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Discover the Easy Way to a Wireless Home

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I got an email today from Apple telling me about all their new wireless products. They had brand new wireless mice, keyboards, laptops, printers, wireless portable devices, adapters to bring the wirelessness with you on a trip. This got me thinking. How are all these wireless products going to affect me? Everywhere around me everything is wireless and has been so for quite some time. My cell phone is wireless. When i sitt down to watch TV my sound system is wireless, all the remotes i use are wireless (of course), I recieve the TV broadcast wirelessly through an antenna on top of my TV. My 360 connects wirelessly to my wireless router, i use my wireless controller to play the game. When I'm tired of playing i sometime watch a movie which i stream wirelessly from my laptop, wich is one of two laptops in my apartment that is connected wirelessly to my wireless router. On top of that i connect wirelessly with my DS to go online, keyboard and mouse are both not using wires. Even my home phone is a cordless one. I imagine many people have it like this. Most of us are using wireless products regularly. I wonder how this all is going to effect us. Cause it can't be healthy for us can it? I have a feeling that there isn't nearly enough history behind this totally wireless age we are living in to be a 100% sure that nothing bad is going to come out of this. We will all just have to wait and see I guess.

Worst day for a Red Ring of Death ever?

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I woke up this morning realising that this is the day. THE day. GTA IV has probably arrived. Sure thing, after checking out the insides of my mailbox i find that it contains my brand new copy of the much awaited game. I call in sick for work and fire up the game. Almost trembling with excitment i play through about an hour of the game before realising that this is the best game i played in a very long time! Then i have to turn of the Xbox and run to the store to get some stuff for later. When i get back, about 30 minuter later, i fire up the game again, gets to play aprox 20 seconds before the system locks up. After trying to get is to work for hours, calling the support and so forth, i get the dreaded RED RING. The support person tells me that they will repair everything for free. But what good does that do me now? I still have to wait two to three weeks before playing GTA IV again. Of all the days my 360 could have decided to do this to me, it had to pick today...

Games I love never make it

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The games I really love never make it. I don't know if the fact that I like a game is the kiss of death, or if the fact that the game didn't sell well made me like the game more than it deserves. I don't know but here is a list of games that is one my top-10-best-games-ever-made-in-the-history-of-video-games that didn't make it.

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)
I gave this game a 9.6. I played it in one long sitting when it first was released and loved every second of it. I played it multiple times after that to get all the alternative endings. It's a great game that so far isn't planned to follow up on. If you don't count Heavy Rain, that no one knows anything about...

Beyond Good & Evil
Another 9.6 game. Before this game was released I read everything I could about it in various video game magazines. I especially remember one article where the writer told about the awesome feeling of going along the river in your little boat, with the sun glaring in the water when suddenly enormous whales rose to the surface and followed the boat for while before vanishing again into the depth. They described an open ended GTA-like sci-fi game on water. Where you could go to the moon and back if you wanted. Where the environment and the ocean was full of life. For me that is exactly what Beyond Good & Evil is. No one would be happier than me if we saw a sequel to this game.

Max Payne & Max Payne 2
Got a 9.4 and 9.1 from me. A lot of games tried to do what the Max Payne did, but no one succeeded. They all fail to realize that the is so much, much more to the Max Payne series than shooting guns in slow motion. It's the story, the characters, the atmosphere. If only we get something like Max Payne in the coming game Alan Wake. But I doubt it.

This got a 9.3. I know it has a sequel. And that it was heavily censored. I also know that there is no news what so ever on the Manhunt 2 in Europe situation. It just makes me pissed that there is a sequel to a game that I like, but I can't play it cause some politicians worry that it might not be good for me. Just give me my friggin game before I cut you with my sickle. ;)

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
I gave the game 9.1 out of 10. It's just sick how good this game is. It might not have gotten the highest score of all the games I wrote about here. But that's because this game has a lot of bugs. It had to be rushed out the door to make a holiday release. It was full of little bugs and didn't sell well at all. Shortly after the studio that made it had to be closed. This is the most hopeless case of all the games. VtmB will never get a sequel. But it is also the game I love the most. So well done and such atmosphere! A true piece of art when it comes to games! If there actually was a gaming God, we would get another Bloodlines game.

Speaking of art. This little game got a 9.1 from me. Probably the best game I ever played on my original Xbox. And without a doubt the best game available on Xbox Live Arcade, as an Original Xbox Game. Even though I would love to get a sequel to Psychonauts. The developers are currently working on a new game called Brutal Legend. My hopes are sky high that Brutal Legend will be a great game in the same spirit as Psychonauts was. Psychonauts was just too good not to live on. Got to stay positive about this one.

Freedom Fighters
9.2 from me and 9.3 from GameSpot. A Danish game where you play as a rebel group that tries to defend the U.S. from invading Russian troops. It's an awesome squad-based, third person, tactical shooter who was supposed to get a spiritual successor in Kane and Lynch, but never really got it. From what I can understand Freedom Fighters sold well, the studio apparently just decided not to make another game. They might be busy making all those Hitman games. At least I hope they keep that up!

No games for Christmas

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I realise that Christmas was a while ago now. But since it's not even a month ago, and it my blog I decided to write about it anyway. As the topic suggests I didn't get any games for Christmas this year. Not a single one.
I don't understand why it's so hard for people to give me games. I really have to be clear with people that, yes I really want a video game, even though I am technically an adult now. I didn't grow out of them, I still play them every day and I still want more of them. Most people still associate games with kids, and buying one for an adult is just silly. Either way it doesn't matter. I got lots of good stuff and I'm really happy with everything. But next year I want more games and less books people.

Games of this Holiday Season

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Mass Effect was finally reviewed and looking at all the games I wanted a couple of weeks ago. It now seems as most of them aren't really that indispensable.

Assasins Creed: Well, this seems to be the only game that's truly a must have this season. With a concept that appeals to me and amazing reviews from every source. Clearly #1 this christmas.

Kane and Lynch - Dead Men: I've been looking forward to this game like crazy. In the end, according to the reviews, this is is a game that I probably should miss. If this game was created by any other studio than IO, creators of Hitman and Freedom Fighters I probably would have. But there is just something about Kane and Lynch I cant let go off. This will end up in my collection, after a price cut of course.

The Orange Box: Already bought it, and loved it. If there is just one game you should buy this years its The Orange Box. Five incredible games for the price of one. All the games in this compilation are the best I've ever played in its respective genre. FPS, Puzzle and Online-Multiplayer FPS. I just wish they'd do another box when Half-Life: episode 3, portal 2 and Team Fortress 3 is released.

Mass Effect: I haven't played anything of this yet, not even a demo. But according to all my sources this game has it share of flaws. In my book, that means that I have to wait a couple of months and wait for it to get properly patched before I go anywere nears this. I love my rpgs and I do not want my experience to be ruined because the game is not yet finished.

Army of Two: This game just looks awesome. After the dissapointing reviews of Kane & Lynch this seems to be the next CO-OP game to look forward to. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next year to play this.

Manhunt 2:
Am I buying Manhunt 2 this year? It's up to a couple of things: #1 How censored will the european version be? If it is as censored as the american one, I won't buy. #2 Will Manhunt 2 even be released here before christmas? I'm checking release dates evey day and it just says 4th quarter 07. Also: No, just becase it's banned in the UK doesn't mean it's banned in the entire EU.

Someone stole my Dead Rising

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I moved with my girlfriend to a new apartment recently. Since we came here i bought a new HD TV and I´ve been dying to try out Dead Rising on it. But I haven't found the game in any of the boxes we used to move our stuff in. Today I looked through EVERYTHING and i found all my games except Dead Rising. They were all together, neatly packed just like I left them. I checked my list of games and all of the games are there. Except Dead Rising. How come I cant find it? The only explanaition for this, is that some of the people who helped us pack, stole it. Were could it be otherwise? If any of you out there have any clairvoyance in you, please use it and locate my Dead Rising. I wanna play it.

So many games. So little money.

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This holiday season is gonna be great! Tons of new games coming out and I want them all. The games I look forward to the most are:

Assasins Creed
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
The Orange Box
Mass Effect
Army of Two
Manhunt 2

But I don't know which game to get. I can only afford to treat myself to 1 game before christmas. And I have to choose wisely. I'm leaning towards Kane & Lynch, cause I loved the Hitman games and Freedom Fighters is just mindblowingly awesome. But if I choose to buy Mass Effect I would probably have a game that could entertain me throug several months. Same with The Orange Box, but I already played Half-Life and Half-Life: episode 1. Assasins Creed would give me a long awaited stealth fix. And Army of Two just seems plain awesome. Don't know what to do.

Oh, and I changed banner!

PS. Oh yeah, the reason I want Manhunt 2: It's gonna be even gorier this time around. DS.

Windows Live Messenger on XBL?

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When I first heard that the spring update of the Xbox 360 would make it possible for me to add my MSN contacts I. WAS. STOKED! I couldn't wait for it to happen. And the little keypad/keyboard that fits under the gamepad, made it even better! Right when the spring update came, I ran home and installed it right away. Everything worked and not ten minutes later I was chatting away with my friends and family while playing Battlefield 2.

It didn't take me long however, to realise that I do NOT want my MSN contacts on my 360. Especially not now, when I don't have a decent way of replying. It's incredibly annoying having people wanting to chat with you about non-game related stuff when ur playing. It's not like you can just quickly reply: "Hold on, I'm just gonna finish up this boss and then we can talk." Cause that sentence would take you 25 minutes to write with the stupid controller. I hate Windows live messenger on XBL. I'm not using it again until the keypad is released.

Level TwentyONE!

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Finally! I've been stuck in the level 20 glitch forever, since LONG before christmas. Well I'm finally past it and I'm celebrating with a new banner! Happy Twentyone day everybody!
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