want to savor the experience as well as the above conditions.

I am treating FFXIII like I treat books.

I do believe it is the wonderful storyline and aspects of fun all throughout that make me come to it as if it were a storybook. It is an interesting thought by which I treat this game but I just love it.

Would I replay it? Maybe. Like most books, I only read them once so maybe I will play FFXIII once and not play through it again but this also is pending on what the endgame is like.

Well hopefully I will get this "book" finished and enjoy it as I do other books for years to come(as in knowledge of reading it and of how fun I had doing so).

2 Empires, A Review I Suppose...

I was just trudging around trying to unify the land as Mitsuhide Akechi after stomping out Nobunaga Oda, and I found that it is highly unlikely Mitsuhide would have made it far even if he didn't lose to remaining Oda retainers. :shock:

But seriously, for those of you who have not played an Empires game, Samurai Warriors 2 Empires is the best Empires out right now until 6 Empires comes out. I do not find it to be throughly worth getting but it is a nice addition to a musou collection and/or a simple addition of gamerscore for anyone who has an Xbox 360 and is obsessed with achievements.
Though overall the main reason a collector would get it is because of the Archive mode that details all the playable characters(Ronin) from SW2(Kojiro, Katsuie in addition). You get to toy with animations and voice bites and watch conversation scenes over again after viewing them in Empire Mode(having a certain two ronin on your force activates certain conversation scenes, mainly comical ones).

Finally, this game lacks much change to the Empires series, but it does enough to make it better than DW5 Empires. Play it if you wish, just don't complain if you complete everything in less than a week! (average less than 10 hours to complete unification) 8)

Kojiro Sasaki is obsessed with cutting, Oichi is too because she is emo, and Sakon has left the battlefield.

Hello Gamespot!

Hello everyone! I have been using this site for a VERY LONG time. I should have made an account sooner but I didn't know I could back then. Well here I am and I hope you enjoy any rants and raves I post here!! ^_^v