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Our last hope.

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I'll buy the 2nd season on ps4 when it's $15

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So ready for this weekend.

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why am I just now watching World War Z?

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So tempted to buy that resogun dlc

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@amazonangry said:

I agree with him.

I can agree with him too but I can also say that developers wouldn't even get the money if other gamers didn't watch these channels online and end up buying the games themselves.

I wouldn't have been interested in the Batman games until I watched a few parts of a walkthrough and liked what I saw and ended up buying the game myself hence giving the developer money.


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@anime_gamer007 said:

@MrSelf-Destruct said:

Holy shit. Did he just fulton a goat!? lol

Also, wow. Phantom Pain looks crazy good.

And the knock is back! You can even do it anywhere you want with Big Boss's sick robot arm. You happy now? :P

Man, I don't have the words to express how freakin' excited I got when I saw that! But just watching this gameplay demo gave me a much more MGS vibe than I got from the GZ ones. Maybe I've gotten over some of the changes? Whatever. I'm all in. Also, the Mass Effect-esque way in which you can communicate with unique characters on Motherbase is very cool. Hopefully, they have a decent amount of dialog and some insight into each of your missions. All in all, this game looks phenomenal. Gimme.

That demo alone puts some games to shame. I can only imagine how the game will turn out.

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MGSV PP after watching the 30min Demo today

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@Grey_Eyed_Elf: I like it though, I take MGS game serious at times and have fun with it when they give me the opportunity..... Kojima does a good job at mixing it up.

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Sorry if it started at 1:20 for you guys.... Kinda a noob at creating topics