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Probably getting COD5 in stores

I'm probably going to get WaW in stores because it's fast and i can start playing right away!I really want to show those nazis and imperials a little lesson!Then im going to kill all those zombies in Shi No Numa and the Verruckt.Nacht Der Unden(something like that)Will be a blast!When i do get it,i might record my cod5 game play here and tell people about my troubles and what not.

Still Waiting

COD5 is still on delay for me,but i can wait.I know that it's going to be worth it from what i've heard from people.

Getting COD5 now!

I'm finally getting COD5 now and i'm anticipating that it'll be the game that really will impress me.I can't wait to attack the single player and then take the war with multiplayer.Other games are great,but i have a good feeling with cod5.Since i'm a WW2 gamer it'll be the kind of game i'll enjoy.Now i have to wait to get it,sadly,but i can wait.

What Game?

I'm thinking between Brother in Arms,a tactical shooter which kind of makes Band of Brothers a show to watch and like.Or COD5,a nicely done WW2 shooter which kind of fail to others but i'm impressed with it.However,i'm on a tight Budget!What game?
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