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BF4 Plat

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Believe it or not but I actually enjoyed the campaign in BF4.

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I would have to agree with you on this one. Sony has been lacking on the update front of things.

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Tried out Destiny, I like it so far. It feels good control wise. I can tell it may take me a little while to understand how everything works out.

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"We up-resed textures, we also turned on various graphics features that, on the PS3 we could only afford to turn on here and there in certain spots where it really offered bang for the buck, and in some cases those are turned on across the board now, like the bounce light from the flashlight," they said. "There's better anti-aliasing. Just a host of graphical improvements that bring a lot of crispness and additional quality to the look of the game."

"Our goal with the Remaster was to keep it as a 'true' remaster. Even though we had some ideas, we wanted to really just focus on keeping the same core experience. We dove into a couple things, like the new features with the PS4 controller."

Yeah, guys... that sounds like a very poor excuse to me, if anyone wants to play the original game, it's right there, it exists, it's still being sold, it's barely a year old, it's not even rare to find. With the recent spate of news about this game, The Last of Us on PS4 is increasingly coming off to me as a cynical cash grab made exclusively to pad up the PS4's anemic lineup this year (and maybe to get Naughty Dog familiar with the hardware with a relatively safe project).


Think of all the Xbox people that switched this gen. This game is for them, NOT the ones that bought it already.

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If I hadn't paid for it on ps3, I'd jump all on this. But I have to wait for a price drop.

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I'm still not sure if I'll be picking it up at that price yet either.

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Started playing Dead Space 2 the other day, not sure if I have the b@lls to finish it.

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MvC3 was hard to follow. I liked the KI battle.