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Largest Modern Gaming Problem #1-Single Player C(rap)ampaign

Ah...The Modern World of Gaming. To live in such a place is to live in a heaven full of devils. We are surrounded by the joys of incredible graphics, games for all ages, and numerous technological advancements daily. But alas, not all is well in nirvana. I will stop talking like Confucius and put this plainly. Single player modes are becoming lame, 5-hour modes where you slog from repetitive mission to repetitive mission. games nowadays all seem to have a multiplayer mode tacked on, whether it works or not. Games like Counterstrike and Modern Warfare (1) are examples. They featured extraordinarily spectacular multiplayer modes and to this day are continued to be played by thousands of fans. Then, devs realized something. If they slap on a multiplayer mode of some sort, they believe their game will be a success. Take the Resident Evil series. What used to be known as the greatest single player horror-shooter ever, it now has a multiplayer mode, and it isn't "bad", but the single player could have been a lot better.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had an extremely lengthy game with great replay value, and had exactly ZERO multiplayer. Is this bad? No, and it experienced HUGE success.

A game like Team Fortress 2, on the other hand, had exactly ZERO singleplayer. What it did have though, was an immersive and incredible depth of multiplayer.

This isn't always the case, but sometimes, a game should just have one mode, and make that one helluva mode. Games with dreams of becoming the "greatest 300+ hour campaign and a multiplayer 6x as good as CS" are often found in the gutter, with a rushed SP and a shallow MP, after being crushed by the ever-growing machine known as the game industry.

Devs, remember the K.I.S.S. rule.

Until next time, cheers ;)

Will G4=Lifetime?

Ahh...G4. A great channel for geeks and gamers alike. It would be to a nerd as a pickup truck would be to a redneck IF they didn't show a finely assorted pile of &%$# all the time. Check a channel guide on G4, and most likely you will see that there is AT LEAST 6 hours of Cops or Cheaters on each day. And that's catching a good day. On Sundays, they show massive blocks of that &%$# constantly, save the occasional Ninja Warrior. It seems that the channel's main shows, X-Play and Attack of the Show! are rarely on. At least Lost or Heroes had a purpose, and they were sort of cool. But why watch that when you can tune in to see a guy acting as an intoxicated person, harassing a fake cop? Why watch video game reviews and news, when you can watch middle-aged people spy on each other and then *&#@% and complain for a half-hour? Heck, we should just get rid of X-Play and AOTS entirely. We could replace them with The View! Why not add Judge Judy and Days of our Lives as well? G4, replace Cops and Cheaters with old showings of X-Play and AOTS. Bring back Arena, Judgement Day, and CinemaTech. But whatever the #$** you do G4, do it for us god**** nerds.