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Oculus Rift getting "erotic adventure game" Wicked Paradise

It's too bad most people in the United States don't have the maturity to take a sex game seriously. This is a big deal if it actually happens. Its an idea that crossed my mind a few months after news about the oculus started to spread. Sex is a huuuuuuge part of life and for some reason Americans like to keep it a secret. Sex has never found its way into mainstream games because the console makers are afraid to touch it and publishers won't promote a game with sex despite there being huge demand. The industry needs to remember what happened when Sony didn't embrace porn with betamax. If this game is ever finished Valve needs to show they really are the developers game company and PUT IT ON STEAM.

Disney is putting the Fantasia name on a Kinect game.

Disney is putting the Fantasia name on a Kinect game.

So, the original Fantasia was one of the greatest movies ever,  gave animators massive freedom to be creative, was very controversial, did not make money for years, and most importantly used timeless music written by the most significant musical minds who ever lived. Fantasia has gone on to be one of the most beloved and enduring movies off all time across wildly varied demographics. 

This game uses flavor of the week songs, is designed to make a profit in its first week, is made to be a kid friendly, and will only appeal to people under 20.

When I read the title of this article I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement. Imagining an interactive experience in settings as compelling as the dinosaur segment based on Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, or The Devil segment based on Modest Mussorgsky Night on Bald Mountain. That wont happen. Its a shame Disney doesn't have enough respect for there own franchise to not put its name on a product that does not come from the same creative experimental place as its great predecessor.