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My games' progress are gone

Hi, Almost all the games saves of my progress on my hard drive are gone. I don't delete any game save for a game I have played. The only two that haven't disappeared yet is Gears 2 and Fallout 3.
RE5, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, Vegas, Vegas 2, and many others. Just poof disappeared. I haven't played them in a while, but that's not a reason for them to go missing.

Any ideas? Has it happened to anyone?

Explain to me

Can someone explain to me why those dough bags at GS haven't reviewed Army Of Two or Bully yet? It isn't like they will give it a good score. Damn those lazy bastards.

I'm done with Game Spot.

I'm not kiddin'. I'm not goin' to post on this bias forums and site ever again. BioShock takes 9.0? Come on, don't think the score isn't good, it is just that not legit. See what Jeff did in his review is talk every body out of buyin' this game. Don't believe me? Think why did he only concentrate mostly on the bad part of the game? Shouldn't he present both sides? Writin' two or so paragraph about how good it is and then the rest about what it lacks is just flat out off the wall b*** s***. The wayI see it Jeffdidn't want a game with no multiplayer to have a higher score than Halo 3. That's just the reason why it got such a score. Again it isn't a bad score it is just not the score the game deserves. call me a fan boy call me what you want to call me, I think this what Jeff what exactly thinkin' before he wrote the review.

I hope Game Spot goes down and never back up.


BioShock will earn Game Of The Year title.

See the game is not out yet and it is gettin' great reviews. Check it out:

BioShock at metacritic.comgot 98/100


Official Xbox Magazine (UK) 100/100
"Amazingly written and beautifully constructed, it's a complete emotional rollercoaster which we can't drawn any parallels with...You'll be playing this game for months to come, exchanging story elements to build up the bigger picture, and arguing about what it all means."


Eurogamer Review 10/10
"It takes the tired, worn-out FPS genre by the scruff of the neck, reinvents and bends it out of shape in such a breathtaking fashion that it's going to take something very special to top this in the months and years ahead."


Gameinformer 10/10
"It's ingenious, enthralling, and a masterpiece of the most epic proportions. In terms of delivering chilling atmosphere, dynamic combat, and startling revelations, games just don't come any better than BioShock."


Gametap 10/10
"BioShock is one of the few games that I've reviewed in my entire career that I feverishly want to go back through and play again"


1up 10/10
". . . . . an experience that's richly and utterly complete, and one that engages the player in a constant dialogue, BioShock is virtually unassailable."

Games Radar 10/10

"A mesmerising masterpiece of horror, the only glaring weakness we can find in BioShock is that it may be too unusual, too original, too artistic and too genius to be embraced by the general public"


GamePro 5/5
"It leaves its mark on a genre that has its fair share of memorable titles and it does it with ****and panache. It is easily one of the best games of the year"


Gamespy 5/5
"An unparalleled achievement. No other game comes even remotely close to it in terms of raw emotional connection."

-------------------------------------- A
"There's nothing which will make you ever want to stop playing; you'll simply curse under your breath and get on with killing Splicers and hunting Little Sisters."


IGN 9.7/10
"BioShock stands as a monolithic example of the convergence of entertaining gameplay and an irresistibly sinister, engrossing storyline that encompasses a host of multifaceted characters. This is an essential gaming experience."


Teamxbox 9.5/10
"It's inventive and entertaining, with a number of twists and unexpected situations that'll have you on the edge of your seat...It's rare to find a game that has both quality in its engineering and quality in its gameplay."


PC Gamer (UK) 9.5/10 ( as upped on games radar)
"Succeeds so Stunningly on three fronts: narrative, emergence, and a sense of place. If another game did just one of these as well as BioShock, it would immediately qualify as a ****c. When a game comes along that does all three, we can only be baffled and thankful."

Xbox World 360 9.4/10
"It's a gruelling game of resource management, and as the ammunition dries up, you end up having to improvise. And more often than not, Bioshock will reward you heavily for thinking outside the box."


Average Score from 13 Reviews 98.5%


Also according to"BioShock is the highest rated game off all time, Overtaking "the legend of zelda Ocinara of time"."

Confirmed: A Bioshock demo will surface


"With Bioshock's release less than a month away, the biggest question on most people's minds is whether or not we'll be seeing a game demo released before the game comes out. Well, thanks to our friends over at the German video game rating board (the USK), we can pretty much confirm one will be released. Over on the USK website, they've posted a rating for what is called a "Bioshock Demo" along with the standard Bioshock game. So, that pretty much confirms a Bioshock demo will be coming out and since it has already been rated in Germany one would think it would be releasing relatively soon, possibly before August 21st. We'll be waiting patiently on the Marketplace's blade, waiting for a glimpse of a Big Daddy, and waiting for our Bioshock demo.

[Via 360gamer, Thanks Tom Coakes]"