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My opinion on Modern Military shooters

So as many of you probably know, currently the most popular genre of FPS games is the Modern Military shooters such as Call as Call of duty. Now although this may be the most popular, it definitely isn't the best as it takes away some basic mechanics which i believe should be present in all FPS games. First off would be the ADS feature. Now in games like Halo, you can aim down a scope but it's only really used for long range encounters and you can normally kill people easier by not scoping in and moving while shooting, but in Modern Military shooters it almost useless to move and shoot at the same time and instead it's either you ADS, making your movement incredibly slow, or you hip fire and die because your bullets go flying everywhere. Another huge mechanic in shooters that i believe should almost always be present is allowing you to really fight back and have a small firefight between the 2 players going up against each other. In games like Call of duty and Medal of Honor its really just a fight over who sees who first, where as in Halo if i see you first you still have a high chance of killing me due to longer kill times. So all in all i feel like the arena style shooter is dying and find that on consoles the only one that still remains to live with a fairly high player base and well sized community is Halo, and that Modern Military shooters really leave out some mechanics that really made FPS's so great, and i really hope that Arena shooters have a good comeback and become the dominant FPS in the market.