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I need to watch the Game of Thrones so I can understand that Telltale game.

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I got a lot of games this Friday.

Diablo 3, Wolfenstein, GTAV, Shadows of Mordor, and Far Cry 4.

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Why did I buy Tales from the Borderlands.. I don't really even like Borderlands anymore.

i love the borderlands universe.... I'll probably pick it up

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I think I'm picking up The Evil Within and Shadows of Mordor $25 each.

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You probably need to download the free dlc maps

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though this would make a lot of people happy, it's never going to happen.

We will be lucky if H-Hour turns out to be any good, all of the changes going on over there.

Even with all of the money that SOF got, we would be lucky if H Hour made it to an sony console.

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I'll probably wait for a price drop for FC4. I'm actually questioning rather I should pick up GTAV tomorrow

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can't wait for holiday break. I need to binge play games and watch netflix.