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For about two months now, no matter where I'm at on this site, all videos play for a few seconds and then pause. The sound runs smooth though. I've tried reducing the video quality setting but that doesn't help. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Yeah, I was looking for the Install option when you press X for more info of the game. I finally hit play game, and then the install started. Derp by me.


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Just got GTA5, and I'm not given the option to install disc 1 - the install disc. I've got 42.2GB free, and it's a fat Modern Warfare 2 console.

What gives?

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@ThePhantomGamer Yeah people are REALLY overreacting to this check-in thing. They make it sound like you're an ex-con and the XBox One is your probation officer.

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@cheesie Yeah, my 360 is connected to my router. When I turn it on, I have it set to sign in to XBL automatically. There's actually no sense in not connecting to XBL even when you're just browsing the dashboard or playing a single player game. You'd assume that people would want to be connected to XBL so they can see when friends are online or when they sign in or message or invite you. I don't leave my 360 on constantly. I wonder if you'll need to keep your console on for it to automatically check in for you, or it could do it in a standby mode. Standby mode would make the most sense. I don't see why people are so concerned about this check-in thing anyway. Let's all just remember that things can change between now and XBox One's release.

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I'm getting an XBox One no matter what, but after reading and searching all over I can't seem to find a definitive answer to two questions.

What exactly happens if you don't check in every 24 hours? I don't play my 360 everyday. Sometimes, I might finish a game and then not turn on my 360 for two, three, five days or even a week. The same thing is going to happen when I get the One. What happens?

Are the 360 and One gamers able to play online with each other? I know the One isn't backwards compatible, but that wouldn't matter if everyone had their own system and game. Any info?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm getting my youngest nephew the $150 4GB Skylanders bundle for Christmas. I knew, as of last year's update, that you could now use a 16GB flash drive from Sandisk for downloading games and installing DLC. I just read on Microsoft's offical forum that a 32GB flash drive is now allowed, although you couldn't get one from Sandisk.

So, should I be safe and just get him the 16GB Sandisk one or is there a 32GB flash drive from some other brand that is pretty reliable working with the 4GB 360? I don't want him to get upset if he loses data because the drive is not reliable enough. He won't be moving the drive from system to system, moving his profile around or carrying his saved games with him. This will be his 360 for his room, as they have two other systems in the house.

Any suggestions on a 32GB drive? Thanks in advance!

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Double XP would be 200 per kill.
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I'm in Act 2 now, I guess, and I've got almost everything complete in both morningstar districts. I'm 97% in control. Everything is lit up purple, except this one area near the highway, north of the penthouse a little ways. I know it's a gang activity becase everything on the checklist over that district is at max except gang operation which sits at 7 out of 8.


Anyone know where this is?