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Guitar...Tostitos...and the rest of my life.....

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With -Cranium leaving GS for a "Long Break" as he calls it, I'm left not only to manage his brand new Union (which is flopping faster than a fat man on the high dive, mind you) but to wonder still, why I continue to post on GS.

The only forums i can bring myself to post in is Goose's Garage and the OGU. I mean, when i first got here, i posted in the basic forums at least 40 times a day. Now, i cant even bring myself to post anywhere but the Garage. And since the garage hates my very existence, maybe i should take a break to?


Anyway I just bought Mercenaries, which is by far, the most fun i've had on the console in 5 months. I know i'm a little late, but i just recently brought myself around to buy it. I had played it around release on my friends PS2, but never thought that actually having it could possibly ENHANCE the fun. Its is, in every way shape and form, MY kind of game.

I have to jet to a guitar lesson now, but thanks for reading.

Happy Fragging, and remember what TheAdministrato says, "Breaks are Bulls$#@, they'll be back.....they always come back......:twisted::twisted:

Wheres Football Season!!!!!!

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The Phillies won yesterday...........6-4 over the cubs........Abreu had his first home run in......correct me if i'm wrong.......68 at was a grand slam......Mark Pryor stil hasnt won a game against the Phils....i should be happy......and still.....i cant help feeling like if i watch one more game of baseball i'm going to slam my head against the desk until i fall into a coma.

Football, Football, where for art thou Football?! Deny thy off-season, and refuse thy waiting, Where training Camp by any other name would be as long.......

Wow.....weird Shakespeire remnant there......Anway i went to Egales Training Camp yesterday, and with the exception of Westbrook's holdout *cough cough* IDIOT! *cough cough* it was really sweet. The team looks good, and i'm actually feeling good about this season. I'm excited. IF we can get TO and McNabb to work well again, which wont be hard, if we can get Westbrook back to camp, then we have a SERIOUS shot this year. I have to say, with all sincerity, and with no offense meant to any other team, that the Eagles have no serious competition in the NFC this year. As long as Mcnabb stays healthy, we're superbowl bound, baby!!!! And thats as un-biased as i can be. All we have to do is hold it all together....

Needless to say i'm nervous. Very nervous. McNabb and TO say theres no problems between them, and that they're good to go. TO is fine.....except his groin, but thats a small day-to-day injury, no worries there, it happnes in camp sometimes. So, all in alll, i'm fired up and ready to go. Lets kick some ass Eagles!!!! the very least.....we'll win the NFC worries there either......Anyway, I know its a little early for these, but the NFC hasnt been that hard to predict the last few years.

My NFC East Prediction

PHI: 13-3 Win Division, Bye, Homefield Advantage
NYG: 8-8 Someting tells me....
WSH: 6-10
DAL: 5-11





I have to say, i know this looks similar to last season, but its really how i feel. There was so little movement in the NFC this off-season, that its almost the same teams playing each other. Besides, has almost the same prediction anyway. I would do the AFC but thats for a later date.

Happy Fraggin and remember what TheAdministrato says, "If an obnoxious fan is giving you crap, kindly point out that he is being rude.....then break his friggin nose."


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*WARNING!!!!!!!!*I dont know why i'm writing this here. I need a place to do it, and i dont have MS Word. It has nothing whatsoever to do with games or GS or anything like that. If you dont want to hear stupid philosophical ramblings, turn back now. If you want to be confused in 5 minutes, keep reading. You've been warned. So i dont want to hear any "your weird" stuff in comments, You can keep that crap to yourself.

If you dont want to read all the crap, scroll down to the very bottom, thats where the actual journal stuff is.

I couldnt think of a good title, so i decided to use this. It spells it out pretty clearly i think. Becuase thats all i am.....tired.

Sometimes i feel like i'm the only one left who has any sense of decency, of kindness. The only one who can go five minutes without mocking or insulting someone else. No one has any sense of honor anymore, like they did in ancient times. Back then, there was one purpose in life, to attain glory and uphold honor, and to die well. Now, in this time, the only purpose in life is to please others, to make yourself appeal to them. I'm tired of holding back, of hiding in the shadows. I'm tired of pretending i'm not pissed off. At life? No. Life is just a word, and existence. Its people I'm mad at. Its people i cant seem to stand anymore.

Sometimes i wish i lived back in ancient times, back in the times of the romans and greeks. Things were different back then. People were different. back then it didnt matter when you died or how much crap you had when you did, but how you died, and more importantly, how you lived. To die fighting for an ideal, for something you believe, there is no greater honor, and in doing so, you become immortal. People will always remember what you did, and who you did it for. Maybe not you specfically, but one hundred years after you die, if someone reads about what you died for, and knows what happened, the where, the when, and most importantly, the why, then thats more than most can say.

Some people, the few i've said this to, said i watch to many movies, and play to many games. Well i say i have, and they've opened my eyes. I dont want to spend my life pleasing others, only to die after years of suffering in a home. Not knowing who anyone is, or who i am. Unfortuneatly, theres no way to escape it now. I'm trapped in a time i dont understand, in a place i dont feel i belong. maybe i'm just going through a phase. maybe tommorow i'll wake up and feel 100% different, such is the way things go. But i know at least now, i feel uneasy.

Sometimes, people call me self-righteous. Self-righteous? Is that what you call it? No. I call it being different. I call it being angry. i call it alot of things, but one thing i dont call it is self-righteous. Seeing the problems of the world, and knowing your not part of it does not make you self-righteous, it makes you a good person. I'm tired of people who dont understand, telling me i'm wrong. I'm tired of hiding behind a veil of normalcy, trying to just be one of everyone else. I'm not one of everyone else. Does that make me better? No. It only makes me different. And sometimes it feels, like it only makes me cursed.

Maybe i'm just confused, and maybe, like i said before, i'll feel totally different later on. I just needed to write this somewhere. If you read it. I'm sorry for making you.

Eagles training camp was awesome today. They look great and i'm excited for this season. Go eagles.

One more kink in the chain.....

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Since my last post, some very.....i'd like to say "interesting" things have happened. I figured i'd fill all my faithful readers in. Since, of course, you have a right ot know when my life takes a sudden, and long awaited turn towards eventful. I must warn you the word "interesting" will appear many times in this entry, so i will start the count now, at 2

1. The most uninteresting update. I finally got my tauren druid to a high enough lvl to buy the spell to turn into a bear. Its my first druid, so i have to say, I'm freaking out. Not only does he now kick major a$$, i can finally do some of those, more difficult quests i've been procrastinating on. The most interesting part is, my druid is one fugly bear.

2. I finally started meeting people in my new town. I think i've finally become the interesting new kid i've hoped to be. Either that, or the "kinda cool cousin of that kid we're friends with." Either one is good. I just got home from playing ball tag with them, while i am proficient in other forms of tag, I must admit this interesting form was quite alien to me. Why i said that with such big words, is beyond me.

3. Probobly the most interesting of all. My dad was just hosptitalized with a severe kidney/bladder/prostate infection. He went to the emergency room 2 days ago, and got released yesterday. i just got the interesting call from my step-mom. They say he will be alright, but he already has severe high blood pressure, which he takes 2 pills for, and he smokes. So we're worried he might have a stroke or something. He prostate is also enlarged, which scares me since prostate cancer is prolific in my family, but they its just becuase of the infection. I'm sure, or i hope, he'll be fine. But we'll just have to wait and see i guess.

So there you go kiddies, my interesting update. I hope it was enough to keep you all interested. Have an interesting night.

Happy Fragging and remember what TheAdministrato says, " You maybe a bear, but thats a giant tree with huge hands and fire coming out his head. I dont think you should fu$% with that guy."

Total paragraph count: 5
Total "interesting" count: 11

Again, time passes in an all to exstatic manner....

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Its saturday night, and for the third in a row, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed in July. I know its more than likely just because I'm a teenager and summer should never end, but i dont think so. I seem to have come to the conclusion that its all in my head....or my schedual. Time passes normally, but since i want it to go slowly, it seems to go faster, if that makes any sense at all. So i have decided to go about everything normally, and let whatever happens happen, since of course, i cant control it anyway. I'm a passenger on the hectic, broken, out of control, death trap rollercoaster of life. And somehow, thankfully, I'm okay with that.

As usual, i have nothing left to report, but cannot decide if that's a bad thing. I want to write about the whole Jack-off Thompson, HIllary Man-Penis Clinton thing, but i dont have to. Its such an exausted subject, and you can all make a pretty good guess on how i feel about it. truth is, I'm tired of talking about it, as I'm sure everyone else is. Its just another rediculous situation, thesame one we've seen a million times. It'll blow over like everything else, and Hillary will go back to catching Bill in bed with hookers, and poor old Jack will go back to masturbating constantly and crying about how small his penis is. Which is, of course, probobly why he's doing this, and any other amount of trouble he's caused people who dont need it on the course of his pathetic so called, "career:"

Happy Fragging, and remember what TheAdministrato says, "God help us all if Hillary is elected in '08.....wait....thats not advice.....who cares HILARY SUCKS!!!!!"

And through it all, we flee again to the old ways.

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Through the mounds and mounds of needless rants, unneccesary updates, and lackluster short stories, we come inevitably to, quite possibly, the very first post in my journal that will more than likely cause no one to laugh. Altough i have come to learn, over the last few weeks, that there is almost no soul around who actually reads this. But for those of you who do, and enjoy it, I am more than happy to take a few minutes out of my otherwise empty day, to briefly entertain you all. I am also happy to note, that after i complete this entry, all worthless entries, including my last by which i am eternally shamed, will be mercilessly and collectively deleted in one massive journal entry cou de' gras. Now on to my entry.

Since the beginning of this week i have been inexorably fixated on WOW. Unable to tear myself away, I submit to its power, and pummel my way through Azeroth one quest at a time. I must say, for the sake of argument, that WOW is by far, the most addicting game I have ever played, even more so than my beloved Rome:Total War, which I still play by the way. Many thanks again to -Cranium, who without him, no one this would have been possible.

Also, today i finally recieved my new xbox power cord in the mail. I have a launch xbox, so obviously i needed one bad. Thanks to UPS for the quick 2 week delivery. [sarcasm] [/sarcasm]. Let me just say, THIS THING IS A MONSTER!!!! This thing has more buttions on it than the xbox itself!! -Cranium and I couldnt believe it!! Needless to say, I was glad to have it. I really wasnt buying into the "Dont worry your xbox is designed to contain a fire, if one should start inside" schtick.

Happy Fragging, and remember what TheAdministrao says, "If it has a gun, shoot it. If it has a level 12 wrath strike. Fu%$ it and run."

How do I always end up writing these so late?

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Well its been another worthwhile day here at good old Westmont, NJ. My bro came down to visit us for a few days, we went out to dinner and so we'll be heading off to swim in cranium's pool. Today i finally acquired the neccessary funds to purchase WOW. So tommrorow, that where i'll be. For those of you "out of the know" me and cranium are splitting the cost, since he'll be over my place playing it nearly as much as me. The interesting thing about that is, it was his idea. Probobly the first time in my life i've ever seen anyone offer to pay for someone else's gaming pleasure. I thank him dearly, and if your reading this cranium, you = da man.

On a related topic, I popped in my copy of WC3 this morning, the idea that i will soon be whooping things up in the 3D world of Azeroth sort of sparked some old, but sentemental memories of playing that game for the first time, and remembering how much i liked it. So after playing through the prolougue, simply for plot purposes, I started on the first campaign, the humans. Well i got a few levels into it, and started realizing how much I'd rather be playing Rome: Total War. I promptly dismissed the thought and continued. But it just kept coming back to me. I could hear the voice in my head...

"Wow, only 20 characters on screen at once?"
"Geez, the maps are so small."
"Why dont you build some colliseums and ancient world wonders? Oh, thats right you cant."
"Go ahead, rob the bank, you wont get caught."

Well, needless to say after about a half hour of that, I simply gave in, took out the Wc3 CD, and robbed the Citizens Bank down the str.....I mean i played Rome. Yup, thats what I did, all day. Played Rome....ahuh....I was home....playing Rome.....

So other than that theres not much else to report. I apologize to my 2-3 loyal readers for such a lackluster entry, but it was mostly a simple day.

Happy Fragging, and remember what TheAdministrato says, "Sometimes all you need is to get of your ass and do something. Go paint a picture, ride your bike, go base-jumping, throw rocks at police cars, rob a bank. Ya know, good quality activities."

you damn SOB's...

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Its becoming something i cant bear anymore, its eating away at me, gnawing at my brain. I feel like just screaming my head off and continuing until everyone hears what i have to say.

I Hate Devoutly Religious People.

These damn SOB"s are really starting to get to me, I'm sick of their rhethoric, I'm sick of their pompous attitudes, I'm even pretty sick of their damn yuppy faces. I'm sick of their old school and hippocritical beliefs, I'm sick of them teling me I'm wrong, and I'm sick of them trying to recruit me. I lost my faith a long time ago,and for good reason. Now I'm treated like garbage by these bastards. In America!!! in the 21st century for god's sake!!!! Its not me that needs to change its them. i have no problem whatsoever with religious people... the kind, logical,and reasonable ones. I think religion is a very good thing and its nice to have something to believe in and fall back on when times are hard. I dont have that luxury, but thats my choice, and these morons refuse to accept it. I do believe there is a world beyond our tangible world. One that we cannot see or hear or touch. But i do not believe in an intangible parent figure shaking a finger at me from up on a cloud. I listen to my head and my heart, thats religion enough for me. Its my will and my brain, and i make my own decisions about life, and stick to them. but these poeple, Like veegans......*shudders*......they are incapable of accepting or interacting normally with those that dont believe EXACTLY what they believe. Heres an example for you all:

I was sitting in keyboarding class talking to my good friend when he asked if I was getting confirmed, when i said no,the conversation went something like this...(I am "A", he is "B".)

B: Your not!!! You have to!!!
B: Becuase you......i dunno you just have to. your not religious?
A: No not at all
B: Are your parents catholic?
A: Yea
B: Then your catholic you have to be!!!! (Before i continue i just want to say this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and I play CS)
A: Dude i can decide If I'm religious or not. Besides religion isnt hereditary.
B: yes it is!!! Until your 18 you have to be a practicing catholic!!!( I want to do the roll eyes smiley but it messes up the whole page)
A: Um....right dude....yup.....*at this time I rolled my eyes and turned away to talk to my other friend. this friend didnt talk to me for the rest of the day.*

This is just an example. I deal with this stuff alot. but this kind of thing scares me too ya know? All i ever hear is that I'm going to hell, all the time. Becuase I'm not one of these morons. Plus their all over the government now adays. The American government is becoming a theocracy, and the rights of people, AMERICANS, are being pushed aside to appease the white christian population. It makes me sick. The values we were founded on, that we as a society are built on, THAT WE HAVE BEEN DYING OVER FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS to protect, are being thrown in the trash. The religious beliefs of any group, have no place in any government, especially ours. Example being:

I just posted in a thread in Goose's Garage about abortion laws in Nevada. First of all, I'm pro choice. what a woman does with her body is her business, and her choice. besides, its not 1810 anymore, theres more to life now than pro-creation, and some poeple simply do not wish to be parents, and if they make a mistake, its their right as Americans to decide whether or not to nullify that mistake. But religious groups all over, aside from being incredibly hippocritical about the whole thing, are protesting it. And of course, killing abortion doctors. thats the thing about christianity, they kill when its convinient for them, and that makes it OK. Which is just one example. Most of these christians dont even know their own religion well enough to effectively debate this topic, anyway. Or any topic for that matter.

Well thats my opinion on the whole thing.I hope I havnt offended anyone in my rant here, but if i have, you need to get over it. besides if your a religuous person who was offended...well then I'm glad, very glad.


Happy Fragging and remember what TheAdministrato says, "Fighting is never the answer, stalking is."

Too early to post...not like its worth it from the looks of things....

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It has recently come to my attention, that the basic forums of GS( meaing xbox, PC games, GGD, etc,etc) contain nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but spammers and morons. Everywhere I look my prestigeous gaming haven is being overrun by the ravenous disease we call spam. Never before had i noticed the revolting infection of useless and indifferent posts, such as, "Sorry i cant help you" and "Thats gay". Yes my friends, a thread which stated one of our fellow gamers aticipations about RE5 on the 360, a poster, who shall remain nameless, decided that all he had to do to effectively contribute to the conversation was say, "Thats Gay." I have to be honest with you all, I felt as if I as going to vomit. What scares most me is that, this only recently came to my attention in the past few days, and in those few days i could only bring myself to post about 22 times, which is far fewer than my usual talley. I believe, that i have finally gained my Gs maturity. My posts are becoming longer and more detailed, i post only in topics i am interested in, instead of just in every thread i see. And i actually report people to the mods. 4 people so far!! I dont know why, I dont even really wish to, but i do anyway. Maybe its my way to exacting revenge. The most important change however, is that my post count is no longer a problem to me. I know now that its not the post count poeple look at, well at least not what the smart poeple look at, and those are the only ones that matter. Its the the quality of your post and how well you state what you have to say. I'm pretty sure my days as a basic forum poster are over, and I feel good about it. The one thing I find especially frustrating though, is how if your doing something on these forums, chances are, is most poeple's eyes, your doing it wrong. Even if your not doing it, its wrong. Its frustrating. Someone always has a problem with what your doing. So i suppose I'll just supplement my life strategy to my forum strategy, Just do it the way you feel is right and fu&% everyone else. I guesss thats just the way i'll roll from now on.

One other thing, how god damn frustrating is the ranking system on GS? I clocked in an hour and forty minutes yesterday morning...and went up 4%.........the total for the day........4.6 level up.......9 percent............Thats......a frigging rip off. I'm sorry but it is. I commit hours and hours and hours to this site every day and dont ever feel rewarded for it. I could be doing someting meaningful, or productive, instead I'm on here, all the god damn time, helping these morons enhance there site. Contributing to the cause. Am I thanked for that? No. All i want is to level up the very least a reasonable speed. Instead i have to log in 20+ hours to level up in any significant amount. Dont get me wrong, I'm fine with leveling up slowly....IN A GAME. When i'm doing something real immersive to obtain that level. But when i'm surfing this site, and reading all the stupid crap poeple decide they want to say, and dealing with all the other crap they decide to throw into the mix, I deserve some kind of compensation for it!!

I'm done with this man, I'm tired of worrying about it. Whats the point anyway!? Even if i get to level 10, which is finally when people start taking you seriously. i'll only have to level up more after that. And its not like anyone will give a rats crack anyway.....

Done complaining now, wishing i could swear on this site. thanks for reading all 2 of you.

Another day....another unrelenting desire to game all day....

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It has recently come to my attention, that I finally have the PC power to play Rome:Total War all day without lag, and at the video settings at top quality. The moment i realized this, i beat tutorial (which you haveto beat first before you start your own campaign) and jumped on FireFox to write a quick journal entry before spending the remainder of the day destroying the civilaizations of old to make way for the age of prosperity, the age of ROME. This game, since november, has been my chief gaming outlet. Taking up hundreds of hours of my life as I annihalate the enemies of the glory and splendor of ROME. It has been an amazing expieriance through and through, and even after my 3rd completion of HL2, I still consider it one of the greatest games of all time. I've always been a real "buff" on ancient warfare, and an avid RTS gamer, so this game is almost perfect for me. Before this game came out, i would watch the history channel and plan out how, if i were in Varus' shoes, i would have defeated the Germans at the Battle of Tuetorburg Forest (geek alert), now i can actually test my strategy. And just for the record, I won.

I know this is coming a little late....just about 8 months, but never in my life have i been more obsessed with anything. This is without a doubt the only game I've ever played more than 2 months after purchase....And now i leave you, to spend the next 8 hours conquering the known world, for the people of Rome.


Also before i forget, I apllied for a job yesterday. Pray for me....

Happy Fragging, and Remember what TheAdministrato says, "Your only a geek if you get A's, so that makes most of us......3 times....not geek.....C student.........:|............."
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