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Ouya game review




1 minute to infinite hours long


Endless jumper


Stalagflight is a mix of the usual and unique. As many games before it, you jump upwards and the goal is to not fall or you die. The fun part and what makes this game stand out is that you jump onto platforms of falling rubble, which you than have to rotate to gather momentum and throw yourself upwards to the next piece of life-saving earth falling from the sky. It is quite addictive and can be played with up to 4 players couch multi-player with Ouya or Ps3 controllers. Highly reccommended.


8.5 out of 10

Ouya game reviews

I have been gleefully enjoying my Ouya console for a number of weeks now and feel I have gleaned a list of games worth playing. 




5 to 6 hours long


Third-person cover shooter


Think Gears of war, but 1/12 as expensive and also about 1/12 as good.

Solid in pretty much all aspects, but dosen't excel in anything really. I did

encounter a handful of bugs during my two play-throughs, but they were nothing

to game destroying. Overall an enjoyable romp and a great way to clear the brain

of complicated thoughts and worries. Shadowgun is dumb-fun, but it is still quite fun.


7.5 out of 10



Resistance: Burning skies review

Resistance: Burning skies does not fit into the lore of the franchise in a satisfying way. You play an under developed hero named Tom Riley, a fire-fighter living in 1951 when aliens invade earth. You have a wife and daughter, but you see them maybe twice throughout the game, and they are hardly mentioned. The story overall is not bad, but the story that should have been the main focus....YOURS is practically non-existent. You are however treated to a fairly entertaining yarn of the invasion of North America by your alien adversaries, the chimeran, how hard life is, and how sad things have really become. Short broadcast clips over the radio, documents you find laying about, and cinematic clips between levels do the bulk of the story telling, and it isn't half bad. The tale of the fire-fighter fighting for the human race, his wife and child, things that could have been gripping, simply are not. The story does go to some dark places, but ultimately isn't the reason the game should be played. The best thing to come of the story is an excuse to swing an ax and do some fun fireman-like things. You will chop down doors, save people from burning buildings, and escape some fun sequences of terror while reminding you that you are in fact a trained fireman, so that is fun.
The gameplay is really where the meat of the game is, and that is something to be thankful for. The game plays well and feels very competent as far as dual stick first person shooters go. You will often forget you are playing on a handheld, which is truly awesome. The usual trademark guns from the franchise are here, but some new ones are really a joy to play with. You will wield a shot-gun/crossbow hybrid, which is truly genius, shoot through walls, place trackers on enemies that make every bullet land right where you want, as well as melee those ugly chimera right in the face with an ax. You will do some touch screen antics as well, but most of it is pretty obvious and standard use, touch door to open, touch to shoot rocket, touch to shoot tracker, touch to shoot grenade, touch get the idea. There are fun touch screen uses however, like pulling back the string on your crossbow to shoot an explosive bolt, or pulling your thumbs apart to bring up a shield, and even tapping the back touch panel to run (which is a great use). The developer had some fun with the vita's hardware. Overall the gameplay in Resistance: Burning skies is top notch.
The visuals are a mixed bag, but are mostly quite great. The visual style sits between resistance: fall of man and resistance 2, being more gritty like the former, but being a but cartoony like the latter. The visual quality definitely leans more towards early ps3 like resistance: fall of man.
The sound design isn't lacking, but it dosen't jump at you either, it is serviceable, gets the job done, in and out, very workman-like. The orchestral sections are pulled straight from earlier installments and are used sparingly, while things like gunshots and lasery doo-hickies sound very generic, but good overall, nothing to write home about.
Multi-player on a handheld that dosen't suck, hallelujah! Think resistance mixed with call of duty light. You go up ranks, get new guns and attachments, upgrades, augments, the usual first person shooter multi-player affair, but it is in your hands and that is awesome! There are all of the guns from the single player, as well as all of the upgrades, there are about 6 maps as far as I could tell (you cannot choose which map you want to play on), and there are three modes. As far as modes go, there is team deathmatch, deathmatch, and survival, which is where you play as one of either a human squad, or the single chimeran trying to kill the squad of humans, the twist is that if you are the chimeran and kill a human, they join your team in killing humans, and if you are a human, you simply need to survive the onslaught for 5 minutes. Think of the multi-player as a bit sized package as far as content go's, but console quality. The action can get intense and is very fun really. I enjoyed my 10 or so hours online so far, and plan on playing quite a bit more in the near future.
All in all, Resistance: Burning skies is a great game that could have been fantastic. If the single player had more heart, the visuals were a bit sharper, the sound design more dynamic, the multi-player more plentiful, this could have been a block-buster, but instead it is solid. You will be entertained by the single-player, than excited by the multi-player, than you will ultimately move onto brighter pastures. It is simply sad to say that you won't miss out by not playing this game, but you will also absolutely not regret it if you so choose to step into the shoes of a fire-fighter named Tom, too bad you won't come away caring about his tale, no matter how entertaining.

Single-player= 7.5

Give it a try.

My review for New super mario Bros. Wii.

New super mario bros. Wii is a fun game. Out right and in most cases, mario platformers are the most fun of all platformers, this is the case with this newest iteration of mario on wii. Mario really is a fun game, and I don't mean kinda fun, I mean REALLY REALLY fun, which is really what most people are after in games isn't it? If you like fun, and own a wii, go ahead and buy New super mario bros. Wii, but know that it has its issues. There arn't any bugs or glitches, or any real problems with what is in this mario, but there are fundimental flaws in what is expected in a modern game and what we got with this new mario. There are plenty of levels, all of which I enjoyed, theres not a sour apple in the bunch of the 80 or so levels. However more than a few of the levels are quite short, only taking a minute or two to complete. And the all around flair of the levels are kept to a minimum, which is expected on Nintendos console, but you can't help but compare this new mario wii game to its DS counter-part released not to long ago. They look almost identical in visuals, which is out-right rediculous when the DS is comparable to a N64 in power. And the four player mode is outright stupid. It can be fun for a few laughs, but its really not a mode you will want to play the whole game in. Two player is even a little odd to play because you can't help but end up killing eachother by accident because you occupy physical space, making squeezing onto ledges hard in two play and in most cases, out right impossible with four players. Although I can't slam the multi-player mode to much, because you can always play mario by yourself, which is most fun. BUT I can't help but question Nintendo on a few more things. Why are the playable charecters Mario, Luigi, and TWO generic Toads? Why wasn't it Mario, Luigi, Wario and Peach? I just find it strange that Nintendo would cop-out so lazily like that. But worse than that, there is no online mode to speak of, no leaderboards, no stat tracking, no multi-player, of either 4, 3 or even 2 players. Why not have these basic staples of modern video-gaming present in a big first party game? Also, after the lengthy and fun single-player there is little to come back to. Sure you could say that there are the gold coins to collect and videos to buy, but really even after I unlocked EVERYTHING, I mean all the levels, coins, secret path ways, videos, everything in the game, it took me about 12 hours to do it all. And I didn't cheat and look all the coins online or in a guide. But even after I state all these issues, New super mario bros wii is still fun, REALLY REALLY fun and if you don't mind just getting bare bones mario, its a blast while it lasts.

Modern warfare 2 review

My opinion of modern warfare 2, in finalreview form----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Modern warfare 2 is an AMAZING experience. It has an explosive and very epic single-player, while very short. Multi-player is unmatched in its addictive qualities and customization and a fun, if a bit disappointing co-op mode where you play short little challenges that you can replay for more stars and high scores. The visuals in MW2 are a bit of a mixed bag, there are probably more things going on in this game than any other game ever, this is amazing to behold, but it often leads to deaths that feel cheap because you have no idea what is happening. There are grenades, dozens of enemies, flash bangs, explosions, tons of geometry and lots of visual effects. While it is great to see such a varied and out right cool single-player experience, I found that there were just too many things happeneing, its an odd complaint, but it is warrented. But one thing I did notice is that the majority of the textures in the game are out-right ugly and blurry, Im running the game in 1080p on a high end hugh plasma tv. This, however, dosen't really matter because you are never given a moment of silence in the game so you more or less are not allowed to stop and smell the roses. Also while it is great that they packed sooo much stuff into the single-play at one time, everything is a bit overwhelming and as a result of such a compact and intense single-player, the game is very very short. I beat the game in just under 5 hours and I was NOT rushing at all and I died quite a few times. On a speed run I bet you could beat the game in under 2 hours. However brief the game is it is very fun and it dosen't overstay its welcome. The sound in MW2 is top-notch just for its impact of guns, explosions and cool distortion depending on where sounds are coming from, while the sound effects are great, the music score is over shadowed and thus the only real time it comes into effect is in the "cut scenes" which are short de-briefings of the mission you are about to enter. These story segments are done completely on a big map of the world, zooming into different parts of the world as they are mentioned by the narrator. These short moments between gameplay are not flashy, they are not pretty, they do not tell a very good story and are just a distraction as the next mission loads. The story overall in MW2 is outright stupid and shallow, there is a bad Russian guy who is evil, you see him maybe twice and he is mentioned only maybe a half-dozen times, kinda odd for the main story plot and interest (the bad guy) to be such a little part of what is happening. And what exactly is happening? Well MW2 takes a much less believable path than the previous game, there are pivotal and really cool set pieces, some of which you are only a passive observer only able to move your head. There are some truly epic moments in MW2 but there are also plenty of missions that you could tell had NOTHING to do with the plot of the game, they are simply there to be cool moments, and yes, they are awsome. The single-player, while short, does its job or at least it tries, to tell a story.
The co-op mission mode, while fun, is very very hard, you will most likely never see them all. This isn't because there are alot of them or because they are particularly long, but because they are so damn hard. They are fun and it can be addictive to try and get more stars in a certain mission or get a higher score. There are enough of these missions to suck up a dozen hours or so if you really get into them, but only because they are close to impossible on the harder difficulties, in the later levels. They are fun and a welcome addition to the franchise.
Now for multi-player, I will say righ now that if you are a casual gamer, DO NOT buy MW2 because the multi-player is the best part of MW2 and it will blow your mind and it is also the hardcore of hardcore games online. You will be slaughtered if you are not an avid FPS fan. There are so many maps, modes, gameplay mechanics, unlockables, guns, tactics that anyone who just wants to hop online for a try will be very discouraged by just how complex and NOT accessible this game really is. Now if you are into FPS games and do play games alot, you will fall in love with just how amazing the online experience really is, If I was reviewing the online just by itself, I would give MW2 a 10/10 easily. Now not to say it is perfect, it is head and shoulders above most every game online, but there are some spawning issues, where you are often placed right in front of another player, resulting in an UNAVOIDABLE death, or the IFFY jump mechanic where I found it to be pretty robotic. Those are small gripes with an online game that is just so fun that while it isn't perfect it is a game that could easily such a year or two worth of time off your life.
Now to sum up MW2, it has a fun, epic, while very short single-player.
There is a new co-op mission mode that is a fun diversion with enough missions to satisfy most people, but is light on features and gets to hard in the latter half. And there is an amazing and unmatched multi-player mode that will make casual gamers cry in frustration while it will make hardcore FPS fans cry for joy.

My uncharted 2 review.

This is my review for uncharted 2, tell me if you think I went overboard or maybe Im correct.-----------------------------------------------------------------

What do you get when a game comes out and is the greatest looking game ever, has a fantastic musical score, some of the best story/charecters/acting/voice-acting, in any game ever? Not to mention that the single-player is longer, has better quality, has more treasures, is more varied than its previous game, has amazingly well thought out multi-player, both competitive as well as TWO co-op modes which include both a story based mission mode that is separate from single-player, along side an extensive and addictive horde/firefight esque arena mode? You get the greatest game ever made. If uncharted 2 were only single-player I would give it a 9.5, because its longer than most shooters single-player (from 9-12 hours) because its sooo well thought out from the interesting story, gripping music score, fantastic acting, (both physical and voice) epic action and mesmorizing visuals all snow-ball into not only a game that every playstation owner MUST buy, but anyone who is into gaming at all should buy a PS3 just to experience this fantastic piece of entertainment magic! But unchated dosen't only offer a single-player like its previous game, but it has an extensive multi-player experience as well. It has competitive multi-player with 11 or so maps, half a dozen modes for that. Co-op missions (many many hours of them) and an arena mode that i personaly find even more addictive than horde mode in gears. Uncharted 2 is a fantastic package of both a gripping single-player and addictive multi-player. Probably the most impressive part of uncharted 2 is its MASSIVE set pieces. There is a train level that spans 3 environments (jungle, a tunnel and a frostbit mountain range, in which you are being chased by a helicopter that ends in the coolest looking train crash of all time, not only in games but that has ever happened ever. There is also a level that you are hopping onto different trucks as they race past eachother crashing, falling off cliffs and exploding in amazing ways. There are a good dozen moments in uncharted 2 that will make your jaw drop. Sure, most top-tier shooters have a few moments that stick out and are memorable but for uncharted 2, the ENTIRE game sticks out and is very memorable. The greatest game ever, is undoubtedly Uncharted 2.